Motor and yacht insurance – what it actually includes

The insurance world classifies both boats and yachts in a similar category. For this reason, the coverage rates as well as the insurance terms are very similar. The main difference between houseboats and yachts is the following factors: The production of houseboats makes it difficult for you to ride water and is not able to navigate the rough sea like yachts.

The complex boat with its yacht insurance coverage corresponding to the previous experience revolves around the previous experience of navigation, the use of boats, the season in which it takes place on the water, and the parallel insurance rates that correspond to the navigation area in which it is used.

In general, after paying related insurance discounts, this form of insurance covers different things.

Hull Coverage

This insurance deals with the actual material damage to the body of the boat, and includes ship trailers, equipment and supplies for water engines. Hull coverage does not cover the following exceptions:

• Wear and tear

• Anything on the boat is damaged due to a lack of maintenance

Covering personal effects

This insurance covers personal plane baggage. Things like clothes, mobile phones, I-pods, sports, fishing gear, etc. are protected by this type of policy.

Liability coverage

Car insurance in the same way includes liability that covers a wrong accident, and liability coverage for a boat boat and yacht protects against a wrong boat accident. This coverage pays to repair the boats or replace the boats as a result of a boat collision that is your fault. It also covers medical care, lost wages and any other costs that arise as a result of an accident for which you are responsible.

Medical payment coverage

Medical payments cover any medical costs incurred in a boat accident. Included in the coverage are: Insured, Boat Riders, and Skiers. The good thing about this type of coverage is that it protects, no matter who is responsible for the accident.

Uninsured Crews Coverage

We all know that auto insurance is mandatory. In the case of boat insurance, however, there is no legal obligation to implement the relevant coverage. In this case, you are involved in a boat accident where the other party is wrong but you are not insured or insured, coverage of uninsured boats protects you by paying for medical care costs and lost wages, as well as other collision-related expenses.


6 common QuickBooks issues and how to solve them

From carrying out a series of endless tasks for its users, such as paying bills, managing payroll, creating reports, customer invoices, and tax deposits, QuickBooks has become a savior for many. Whether it's the sole owner, chartered accountants, bookkeeping, or business owners, QuickBooks is still the first choice and is popular as one of the best small business accounting tools on the market so far.

Thanks to its wide range of powerful features, both QuickBooks for desktop computers and QuickBooks hosting are popular with fans. However, when something goes wrong or when you find yourself stuck while using the great accounting software, things may not always look smooth. Here are some of the most common problems you might encounter while working with QuickBooks and how you can fix them in a few simple steps:

Difficulty updating data files

If you have just updated your QuickBooks to the latest version, the previous version data files may not be readable. The best thing to do is to create a backup before starting the installation. However, to solve this problem, you need to update your data files on the new QuickBooks version. Here's how:

  1. Open QuickBooks

  2. Click a file

  3. Specify Opening or restoring the company

  4. Choose Open the company profile And click on next one

  5. Click on your selection Data file Then click Open

To ensure there are no problems with your data files, you can simply run file verification before uninstalling QuickBooks or installing the new update. Here are the steps:

  1. go to Files> Utilities> Data Verification

  2. If QuickBooks does not detect any problems with your data, select OK

  3. If errors are detected, click Rebuild now or view errors

Some QuickBooks users prefer to update their software side by side. This way, you can buy time to make sure the updated version works fine before uninstalling the older QuickBooks version.

Unable to rebuild data files

If the previous step did not work, you may need to recreate your data in the previous version. Here's what you can do:

  1. Create a backup of your data files

  2. Check files

  3. Rebuilding

To ensure that the rebuild process occurs without any defect, make sure that the data files are located in the C: drive of your local machine. QuickBooks may pose a problem if the data file is saved to any other drive on your local machine. Once you have copied your data file to the C: drive, you can recreate it and move the file to where you needed it in the first place.

QuickBooks is slow in multi-user mode

This can be due to a number of reasons, including hardware problems, and the reasons can be difficult to determine. The first and most important step to give your QuickBooks an increase in speed is to go to use File> Utilities> Company data cleaning a tool. If that doesn't work, you can turn off Audit Trail. However, the Audit log This feature will help you keep abreast of the changes that other users have made to the data files, so you may want to keep them running.

However, if your goal is to work with multiple users on different sites, the best solution is to host QuickBooks on the cloud. By hosting QuickBooks, business owners are often able to break geographical barriers and collaborate with their teams remotely and their customers easily.

A new printer will not be printed

This particular problem is common and frustrating, and there are several reasons why it occurs. There are many areas that you may need to consider to fix your QuickBooks printer issues. However, since we focus specifically on new printer issues, the following steps may suffice:

  1. Close QuickBooks

  2. Rename the qbprint.qbp file to qbprint.qbp.old

  3. Restart your QuickBooks

  4. The printer should work

You can also check if

  • The printer is connected and turned on

  • It works for other applications or not

  • If you need to restore your data files backup (although it is not an easy process)

Your QuickBooks data file is closed

Were you trying to back up your QuickBooks data files but you couldn't copy or move them because they were locked? This may be because the QuickBooks Administration and Directory Monitoring server may have closed this file. The following steps will help solve this problem:

  1. Close you QuickBooks

  2. go to Start And Running around

  3. Enter the text services.msc

  4. Find and stop QuickBooks services

Once you do this, you'll be able to create a backup copy of QuickBooks files.

I lost your license information

Therefore, you need your product or license information but you have lost your documents. what will you do now what do you do now? Well, it's very simple. You can simply click on F2 key While signed in to your QuickBooks. Also, if you forget the QuickBooks administrator password, you can recover it using the QuickBooks Password Reset tool.


For most users, it is easy to work with QuickBooks. Anyone can learn to run QuickBooks for their daily accounting needs with a little practice. However, there may be an initial need for assistance from your accountant. Meanwhile, if you encounter any of the issues discussed above, it will be good to follow the specific steps.

About the author

Accountant by profession, Tina Smith works as a counselor at Sagenext. By making the best use of her project management experience, she actively participates in educating, updating and assisting accountants in their decision to migrate to the cloud. Sagenext is a leading provider of tax and accounting applications, with ten years of experience in QuickBooks hosting, Sage hosting, tax hosting and more.


Charter yachts in Sicily, the Aeolian Islands and Calabria

This Italian beauty will make you want more. There is not enough time on a single yacht to sail to explore all the wonderful sailing lands and browse all the impressive historic sites offered by Sicily. So let us show you a few of them and let you know more about renting a boat in Sicily in detail.

What makes sailing holidays in Sicily so popular?

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Besides the small islands surrounding it, it forms the Sicilian region, which is the largest autonomous region in Italy. With its favorable central location, it serves as a good transit station between the eastern and western Mediterranean. The indented coastline is well suited for safe anchoring and the prevailing northwest winds are great for sailing. In addition, you will find excellent yachting facilities, many harbors, as well as docking possibilities.

The island is easily accessible because of its three airports in Trapani, Palermo and Catania. The main ports are Trapani, Palermo, Messina, and Catania, and at the same time they are the capitals of their provinces. Messina is the busiest because of ferry connections to the Italian mainland and other places in Sicily, as well as a stop for cruises in the Mediterranean. The distance to the Italian mainland from Messina is only 5 km. Traveling there by ferry from Civitavecchia, the closest port to Rome, can be much cheaper than traveling there. The Calabria region, which forms the southern tip of Italy, can easily serve as a starting point for renting Aeolian yachts. It has three major airports in Reggio, in Lamezia Terme and in Crotone.

Sicily benefits from a temperate climate, no tides, culture, rich history as well as great seafood and cuisine. A dramatic rock scene because of the volcanic origin of the island is something worth seeing. There are lush mountains, beautiful aquamarine water and many hidden bays to anchor in peace.

Moreover, Sicily includes stunning natural attractions such as Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, or Stromboli volcano in the Aeolian Islands as well as many ancient historical sites.

Some information related to Bare Charter in Sicily:

Location: the southern end of the Italian mainland

The capital: Palermo

Total coastline length: 1,483.9 km (including smaller islands)

Total area: 25,711 square kilometers

Highest point: Mount Etna, 3332 m

Major airports: Trapani. Palermo. Catania

Population: California. 5100000

Country Code: +39

Climate: moderate, Mediterranean

What are the main rental destinations in Sicily?

The main charter rules are Marsala, Trapani, Terrassini, Palermo, Sant'Agata di Militello and Portorosa. Terrasini is very convenient to reach because it is located just 10 km west of Palermo Airport. However, all of these ports are located within only two hours or less from the airport. It is concentrated in the north because it is very popular for tenants to go to the Iolian Islands from there. It is also possible to rent a yacht from Reggio Calabria on the mainland and cross the Straights of Messina to go to the Aeolian Islands. Straights of Messina has a traffic separation system and for pleasure boats, coast guard must be advised before crossing.

The western corner of Sicily has a coastal coast with many bays, beaches and marinas.

From Trapani head to the three Egadi Islands, which are a nature reserve with anchor buoys and anchors. Fees apply and park rangers coming to the boat will collect them and inform you of places to visit.

The beautiful harbor towns of San Vito lo Capo, Castellammare del Golfo, Palazzarat and Terrassini are located along an estimated 10 nautical miles between Trapani and Palermo on the north coast. They have all the rafts to connect them. Also on the northern coast of Palermo. Better than going to the main uncomfortable and slightly odor harbor is to use Marina Villa Igiea with 379 berths for boats up to 65 meters or Arenala berth with 200 berths for yachts up to 30 meters long. Continue along the northern coast and check out the medieval city of Cefalu and the protected city of Portarosa with good facilities, resorts and restaurants.

Sail the beautiful Aeolian Islands. It features a wonderful rugged and wonderful coast. The anchors are somewhat exposed, so it is safe to go to the port overnight. There is a beautiful tourist Lipari. Then Stromboli, which erupts every 20 minutes, releases ash and lava in the air, which is amazing at night. Vulcano Island makes a great charter destination. You can go straight to the lip of the hole and the smell of sulfuric acid fumes. The smaller islands are Alicudi, Felicudi, Banaria and Salina.

A cruise on the popular east coast. From Messina, almost covered. 25 nautical miles to Taormina. Sail along steep slopes with bays and sandy beaches and around the small island of Isola Bella, a nature reserve connected to Sicily across a sandy bank. The small town of Riposto is about 10 miles north, where you can store it in the premium food market. California. 20 Newton meters to the south reaches Catania, it is about 30 Newton meters to Syracuse. This old town has a very good marina where you can walk straight to the lively historic center.

The noteworthy port cities in the south are Sciacca and Licata with its very well-preserved marina and the resort town of Ragusa, with 800 berths for yachts up to 20 meters in length.

What are the important weather systems for sailing in Sicily?

Sicily has mild, humid winters and hot and dry summers. Catania on the east coast has the highest average hours of sunshine in all of Europe, at an average of 2,492 hours per year. This breaks down to 6.8 nice hours per day. On the island in general, July breaks the record with massive sunshine of 14 hours per day.

While Sirocco brings hot air from Africa, Mistral is mild and cools in the summer heat. Northwest winds prevail at a strength of 3-4.

There are tidal currents in the Messina Strait but they are somewhat week compared to those in the Atlantic or other oceans.

Summary of weather conditions for sailing in the Yachting Charter in Sicily:

Months with average temperature: July, August, 26 degrees

Months with the average temperature: January / February, 12 degrees

Month with highest precipitation: December, 79 mm

Months with an average precipitation: June / July, 10 mm

Average wind speed May-October: 8 – 12 knots

A month with the highest average water temperature: August, 27 degrees

Months with the average water temperature: February / March, 15 degrees

Main season: mid-April to October

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Sicily and what are the different types of charter?

You can rent a 12-meter sailboat, for example, from around 2,000 euros onwards. Prices increase depending on the size, make, and equipment of the yacht. Rental is available today, mostly in the form of a motor boat rental. The choice is also between a catamaran and sailing charter or motor yacht charter. Then there is a charter for open yachts or selected yachts, and you can choose to hire a crew of crew including the chef in addition to the hostess (hostesses) and deckhand (s). The latter will definitely be the case in large luxury yachts. In Italy, it is usually common to rent a RIB to explore the area or go on a nice water trip. Fleet vacations are a popular compact for family sailing holidays.

What activities are there for sailing there on a naked charter in Sicily?

If you love boat racing, watch the challenging and challenging "Mediterranean race" in October – a race about sailing around the island that starts in Malta and then wanders around Sicily.

Visit Cefalu, a beautiful medieval city on the North Coast with its stunning Duomo dating back to 1131.

In Catania, you can admire two Romanian runways. You can also see the open-air market selling amazing fish and Piazza del Duomo with its impressive cathedral.

A must-see for the Aeolian Islands, a very beautiful archipelago and a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are active volcanoes and exotic towns like Lipari with its many diving companies, boutiques and restaurants.

In Taormina, on the hilltop near Mount Etna, visit the famous Antico Theater, an ancient Greek theater still in use today. Stroll through the beautiful cobbled streets and enjoy great views from the top of the high cliff.

Take a tour of Mount Etna on the east coast between Messina and Catania. It covers an area of ​​1,190 square kilometers and is permanently active.

Syracuse is an ancient historical city with huge fortifications. It has a slightly faded charm, good shopping and a wonderful Baroque cathedral with parts of a Greek temple built around 500 BC. The nearby Pantalica Cemetery dating back to 700 – 1300 BC hosts thousands of tombs cut into the rock and is a spectacular sight.

In the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site of Agrigento on the south coast, you will find the astonishing ancient Greek temple of Concordia, illuminated at night, in addition to six other temples. It is one of the main attractions of Sicily.

Visit the breathtaking Ragusa with its many historical monuments, churches and stunning architecture.

To enjoy the pure and unspoilt nature, head to Sila National Park in Calabria, which is said to have the finest air in Europe.

You can see the nightlife, i.e. Kursaal Kalhesa in Palermo in a restored aristocratic palace and Caffe Internazionale. In Taormina, you can live in the Daiquiri lounge or at the Morgana Lounge Bar.

Try water sports like diving, snorkeling, fishing, water skiing, windsurfing, windsurfing, kayaking and many more.

Savor delicious and healthy cuisine that includes a wide range of vegetables and seafood. There are also some very popular sweet dishes including ice cream and many pastry specialties – so go ahead and have fun!


Boat rental – some suggestions for tourists' benefit

There are many perks to renting a boat. One can have fun on the water without having to think about a down payment or a monthly loan on the boat. There are no headaches for seasonal maintenance and also docking properly so that it can be maintained. You can rent a boat and enjoy all the good aspects of life related to the boat vacation. Sometimes, towing vehicle is also not required for boats. It is one of the best, most enjoyable and most exciting way, and it is also sometimes innovative to discover a new site at the lowest cost.

The cost of traveling on a boat is half of what you will incur if you own a boat. Only a large amount of money can make a wonderful boat vacation. Even with both fuel and mooring, it is cheaper than optimizing the boat in one port. Moreover, most boat rental agencies offer discounts on renting boats for several days. This is especially true during the off-season. Tourists really get a great deal. Hence, chartering boats during these periods will bring great deals for boat travelers.

However, taking a truly memorable boat vacation will require some preparation. Here are some suggestions for those planning a boat trip for the next vacation.

  • Find a boat rental agency – Finding a boat rental agency is the first step to making a great boat vacation. Searching the web for this is the best thing to do. Search the Internet for boat rentals, a lake, or a specific destination area. The search engine will come with results. After getting the contact number from the website, calling them in the office is the best thing. This will help confirm the company's presence as well as provide an opportunity to speak to them about their facilities. The local marina may have some information about the fleet or it may have its own fleet to serve tourists.
  • Size and type of boat This is the second most important point in renting a boat. Unless someone knows what type of boat they want to charter, there is no point in chartering. The size largely depends on the waterway and of course the local rental agencies. There are different types of boats from small boats to large yachts that can be chartered. One must be careful in choosing after determining the number of travel heads. There are fishing boats as well as amateurs. One simply has to communicate with the company correctly to find the best possible match.
  • Access to and from the boat There is no benefit in chartering a boat unless you are familiar with and from the boat points. There is a high possibility that the owner of the boat will bring a non-motorized boat to the traveler. After all, the ship will not be equipped in the first place for this trip. If the boat is not motorized, it must dock in a dock slip. Inquire about it.
  • rent contract- Each rental company has some rules and regulations that are made according to the laws set by the government on how to rent and what are the essentials before renting. The most important thing is that these rules differ and therefore one is needed to go before hiring a boat. Moreover, the normal wear and tear of the boat is a company problem; however, serious damage or pollution to the boat is not their problem, but rather the responsibility of the traveler. Also, it is wise to know about weather cancellations.
  • Insurance matters The liability coverage of the rental agency must be included in the contract signed by the two parties. Ending signing an inappropriate contract will cost you a lot of money. You need to check the document carefully and correctly before signing the agreement. If you are not sure about the rulings, ask your lawyer to take a look.
  • Ship inspection Before accepting boat keys, one must look for scratches, scratches, stains, stains and even damage. Sometimes the equipment is loose and even broken. Basically, searching for all of these things will make you less responsible towards manipulating the rental agency in relation to money. Ensure that any type of previous damage to the recruits in the contract to avoid being blamed at a later time.
  • Safety equipment and qualified soldier Ensure that all safety equipment is installed in the boat before sailing. A life jacket is a must while sailing on a private boat in unknown waters. Having a qualified Leader is equally important. Age restriction varies by situation. Ask the rental agency about their rules and beware of violating them. While most companies make you almost swear that you have some experience with boats, there are other companies that want to see your certificates. There are others who give free instructions before preparing for the trip.

Charter yacht in Sardinia – Costa Smeralda and beyond

When sailing in Sardinia, you are spoiled to choose from with an amazing marine atmosphere. The scenery is great, the food is delicious and the people are very friendly. No wonder this island is very popular with stars and celebrities. Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena Archipelago are among the most sought after in the world. Come and spend the sailing vacation in style!

What makes yacht rental on Sardinia so popular?

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Its convenient location in the middle of the Mediterranean and temperate climate make it one of the best sailing destinations. In addition, it features beautiful landscapes with steep slopes and red rocks along with simple and original culture and cuisine.

Fortunately, Sardinia is very easy to reach. It has three airports – Cagliari in the south, Alghero in the northwest and Olbia in the northeast. The main ports are Cagliari, Olbia and Puerto Torres. There are ferry connections to Corsica and Sicily as well as the Spanish and Italian mainland.

The coastline provides many safe moorings due to the deep bays with upstream islands. There is almost no tide. Summers are long, hot and dry but temperatures are usually supervised by the West Sea breeze. Due to the prevailing wind, good sailing skills are required.

The island boasts an impressive blend of chic ports like Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo with uninhabited and largely uninhabited marine courses like the Maddalena Islands.

Some information related to Bare Charter in Sardinia:

Location: central Mediterranean; 200 km from the Italian mainland

The capital: Cagliari

Total coastline length: 1849 km

Total area: 24,090 square kilometers

Highest point: Punta la Marmora, 1834 AD

Population: California. 1663000

Country Code: +39

Climate: moderate, Mediterranean

What are the main destinations for renting and the marina in Sardinia?

In general, in Sardinia you find many natural docks for docking. The north is busier and provides better infrastructure. The south, on the other hand, is more original, pristine and quiet. Sardinia is only 12 km from Bonifacio in Corsica, so northern Sardinia and Corsica can be combined to spend sailing.

The exclusive Costa Smeralda on the north side is a very popular tourist destination and attracts international plane with white sandy beaches, golf courses, luxury hotels and private jets, as well as helicopter services. Especially famous for Porto Cervo Marina, it is a highly protected yacht port with great infrastructure and 720 berths for boats up to 100 meters in length. Also on the Costa Smeralda is the dell´Orso marina with 305 berths for yachts up to 35 meters. It encounters many other ports across the region and the island, for example Alghero with its beautiful ancient city, Cagliari, Cannigione, La Maddalena, Olbia, Palau and Portisco.

Just off the coast of Emerald, Maddalena Archipelago has 7 main islands at the northern tip of Sardinia, in Straights of Bonifacio. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a national park with countless bays and bays, clear waters as well as stunning nature, preserved perfectly. Look for exquisite pink Spiaggia Rosa Beach, for example. There are only three islands inhabited, so they are largely unpolluted marine protected.

To the east side is Cannigione Bay, which looks like a fjord. Sailing to the long entrance, you can enjoy a view of the rocky backdrop, a charming harbor and a quiet resort town at the end. Not far from the protected and popular Cala de Volpe on par with its spacious bay and good shelter. Further to the south you can head to Olbia and Portisco, where you have good shopping facilities and infrastructure.

Orosei Bay on the east coast and the National Park of the same name form a large bay with many caves and magnificent aquamarine water. There you'll find many fine beaches such as Cala Gonone, Cala Goloritze or Cala Fuili and the impressive Grotte del Bue Marino, which is a 5 km long cave with impressive rock / stalagmites carved into the Neolithic walls. Go south along the coast of Oligastra County and discover the most gorgeous white sandy beaches with amazing waters like Cea Beach and others.

Check out Sant جزيرةAntioco Island, 87 km from Cagliari, off the southwestern coast of Sardinia. It is the fourth largest island in Italy. Next to it, 7 km from the coast, is the sixth largest Italian island in San Pietro. It is of volcanic origin and boasts a rocky coastline with beautiful beaches and natural caves that make for great diving. The charming harbor and Carloforte fishing town on the protected east coast is worth a visit.

What weather systems are important for yachts in Sardinia?

Sardinia has an average of 300 days of sunlight per year and 6 months of summer. The heat is often mitigated by a gentle sea breeze from the west. There is no large tide (40 cm max). As far as the wind goes, Mistral from the northwest is cool in winter but makes the air drier and breathable in summer. The highest wind speeds from June to August are no more than 20-25 knots. The hot Sirocco from the southeast brings desert dust from Africa. Then there is the eastern east, which seafarers need to take into account.

Summary of weather conditions for sailing yacht charter Sardinia:

Months with the average temperature: July / August, 28 degrees

Months with the average temperature: January / February, 7 degrees

Month with the highest precipitation: December, 131 mm

Month with average precipitation: July, 11 mm

Average wind speed May-October: 9/8 knots

Month with highest average water temperature: August 25

Month with lowest average water temperature: January 14

Main season: May – October

How much does a yacht charter cost in Sardinia and what are the different types of trips?

You can rent a 12 meter sailboat from around 2000 euros. Prices increase according to the size, type and equipment of the vessel. Luxury sailing charters are available on boats larger than 24 m. In this case to rent a boat, there will be a captain and crew. If you choose to do the naked yacht charter, you can captain the ship on your own. Of course, you can also hire a charter or charter crew on board yachts up to 20 meters long if you do not wish to move. You also need to decide if you want to rent a windsurfer or charter a yacht or motor boat. Fleet holidays are a very popular option. It is common in Italy and available at each port to rent a side length of 4-10 meters for a beautiful cruise on the water. If this is too small for you, go rent a motor boat on an older yacht.

What activities are in addition to sailing to rent a Sardinian boat?

Visit some wonderful natural parks. Parco nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu on the east coast contains some of the oldest rocks in Europe as well as the island's only ski resorts. Close to Altopiano del Golgo, a nature reserve near Cala Goloritze, there are stunning scenery. The plateau is great for walking in untamed nature. In the southeast, Sette Fratelli has plenty of wildlife and thick forests. In the southwest, Monte Arcosu offers some stunning landscapes. Go see the enchanting Neptune Cave on the West Coast, which is a wonder of 2,500 meters long with a breathtaking view.

For some excitement, attend the Swan Cup in September at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo. Enjoy racing with many of the world's best sailors and beautiful yachts. In June, Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta showcases an impressive fleet of luxury yachts in some stunning sailing courses on-site.

For sightseeing, visit the city of SanttiAntioco Island with the ancient Acropolis, Roman Bridge and Phoenician and Phoenician cemeteries. There is an archaeological museum where you can learn about the rich history of the island. Visit the San Remy stronghold in the old Castello district of Cagliari. It is one of the symbols of the city with beautiful views of the city as well as the port. Castelsardo in the North is a beautiful medieval village with great views of the top of Doria Castle on Asinara Bay. Alghero on the northwest coast has a magical cobbled center surrounded by ancient walls. The Gothic Cattedrale di anta�Santa Maria features an impressive bell tower. You should also visit Palazzo Guillot, 14th-century Chiesa di San Francesco, or Chiesa San Michele with its beautiful colored tile dome. Explore Chia's 6 km long beach, the second southernmost point of the island, and the impressive Faro di Capo Spartivento Lighthouse. Nearby Nora, a buniqui archaeological site, is the oldest village in Sardinia.

The famous Porto Cervo offers cheerfulness and glamor, boutique shopping, fine wine and dining, as well as a vibrant nightlife that attracts celebrities and movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio or other parties at the Flavio Briatore “ Billionaire´s Club`. There, you can enjoy mixing with a group of international aircraft that listen to the best DJs.

Try Sardinian food. Do some water sports like surfing, canoeing, water skiing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, etc. Go to festivals such as the Sardinia Regi Festival in early August or the beginning of L´Ardia di San Constantino June when many villages host a fast-paced horse race followed by dancing music and fun.


Securing your boat – the main considerations

Sailing to the distant blue, has a positive effect in getting rid of your life strains and is interested in high winds. However, before you head off on your attractive boat, take five and think about the advantages of these questions. Do you have marine or boat insurance? Even when the answer is "yes" at this point, are you sure that your insurance basics have been fulfilled?

Marine insurance sets crafts according to type of dimensions. "Boats" is described as being anywhere measuring anywhere between 16 feet by 25 feet by 11 inches. Under this size, you are categorized as a small boat which is rowing boats, personal watercraft, etc. If the size of the boat is 26 feet or more, you may need expert insurance. Now let's check some general ins and outs as applied to regular boat insurance policies.

Insurance coverage for material damages

The insurance company recovers the costs of replacing or rehabilitating your boat, as a result of the following conditions: boating accidents, vandalism, fire, burglary, lightning, hurricanes or hurricanes. This policy includes the same water craft, powertrain or outboard engine, and trailer. Usually the following items are removed from the boat insurance coverage, as they are not believed to be part of your boat operations: clothing, video, camera, precious jewelry, ornaments fashion, mobile phones, drinks, food, diving equipment, and portable electronic devices such as televisions or hi- devices fi or laptops. You may discover that they are included in your regular home insurance coverage, or they may require separate insurance cover for some of them.

Tip: I know it's a pain but – always study the exact picture below. After that, you will realize the limitations of your protection. Can you keep the boat in your house? Otherwise, should the boat be on your vacation spot? Where does protection begin and end in water that you can benefit from? There are a few policies that specifically define assumptions and restrict the use of your craft.

Individual Liability Coverage

We hope you never need to know how important this coverage is. Typical marine boat insurance coverage here ranges from $ 3 million and may compensate you when there is a collision and the boat is responsible for harming other property, boat, or injury.

Protect unsecured boats

This marine insurance is known as the insurance coverage for uninsured motorists. For example, in circumstances where the owner of the boat that damaged you has run out of insurance coverage or worse, he does not have the money, then the costs of repairing your boat will be paid.

Passenger health insurance coverage

This insurance coverage will cover the medical expenses incurred by anyone carrying your boat. You will surely discover that there is generally an additional clause in your policy that regulates the amount of people that can be on board at any time – make sure that you will not attend more because the insurance will be invalid at this point.

Help and protection diameter

This component of your insurance coverage will reimburse you for costs incurred if you have a requirement to contact emergency services. You may have a motor malfunction, an additional mechanical malfunction, or damage your boat to stones that require towing to return to the platform.

What is the baseline for all of this? Be aware of the insurance before you start your boating season. Take some time to get hands-on training and familiarize yourself with the understanding so you can decide on the correct insurance option and the conditions and coverage that your boat insurance should cover. After that, you can go blue, knowing that you are effectively prepared for any scenario.

To enjoy your boating!


Discover the beauty of boats in Phuket

Yacht enthusiasts everywhere discover the beauty of boats in Phuket. The atmosphere is divine, the picturesque scenery further afield, and the Andaman Sea, with its stunning deep blue waters, scattered by tropical islands and its deserted beaches, is undoubtedly one of the most amazing places to roam on Earth. And Phuket, now known as Asia's sailing capital, has certainly stepped up its growing popularity among the boaters. Today, the island nation has already established four main berths for local mooring, and is also home to some of the best annual yacht events around.

This increased interest has also spurred growth in various marine services and suppliers, such as the international boat transport industry, as companies have been shipping boats and yachts at record rates throughout the year to the island from every corner of the globe. People are passionate about boats in Phuket and once you experience it on your own, it is easy to see why.

Phuket is a great location to sail and allows easy passage to unusual nearby places like Fang Nga Bay with its stunning scenic Karst Islands, Phi Phi Islands (Les Dunes) and the relatively unexplored Andaman Islands between Thailand and India. Phuket also enjoys a convenient location as a base from which to explore the south of it, across the Malacca Strait towards Singapore, with an opportunity to stop at other interesting sites on the way to Malaysia.

There is no doubt that Phuket makes great splendor when it comes to the world of recreational boats, not only because of its wonderful marine conditions and beautiful scenery, but also to host some amazing boat events. There are three annual sailing boat races: King Phuket Cup in regatta (in December), Regatta Bay (In February), and the six Senses Phuket race week (In July). Although the King's Cup is by far the most popular, each of these boats attracts many local and visiting spectators and visitors alike, all looking to taste some of the best sailing in the world.

Another happens is the annual SEA International Property Phuket Multihull ChampionshipIt is the largest firefly race in Asia, and occurs during the monsoon season when the unexpected weather makes the additional excitement and suspense in addition to the results of an inconsistent race year after year. There is, too Asia Super Yacht Rendezvous, An exclusive international event for cars and super sailing yachts. This three-day event is the longest race of its kind in Asia and brings together the largest gathering of luxury yachts in the region. Finally, the PIMEX Phuket International Boat Show Another major boat event highlights up to 40 super yachts and yachts from all over the world, and even if you don't buy a boat, you are sure to appreciate the atmosphere of these luxury events along with the amazing backdrop.

Many yachts choose to dock their boats in Phuket all year round, instead of places like Med. Apparently, its price is much more expensive and more attractive, if not more attractive, than other popular docking destinations throughout the year. In fact, in 2007, the Thai government removed the entire boat import tax, from 200 percent to 0 percent, which contributed to this increase. Bo Brighton, a yacht owner in Australia, commented, "Sailing Phuket is incredible." "It is by far our favorite destination for boating, and we've been all over the world. We dock there all year round."


Advantages of renting a boat

Summer is a season that almost everyone looks forward to. It is time for hiking in the park, swimming in the pool and long boat rides in the river. It's easy for people who have their own sailing ship. However, what about these people who do not have one of their own? Do they not enjoy boat trips? Yes they do. Boat rentals made this possible.

These rents are the agencies that usually rent boats every hour. It is a common feature found along beaches and river banks. Rents increased the fun of spending the weekend on the banks of the river or even a day at the beach.

These rents have all become very famous around the world that now you can join even the boat rental club. By joining these clubs you can take advantage of the many offers they offer from time to time.

People have benefited in many ways from chartering boats. Not many people can own their own ship. These rents have made it possible not so rich to enjoy a very boating experience. It has been shown to be beneficial in many ways:

1. Without actually owning your own boat you can enjoy boating and fishing trips.

2. You don't need to worry about big maintenance bills.

3. Thanks to these rents, you don't have to give the headache of transporting that big sailing ship to the river bank.

4. You have a wide range of ships to choose from.

5. This rental boat rental is at a reasonable price for that, it is very economical.

Boat rentals are popular and therefore difficult to choose. We must choose to rent a good name. It is always a good idea to choose a recommended agency for us. It must be in good condition. Boats should not have any signs of wear. The staff must be sufficiently experienced to answer any of your questions.


Peridot Engagement Ring: A Rich History

Aquamarines are wonderful gemstones stained with blue colors that sparkle and shine every time sunlight strikes. This particular stone happens to be the jewel of the month of March. Giving an engagement ring from peridot is very appropriate if the lucky lady proposes to celebrate a birthday during this month.

Did you know that the term peridot means "sea water"? This name came during the early eighteenth century or at a time when the Georgian era had just begun. This type of precious stone comes from the mineral beryl group, which also includes emeralds. Not only do they come in blue but also a variety of shades and dark bluish green.

Aquamarine is known for its striking clarity of stones and can often be found in large sizes, making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Surprisingly, this stone is found in a variety of places abroad and here in the United States of America. Miners search for peridot in Brazil, Africa, Asia, and the Colorado Rockies. In fact, precious stones are Colorado State stone.

Peridot should be mistaken for the blue topaz because it closely resembles one another and the other is much more expensive due to its rarity and natural shading. Topaz is not a rare gem and is obtained in a man-made way like radiation therapy.

There are many myths and stories surrounding peridot, and one of them states that a jewel brings mental clarity and good health. Other myths indicate that whoever wears gems will be protected from those who wish to harm them. In the past days, warriors will wear the jewel during the battle. Giving these gems as an engagement ring symbolizes your willingness to protect your companion.

At one time, peridot was referred to as the "stone of sailors", because sailors in ancient times believed that gems would provide a protective shield around them during marine storms and other tragedies that might occur while sailing. During World War II, the U.S. Navy named a coastal patrol ship the American spaceship Aquamarine in honor of precious stones.

Did you know that there are many members of the royal family who have enjoyed the sporting jewels made of this beautiful gemstone? For example, Queen Elizabeth II, necklace and earrings of peridot were given by the Brazilian government during their incitement in 1953. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed the jewels to the point that she made other pieces that added her to her group of royal gemstones, including a crown.

There are many ways to wear this type of gem and peridot is usually great with just about anything, especially when paired with neutral tones. However, if given to the wearer as an engagement ring, she will be sporting all the time so make sure she's a fan of wearing colors like black, white, dark blue, or dark.

On the hardness scale, this type of color has a score of 7.5 to 8, which indicates that the gems are strong enough to be worn as jewelry ornaments, but exposure to constant roughness can lead to scratching. It is better that if the wearer is working as a hard hand son, the ring should be removed. Try to avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme heat, but natural exposure to sunlight is quite good.

Peridot rings and other jewelry such as essential soap and water can easily be cleaned. You really don't need the jeweler's fancy cleaner from harsh chemicals. Take care of these gorgeous gemstones just like you would with any other piece of jewelry and you will enjoy them for life.


Holidays in dog friendly Devon

Devon dogs like her fellow legends because there is so much to see and do. And above all else, the opportunities for walking are endless!

Whether it's through a group of people or people who prefer exploring outside the track, the pool of swamps, rural pedestrian paths and beaches is sure to keep all ages and species entertaining.

Dartmoor is a great choice for destination when spending your vacation with the dog since there are so many places that are genuinely welcomed. In fact, dogs are part of the swamp composition, whether they are working dogs that meet for autumn hunting or collect exotic-looking swamp sheep or domestic pets that are part of the furniture in the pub, post office, and village store.


The vast open spaces in Dartmoor as well as forests and secluded villages are a real playground for dogs. By following a few logical rules, such as keeping them in the foreground when you are near traffic and livestock, there are many walking for an hour to enjoy.


When the legs start to hurt or if the weather approaches, head to one of Dartmoor pubs that welcome dogs and allow them to overlook the fire or play in the river while relaxing on a meal or pint of local beer.

Some great examples of dog friendly pubs in the area include Warren House Inn, the highest restaurant in Dartmoor and the third highest in England! The Rugglestone Inn in Widecombe-in-the-Moor is an ideal stopping point after a trip to Haytor, which is a must while in Dartmoor. To the north, Fingle Bridge Inn is located near Drewsteignton, right on the river, and has some great hiking and canoeing locations.

the beach

During fall and winter most beaches in Devon allow dogs and even during peak season restrictions, many of them are still available or partially restricted. There are also many rivers and streams, both on the swamp and towards the coast, which can be a fun alternative to kayaking and fishing in the sea.

Some southern Devon beaches such as Ness Cove in Shaldon are dog friendly all year round, and for an additional sense of expectation, this beach can be accessed via a smugglers tunnel as the rifting waves meet you.


Dog-friendly hotels in Devon vary between exclusive country houses and friendly local lodges. The White Hart Hotel in Moretonhampstead for example is a dog friendly hotel in Devon and a great base for exploring the area.