Travel to Washington, is less than

Visiting the capital of our country – something that many would like to do to the Americans. Travel expenses may prevent tourists to see this beautiful city. This article describes how at least visit the capital of the free world.

  • Buy a short journey to the underground (metro). This allows you to use the subway for an unlimited number of short trips at a great price.
  • Stay in Virginia or Maryland, near the metro stop. These hotels have cheaper prices.
  • Do not visit in the spring or summer. The remaining periods of the year will have a cheaper price for the hotel.
  • Camp or bring a camper.
  • On the & # 39; eat at least one meal in the hotel room to save money. If you stay in a hotel near the metro stop, you do not need a car. Many hotels are within walking distance from grocery stores and pharmacies. Buy a few basics to keep in her room.
  • Bring a water bottle and refill it from the fountains of the window.
  • Visit free museums Smithsonian, which are provided for free, and ask for free tickets to tour the office of Senator or Congressman.
  • Do not eat lunch at restaurants museums, they are very expensive.
  • Limit souvenirs one or two of your favorite things, rather than lots of little trinkets that you see everywhere.
  • If you are traveling to D.C., do not stop at the hotel for which you pay per day for parking.
  • Find a hotel that includes breakfast.
  • Take a walk through the popular neighborhood to look at them, but do not eat there. For example, Georgetown, Old Town, etc.
  • Only go to the museum, which does not charge a fee as the Smithsonian museums. Such museums as the Museum of Crime and the International Spy Museum, charge a fee.
  • Visited daily by a free concert at the Kennedy Center. Look online to find out what is playing every day.
  • If you want to see a performance at the Kennedy Center, read in the room only price. Sometimes they are only $ 35!
  • Buy your tickets for special tours on the Internet. You can usually save a few dollars by purchasing tickets in advance.
  • Use the shuttles, they take much less than a taxi. Take the free carriage with the King Street Metro in Alexandria Old Town.

Zaplanavavshy bit, you can reduce costs and see the Washington, D. C., much smaller.

There are many free and interesting things. For example, plan to see the shopping center at night. See the monuments lit beautifully, and it's free. In the city there are many free things to see and look at. If you can reduce living expenses and travel, worth the trip!

A visit to the island Nodes

If you've been in the district Keryruk in North Carolina, you may have noticed a variety of the area. Do you have a beater on the shore of the northern coast of the outer, part of which is literally exist outside of the road, and you have the smaller towns on the mainland on the other hand Kerytuka sound. Along this road you will see the exit for the ferry that transports people from the mainland to the island sites, and you may be wondering what you can see there.

Do not let the name deceive it. It really is an island in the sense in which Hawaii and Kavi. Island Nodes not completely surrounded by water, but the city takes a lot of the coastline near the border with Virginia. In fact, you can under the & # 39; to go to the island with Knots Virginia Beach without going to the ferry, and once again you find yourself, you will find ways to move the time in a peaceful environment. This city – a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts and people seeking a good rest in Kerrytuku.

What is there to do on the island Knots? Here are some suggestions that you can add to your vacation plans.

Island Market Units

Locals on the island know that there is only one place to buy, literally! Market Knotts Island – is one stop supply, camping gas and gas on the island of Knots. Stop for a slice of pizza or a device for lunch for a picnic to get to the next place on the list.

Martin vineyards

This vineyard / garden offers a fine selection of wines for sale, and in different seasons you can pick apples and peaches. Every summer, they also carry the popular festival of peaches, which attracts people from all over the region.

Camping Sandy Point

If you prefer to camp on vacation, this recreation area is clean and well managed. You can bring a tent or a site, and there is a place where you can put your boat, so you can go fishing.

Lodge Barnes

For almost a century hunting lodge Barnes takes hunters in the autumn-winter season waterfowl. Rooms are limited, but if you book a hunting evening, you'll have a comfortable stay and support to help you along the wetlands.

National shelter for island wildlife Mackay

Currituck known for its wild horses, but in the shelter, you will find all sorts of wild creatures in their natural habitat. If you hunt, it is a popular place to look for ducks and geese.

Island Nodes – a great place to travel for outdoor athletes. You will find everything you need and want within reach.

How to choose a field guide

Birds have become popular, as is required for employment so little equipment – a must for beginners birdies basic pair of binoculars and a good field guide. Experienced poultry farmers will tell you that the selection of the proper field guide will enable you to identify birds quickly and efficiently, as well as allow you to create your knowledge about the birds in your region. There are thousands of field guides, so an understanding of the characteristics that make an excellent guide, with & # 39 is optional.

Your location or a place where you most often visit bird with & # 39 is one of the first considerations when buying guide. If you live in the far east or the west side of the United States, field guides specific to these regions, the most popular, as they include only species that can be found there, which makes the book lighter (an important feature if you are going to keep it on long trips ). Popular directories from the eastern and western editions include Sibley & # 39; s, Stokes, National Geographic and Peterson & # 39; s. These directories usually also cover the territory of the central United States, northern Mexico and southern Canada, because in these areas there are also many eastern and western views.

For birds that travel frequently or live in the central states of the USA, the best choice may be a guide to coast to coast, which covers all of North American birds. These guides have the advantage that they cover all existing types in the US and, as a rule, in the south of Canada and north of Mexico, but it is often much more of & # 39; bulky and heavy than the flavors typical of the east or the west. National directory called "birds Bible" – a publication Guide to the Birds of Sibley, extremely comprehensive and user-edition users. Other popular field guides for North American birds include National Geographic, Peterson & # 39; s and the National Audubon Society.

Another feature to consider when buying guide – this is your advantage in how birds are presented in the book. Field guides can have a real illustration or photo of each species. Illustrate take precedence over the photos, when it comes to bird species which are difficult to photograph as some sea birds, because even the best existing photos may be of low quality. However, some poultry farmers prefer to photograph because they often depict a bird in the exact habitat and posture that can help in the identification.

Last personal benefits that should be considered – a layout of the book. Over the years, the guides are becoming more comfortable, and the two organizations – total. Some directories are separated photo or illustration of the bird on its description, others devote a bird and a description of one page. Neither scheme is not the best, but some develop ptushkaviki great advantage to one or the other. Management may also have additional functions that are useful. by Stokes Guide contains a unique system of indices, where the birds are grouped and labeled in different colors, which can be viewed even when you close the book, allowing the user to search for types and easily find it in the color of the label.

After all, personal preference plays a big role in choosing the favorite guide. Fortunately, most of the guides are inexpensive, so you can buy a few to check out!

Special offers for vacation for family vacations for Mother's Day

Mother's Day – May 9 this year; a date that is fast approaching. It seems that the mother – the glue that holds a few & # 39; S. They fix vyskrabanyya knees and corrected a broken heart. They take care of the kids, pets, home, significant others and does not seem to break. Holidays in family travel is difficult to organize because everyone seems so busy, but Mother's Day can be an ideal time for a holiday in family vacation.

Mother's Day – Sunday, so wonderful coming from the norm – a perfect idea. These proposals for family holidays for Mother's Day – accessible and exciting for everyone in the family & # 39; and a specially made for my mother in mind. Regardless of the fact that she likes these activities and recreation are great for travel and vacation in the family & # 39; and.

Excursions in spring day
– Daily travel and vacation in family vacations give seven & # 39; holes from time to daily activities without leaving home. You will be shocked davedayuchysya of beautiful park areas, which you never knew about the proximity to your home, or shopping centers for the whole family & # 39; and.
Point of rest and recreation resort
– Resorts – is a dream and the dream, but they should not be too expensive. Sanatorium to allow time to relax and rejuvenate away from the family & # 39; and and work.
Day weekend at his mother's holidays
– This weekend long festival of interest to the whole family & # 39; and. Festival may be a day trip or special family weekend. There are those in Hilton Head, South Carolina with visual and executive artistic events and festivals in North Carolina with a barbecue and international festivals in Kentucky, where the fun and games on the midway, carnival rides, shows on cars, contests and vendors give all seven & # 39 ; pits. Sizes fun activities.
Mountain family traveling on vacation
– And the west and east coast have strange massifs that calm and bloom in spring. The earliest flowering mountain flowers begins in the lower elevation points and crawls along the eastern mountain ranges, making them a breathtaking view of Mother's Day.
Cooking classes / Cooking for a family holiday
– Cooking classes – it is not what it used to be. With the influx of culinary travel classes and demonstrations gave rise to spas, food festivals, restaurants and shops, especially related to the culinary arts. Moms can enjoy the fun, upbeat half hour of cooking, or to spend the whole weekend in the cooking, where they have the opportunity to work with modern kitchens, work with well-known chefs and learn about the products made by different cultures.
historic sites
– US Southeast saturated tourist destinations family holidays, which are of historical importance. Beautiful historic manor like a mountain. Vernon, Virginia, home to George Washington and the historic Natches in Mississippi, where within five weeks of March-old private mansions open their doors to tourists – are excellent options for a visit. There are also battlefields, historic districts and museums that allow you to visit the great weekend. Depending on the distance, these historical holidays for a family vacation can be day trips or trips for the weekend!

The best places in Florida to visit

US state of Florida – one of the most popular tourism destinations. It is located in the southeastern region of the country. In fact, it is mainly located on a large peninsula. Florida is known as the "Sunshine State". The popularity of the state as a place to travel mainly due to the beaches, attractions such as theme parks and for sure brilliant sunshine. Florida offers a very long list of things to see and do.

The capital of Florida – Tallahassee. Other major cities in the state – Orlando, I think, Tampa, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Fort Loderdeyl, Panama City, Sarasota, Giyalea, Naples, West Palm Beach, Gainesville, Fort Myers, St. Louis Augustine St. Petersburg.

In Florida, so many attractions, it is better to plan the trip, especially in the regions (Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Central East, Central, Central West, South West and South East) or according to popular areas such as the beach Daytona . , Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, etc.

Florida offers some of the greatest beaches in the United States. Daytona Beach, Beach Lummus Park, Bill Baggs Cape Florida, Virginia Key, Halover Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Miami South Beach, Palm Beach, Pensacola Beach, Vera Beach, Venice Beach, Sarasota Beach, Clearwater Beach , Kaladezi Island State park Beaches among them.

Theme parks and waterparks offer great time and fun for all visitors to Florida. Some of them are world famous, and must see places such as Universal Studios, Sea World, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Busch Gardens Tampa, Park Adventure Park Cypress Gardens, Weeki Wachee Spring Waterpark, Wet & # 39; n Wild, Boomers, Adventure Landing, Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Adventure park Cobra complex for visitors Kennedy Space Center, Blizzard Beach water park, Mar & # 39; inalend experience the Holyland, Silver springs, entertainment city, Sam, Discovery Cove, and certainly Walt Disney World . Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort – the two most amazing theme parks. Even people visit Florida only to see these places.

Florida – a great place to observe wildlife. He also became known for its variety of wildlife. There are many species of mammals and marine mammals, birds and reptiles. Due to this reason Florida has views of natural parks, some of which were awarded such as the Everglades National Park.

Some other state attractions: Kennedy Space Center, Hemingway House, Museum of History and Natural Science Tallahassee, Florida International Museum, Adventure Island, Gatorama, Caribbean Gardens, Visual Arts Center of Northwest Florida, the National Naval Aviation Museum, Circus Sarasota and more.

If you are interested in motor sport, especially the NASCAR, it means that you are in Florida, you need to visit Daytona Beach. In Florida are invited and those who admire the great fishing. Keys, Lake Okeechobee and Stuart – one of the best places for fishing.

Florida attractions to visit too much. To learn more about the state of the US, we encourage you to watch video on, to learn about Florida.

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Long-term parking is available on DCA – or better use the car park free airport?

This is one of the inevitable issues that we face every time we have to leave the city and park on DCA. Or should we take a taxi? If not, we parkiruemsya on-site airport or use the private parking free airport? Of course, the use of own vehicle provides great convenience, but there are legitimate concerns about the safety of vehicles and parking costs. Let's explore both options in detail.

parking parameters DCA

DCA (Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC) is located in the county of Arlington, Virginia, and is 3 miles from downtown Washington, DC, and a & # 39 is one of the major airports serving the metropolitan area of ​​Baltimore and Washington, together with BWI and IAD. In 2014, the passenger turnover of permanent use of over 20 million passengers and offers 3 types of parking options, including short-term parking garages, terminals and garages. Let's see what each option can offer.

short-term parking

This garage serves all terminals and just a short walk from all three terminals. However, you should use this option only if you intend to stay for a short time, say less than two hours. Hourly parking fees on short-term lot DCA $ 6 per hour and a maximum of $ 36 per 24 hours. An important point to be noted here is that this park will not accept cash, and you can only pay by credit card.

Garages for terminals

This park also caters to all terminals with optional airport shuttle. These garages serve all three terminals and have the same hourly rate of 6 dollars, and for short-term parking. However, the rate for 24-hour parking is relatively cheaper than short-term parking at $ 25 per day. This item will accept both cash and credit cards.

economy parking

This park also caters to all terminals, but is located at a distance from the terminals. Passengers can get to their terminals via a free shuttle service from the airport after parking their cars. This group is mainly used for a longer stay and has an hourly rate. The fee for parking your car is $ 15 per day and & # 39 is a more economical option of the three, as the name implies.

The best long-term option for parking at DCA

In addition to parking, located in the DCA airport, there are many parking options in the hotels and areas near the airport. In comparison with indicators of parking at the airport, these parties offer a very cost-effective rates of $ 7 a day. If we compare with the option of parking at the airport $ 15, you will save more than 50% every day.

Alvin Baptist Church – birthplace of Trinidad Baptist religion

Baptist Church Mount Alvin sits quietly on a little from the & # 39; Congress with Hindustan Road on the outskirts of New Grant Trinidad in the south. This unpretentious church, but it can be considered the epicenter of the Baptist religion in Trinidad and Tobago. This church was established in 1816 and the significance of this date is associated with the settlement of "Merykeny" Trinidad in the same year.

In 1816 demobilized Africans who served in the British Army during the War of 1812 between the British and the British, were settled in Trinidad in what became known as "The Company of the village." By AB X & # 39; yugins in his book "The Saga of the company," the term "Merykens" arose from the fact that these persons could not properly pronounce the letter A in American. John McNeil Weiss in his book "The case of colonial marines' claims that these soldiers" Merykina "were slaves in the United States, who were promised freedom if they fought for the British. Vyarbavanyya British first in Maryland and Virginia, and later in Georgia, they were combat unit, whose highly praised for his valor and discipline.

When in April 1815 the British army company went to his home in England, six black mouth became 3rd Colonial Battalion Battalion, garnizovvayuchysya in Bermuda on the island of Ireland. They performed garrison duties and worked by artisans and laborers in the building of the new Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda. When it was proposed to transfer to the West Indian stick, men have rejected the idea. Their persistent intransigence finally forced the British government to offer to place them in Trinidad as independent farmers. After the adoption of proposals they left Bermuda July 15, 1816. The first group of 71 x settled in Dunmore and Elvin mountains, and the second with 72 lodged in Indian walk.

These were religious people who adhered to the Baptist religion, which is practiced in the south of the United States. Despite the fact that there was no priests, there were 5 people who were called preachers of the Anabaptists, who conducted the Sunday rites among them. One of these people was known as Brother William Hamilton. In 1808 the London Missionary Society (Baptist) sent workers in Guyana and Tobago, and in 1809 one of them, Adam Thomas, moved to Trinidad. He later Rev. George Cohen, working on the creation of the Church of St. John the Baptist at the Port of Spain, Trinidad and assist these African-American ex-slave who practice version of the Baptist faith. Over time, similarity of religion led to the adoption of the Baptist missionaries version of the faith, which became known in Trinidad, London baptystse.

Over time, however, according to the Ashram Stepltana in his book "The birth and growth of the Baptist Church in Trinidad and Tobago", took place the schism, as some people in the church wanted to incorporate some African practices, and the London Missionary Society frowned on this practice. In the end, these people have left the church and were called first "naughty Baptists" and, finally, Spiritual Baptists or gaudy. Other differences between the Baptists of London led to a further variation of the Baptist religion with the development of independent fundamental Baptists and Baptists.

Thus, today Baptist Church Mount Alvin sits quietly, with views of the fields on which to work and create the African-American ex-slaves, while continuing to adhere to the version of London Baptists, but has given rise to all the Baptist religion in Trinidad.

Accommodation in Norfolk

Norfolk Hotels are known to serve as a luxurious accommodation services that offer cheap prices that will surely fit your budget. They come in a variety of spas, hotels and even luxury homes. There are many hotels in Norfolk, which offer great deals for your vacation. They & # 39 is one stop location. They are known throughout the United States and Europe.

All hotels in Norfolk for non-smokers, because they promote friendly environment. Throughout the territory of Virginia, there are more than five branches. Most people just look at the name, and not thoughts. Not only is the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, London, UK and North North North Park.

The branch in London is better known in the world as Norfolk Tower hotel. The hotel is listed as a three star accommodation. This applies to the hotel Superior Tourist Class UK. This hotel is located in London's Paddington.

It has only 35 bedrooms. All bedrooms have private bathroom, full bathroom, use of the telephone, television, radio, hair dryer and coffee maker. Here, children are also welcome for an additional fee.

To reach here from the airport takes only five minutes by train or bus. If you have a car, you can easily get to the motorways, national park and parking nearby.

Their restaurant – Arundel restaurant, lounge bar and café Dukes Bar Cads. Arundel restaurant is open during breakfast. The Lounge Bar Dukes has all classes of beverages and wines that you want to have. Cads cafe-bar is open on weekdays from breakfast to dinner. In Norfolk Tower hotel you can find a wealth of international restaurants, casinos and pubs.

Other branches are scattered in America and Europe. The only thing they are convinced – is that they offer the same excellent service that is expected of them guests. Therefore, anywhere in Europe or America, expect the same quality Norfolk hotels. Their name is equated rightly to excellence, reliability and comfort.

Norfolk hotels offer not just a convenient place to stay. They have restaurants that offer great dishes that you would like. These dishes make international chefs, famous all over the world. Some of the restaurants offer a cooking show to show to your customers, how to prepare a certain dish before serving. There is also a catering service that is offered in their hotel. They certainly can satisfy all the great chance encounters.

Business centers are equipped with standard amenities including secretarial services, photocopying, Internet and computer & # 39; computer services and more. This is a good platform for closed meetings, meetings or other occasions. Staff can assist in the planning of the event. There are also dining options.

In addition to them, the location of Norfolk – a big advantage. They are close to the tourist attractions of the terrain. Visitors can visit the whole city, while they like to stay. Guests are also offered a variety of entertainment options, such as swimming, golf or bowling. You'll be glad to take advantage of their spa and massage services, view their shops and other amenities offered.

So what are you waiting for? Book travel now and enjoy your stay in Norfolk. Enjoy a place where you are planning a vacation and enjoy excellent accommodation, which they have.

Beautiful America – Memorial Day

I wrote this a few times ago, but still very appropriate for this Memorial Day! Enjoy!

If you do not go through this beautiful country, we some time call home, I highly recommend it. My husband and I had the opportunity in May, and we jumped at it. We started very windy, cold Tuesday morning with fear.

The route we chose took us through a blizzard in Wyoming (this cute little summer storm, which I learned later, leaving 22 inches of snow in Montana), Nebraska, where gas prices have made great 3.58 dollars per gallon, and warning of a tornado in Missouri. In every part of the country there is a clearly a different terrain – a joy to rediscover it again and again.

We found one happy little place in Illinois, where we stopped for breakfast, which seemed to be the basis for financial time. Gas prices reached $ 2.98 per gallon, and a delicious breakfast was not worth the arm and leg and your first born.

Unfortunately, we had to move on …. If you live in the west, you get used to the miles and miles of desert, mountains and several cities in between. However; if you go east, you expect that people will be more dense and, consequently, on the highways, you can get more towns and specifically restaurants. Not so! Motorway, we were having fun, were held on the slopes of the green hills, lots of trees and farmland, but, unfortunately, these people apparently do not eat. Rarely was available output to receive gas or eat. This prompted us to stock up when we found a place to stay, and by the time we got to Virginia, we could open his own shop of cheeses and crackers.

We finally arrived in Alexandria, Virginia late Friday, just before the Memorial Day events. Alexandria is outside of our nation's capitol and some fabulous place on weekends Memorial Day.

Everywhere there were activities for the whole family & # 39; and. Street musicians, street magicians, parrot rescue organization, carriage rides and colonial guide to take you to Alexandria and the trip to the cemetery – only a few entertainment options. Alexandria is known for being a & # 39 is "fun party descendant," and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

Embankment filled with life and entertainment. Between all the small shops, cafes and restaurants in the open air you will find that most of the original "old town" remains intact. Some streets are still paved, and many of the buildings are still colonial homes of yesteryear. They are perfectly preserved, and it would not be unusual to see George Washington or perhaps Benjamin Franklin come out of one of these residences. The town has done an excellent job of preserving our early American heritage.

Washington itself lived with people from anywhere in the country. The most visible and obvious of course was Rolling Thunder. This organization is already 20th year deals with the problems of war and police and supported the veterans of all wars. They roared into town on his Harley, their presence justified their behalf. Quite a sight!

Besides all the parades, speeches and ceremonies, which were held in honor of our fallen heroes, the National Cemetery Arlingtana nayboleyshae left an impression on me. When we passed through the gate with hundreds of other visitors to pay their respects, I was seized by severe sadness and gratitude.

My husband – the military, retired, as in many other Seven & # 39; pits, we also have a lot of people about whom we are afraid in Iraq. National Cemetery Arlingtana – it's so vivid picture of how many men and women have given their lives over the years to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted.

When I walked through the rows of tombstones, I was thinking about the diversity of this country and the life that we can continue and enjoy. True said that "Freedom is not free." I believe that the best way to thank our heroes – is to get out and enjoy all that this country has to offer. Walk – see "amber waves of grain," "purple mountain majesty" and "fruit plains." We do live in a country that deserves to be called "America the beautiful".

Tennessee History

Tennessee – one of the most popular places to move because of the average climate, diverse heritage and background music. Some regions Tennessee offer the most interesting species and remain close to the hearts of many tourists. It offers a great vacation for tourists of all ages and incomes. Tennessee also has a very interesting history, which dates back to the living mounds builders. Tennessee flourished artwork of these people, who were the earliest inhabitants of the area.

The local inhabitants of the region were different tribes such as the Chykasa, Shawnee, Cherokee and Creek when in 1540 his first visit to a European expedition under the leadership of De Soto. French researchers came to this region across the Mississippi River and built in this region more trading posts. However, the tribe shykasav constantly pursued the French researchers. Approximately at the same time British hunters and fur traders (guards which carried long periods hunting in this area) came over mountains from Carolina and Virginia, defeating Cherokee. They also denied and rejected the claims of the French on the field.

In 1769 virzhyntsy became the first permanent settlers in the valley of the river Vatauga. They are also joined by North Carolinians and some refugees from the movement "regulator". They founded the Association Vatauga in 1772 as an initial effort to form a government.

John North was one of the most famous people of Tennessee who served during the American Revolution. After the war ended, North Carolina surrendered the western region of the federal government. This angered settlers enesistskih displaced as they were transferred without their permission. In protest, they formed an independent government under the leadership of Sevier. However, this government lasted a very short time.

In 1790, the federal government has formed a US territory and appointed William Blount governor. Finally, in 1796, Tennessee was included in the Union slaves, Knoxville and became its capital.