Yosemite – ART is in Groveland, stop on your way

This quaint gold mining city on the edge of Sierras has much to offer pedestrians more than a knot on the ruler of history. Groveland has become the cultural mecca of art, music, theater and high-quality food that are all served in an environment that can be described outside Broadway! Hopefully this series of articles will entice some people to pause for a bit or a bit or overnight.
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In search of art, we start with a new art gallery in the city. The White Wolf gallery, which opened less than a year ago, opened quite popular with artists and art enthusiasts for their ever-alternating selection of pieces from photographs to sculptures and handcrafted natural oils that frame the image as much as the image itself. They carry works from every price range from postcard less than a dollar to sculptures in four shapes. White Wolf Gallery opens later on at the weekend, and provides a great pre-dinner activity for those who pass by. You can contact the gallery at 209.962.0342.

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Mountaineing, on the western side of the city, is not only the home gallery of owner Artist Rob Hirsch and his impressive photos, but the work itself is a work of art. The husband and wife team, Regina and Rob, have devoted five years to creating a destination environment; from the selective Hammock Park to the natural outdoor amphitheater, map room, craft center, book corner, free Wi-Fi, organic coffee, and much more. One can quickly lose himself hugging with a vision of Rob’s pictures, a few daydreams and Frisbee.
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There is another place to search for art in Groveland at the Charlotte Hotel. Lynn and Victor are not interested in long-serving visitors and overbuilders, but they are now preparing to provide fun photos to accompany your Charlotte experience. Local artists came to find the Charlotte “The Place to Hang” hotel for exposure and sales. Guests who dine at the Charlotte Hotel will get to know Terri Metz’s landscapes. Terry regularly spins her pictures to match the seasons. Last week a series of winter snowscapes retired and an aerial photo follow from Moccasin through Groveland and over Pine Mountain Lake.
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The Charlotte Hotel is a permanent exhibition of professional artists by Sierra. The monthly rotation in the lobbies of works by many Sierra Professional Artists has resulted in some watercolors, oils, and exquisite original art pieces. The Charlotte Hotel website,, provides a sample of artists’ business and background information for those who showed up and those who arrive in 2007. We encourage our patrol salon artists To host an open house on Sunday from their monthly program and post the information on the calendar online when these are identified by the artists.
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Expanding art in Charlotte, with support from Yosemite Chamber of Commerce, Lynn organized the first Groveland Art Stroll (GAS) series. This event was held on Sunday, the fourth of July and reconciled local artists and retailers with a good marketing campaign, and I got information about mixing, browsing and buying. The 5-star event was given by participating retailers, artists, and participants. In 2006, the program was expanded to include all Sundays from our major weekends: Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day.
For the 2007 season, this tradition continues on Sundays from May 27 to July 1 and September 2. With the White Wolf exhibition in its unique location in terms of relying on a wider range of artists, visitors can expect more artists, large curtains, tents, refreshments and special offers from local restaurants and retail store discounts. Interested artists, craftsmen, jewelry, sculptors and retailers are encouraged to participate. Please call 208.962.0342 to obtain an information package.
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Art Strolls’ success has further fueled an additional downtown event using the retail theme’s primary theme. On June 9th, the Quilters Guild hosted the first Groveland Quilt (GQs) moments series. The group of over 80 members has a quilt enough to hang the city from end to end. What a colorful day this will be. Demonstrations and food will also be available in the lower garden.

So, put Groveland on the list of things to do, either for a special event day or on the way to Yosemite and remember, when you wander into Groveland city center, Lynn and Victor invite you to stop at the Charlotte Hotel to see what’s hanging on the walls, in The halls, around the dining rooms.