Rhinitis – Should You Have A Massage While Respiratory Problems Are Active?

If you were like me, I suffered a little with the great seasons. Spring and autumn are a particular challenge for allergy / sinus sufferers, but this does not mean that summer and winter are sailing smoothly. I say "suffered a little", because it is really little if you are in good health. My symptoms, depending on the season and where I am, are: difficulty breathing, itching eyes and nose, cracked voice, sneezing, stuffy nose. For others, there are many symptoms of sinus / allergy problems they have, so I am grateful that I am largely under control … oh, I have left the whistling that sometimes happens, usually around smokers, their environments or their pets. If I have to be in the presence of a smoker, I can literally feel that my throat closes in a matter of minutes, and then sneeze comes. If the smoker was also the owner of a pet playing with the cat or dog before he came to meet, my eyes would turn red immediately and my nose would start to itch. Just imagine me on a date with a smoker! I tried this and always spent most of the time with myself eating alone (my date is 15 minutes late for smoking, etc.), and I always go home with breathing problems and breathing problems. Yes, fun!

However, rhinitis or allergies are really my focus here and whether or not massages are contraindicated during combustion. (Sinusitis is another thing. Sinusitis is important for the pillow, the bones in the head and face, the sound of the voice and the lymphatic system that cleans internally. The overproduction of this “lymphatic fluid” is sinusitis and has been eaten similarly because we usually use these interchangeably). Allergic rhinitis is an immune system that attempts to rid the body of foreign substances in the form of allergens / irritants. These come in various forms such as dust mites, pet dander, dust, microscopic bugs, odors, pollen, carpet fluff, chemicals, and the like. Sneezing, coughing, or wanting to blow the nose are all responses to the autonomic brain, your natural defense in the stimulating nerves. These are stimulated by the immune system, which has become sensitive to these external issues. This system requires the body to sneeze to get rid of the irritant substance and in this single signal, the mucous from the sinus glands / lymphatic system, rushes to collect and collect the dissociation molecules that the body will release in sneezing. Sometimes one comes before another, i.e. sneeze, and then mucus follows, ensuring that nothing is left behind. This is the reason why although I said sinusitis is a different matter, I took it up a little bit, because it is related to each other. Sneezes are usually very strong, because they are moved deeply into the nervous system and all muscles in the body must be massed together to contract until they are made outside … violent evacuation of this inconvenience infringing on others' property.

Understanding this gives a great reason not to sneeze. You can only get it when the body senses that something foreign has entered the respiratory system (do not talk about food allergies, and those who sneeze to other nerve states, including light, sunlight, when they laugh, etc.). I think all sneezing is a "nervous state"; the body's way to flush out junk. It is your body's blessing for your health when you forcibly eradicate these harmful and unwanted "bodies". Since sneezing forces thousands of things harmful to your health outside of your body, it is wise to protect yourself and those around you. This is the case, especially if this foreign thing has turned into a virus. Cover your mouth with every cough or sneeze, and when you blow your nose, cover it as well. If you blow your nose in the air, the same thing happens if you sneeze without covering your mouth, that is, the viruses and the evacuated particles are transported in the air and taken by others. This gives a real meaning "You make me sick!" LOL

So, should you get a massage while under the influence of an allergy wave? What does your massage therapist think? Well if you're sick and show signs of a common cold, flu, viruses, etc., massage is useful, but you may want to check if you are contagious before getting a massage so that you are not exposed to the health of the therapist or others. Please warn your therapist that they will need to prepare you. Personally, I “massage the sinuses” in my own practice, and this includes a lot of nervous stimulation, facial massage and reflection of hands, ears and feet. Peppermint or eucalyptus oils are great for treating this disease and I may find a pot running for air purification. The scents smell amazing and will help calm the channels as I deal with your issues. (Not on my menu yet, but I'll do it for you at the expense of body scrub and it takes 45 minutes or so!). Massage causes drainage inside the body, this will bring much needed comfort and start the healing process. Just make sure you have close tissues and / or a hot steamed towel, which is actually better in the healing process of that tissue …. oh and "bucket" in case you need it ….

It is understood that most therapists are advised not to get massages while dealing with allergic rhinitis / sinus congestion. No one wants to intentionally expose themselves to the common cold virus, that is, unless they know how to help you get the drain you need and get it well, while protecting themselves. Personal care is needed before, during and after the session to ensure the transfer was minimal. Even with my allergy symptoms, I think my soul, mind, and body are strong enough to make up for these diseases, so don't usually worry about that. Always communicate with the institution, especially with your therapist. Discuss your situation and let them decide if they wish to treat you in / out (to protect employees, it may be best to get out in your place), or wait. Don't come to the spa who sneezes and expects you to not be dislodged, even if you say this is just a sinus. We can say that there is a temperature sometimes by looking at you and listening to the movement of air when speaking. The people you will be around, may not be strong enough in their own "systems" to not catch a cold.

Massage is not always indicated when nose infections and respiratory issues are active. Much research says no, you don't get massages, but I think it's a matter of condition. Keep in mind that therapeutic massage provides movement of every kind inside the body, as well as re-adjusting / reloading the systems. Your immune system may need help to overcome anything you contracted, and a massage may be like that. However, it may also result in a very strong response, which may hinder your progress. Massage therapy puts things on "increased pregnancy" inside the body, and if you already feel "weak", this may impose "less" on you because the systems work to repair the damage caused by the virus. This may be the ideal time to introduce vitamins, natural foods, "eat with purpose" and sleep, to give your body the time to recover. As usual, the therapist must take care of himself, and even more so, when they are treating or about to treat a sick client. This is the same suggestion or condition if the customer suffers from cancer, AIDS, or some other debilitating fear. Therapists should always work with the client’s physician, the client who honestly talked about the doctor’s recommendations; and keep their bodies whether they care for healthy clients or patients. If the caregiver does not take good care of himself, he will not be able to provide the best care to others and take a greater risk of transportation between both vulnerable and contaminated organisms. Soul pollution will be a result ….

It's time to share that I'm sneezing, a symptom of rhinitis, when I'm very hot. My personal reaction to "energy" may also be, which is strange, but if the massage room gets hot, my body tells me! At first glance, the massage room is very comfortable. There is a warmer amount of towels and / or a pot of pottery with hot water and hot stones, a hot blanket on the table you lie on, and a processor, we hope you work hard to relieve stress and give you professional love. You expel energy and he or she expels energy. You breathe, all in this tiny 8 x 10 room with minimal air circulation. Hopefully, you are naked comfortably below the sheet, but often wear a black healer or some other "official" color. All of these contribute to the temperature in the room. I sneeze in response to "high energy" and this is related to being a "natural axiom", and I treat the aura while you're passing, and while I'm working. Today, I sneezed within moments of entering the room and laying my dominant hand on the bottom back of my first client. One sneezed … … which allowed me to verify myself before my adventure. My client was a smoker, among other things, and I didn't have to ask.

If I sneeze during the session, it is not because I had a cold. Allergy / rhinitis or my body indicates that I have become feverish and / or need to protect myself. There are times when this involuntary response to "a very toxic person". Frankly, a Massage Therapist can see if "things" with the customer are on the table. Often, at first glance, this shift is so overwhelming that the immune system triggers this "warning" in response. Sneezing is not a bad thing even in this case, it is my body notifying each side separately (because this also happens in the other direction as the customer sneezes when touched by a toxic therapist) that something might harm your body moving forward with caution. Laughing loudly yes, some of us humans come with a warning sign!

People who suffer from rhinitis and who have a health awareness should be careful not to take massages from people who have unhealthy habits. For example, I received two treatments from different smokers. In every case, I didn't know that they smoked until they started working with me. Imagine that for the next 50 minutes, you were trapped on this schedule. It is like falling into the trap of an ashtray or room filled with smoke with no room for fresh air. Sneezed, itchy and scratched everywhere with every touch, my throat closed and the lymph nodes were on high alert. I felt it "seemed rude" to stop the service and run away (plus these people were practicing their classroom skills), but that made me unable to relax. No amount of meditation can make me go out to this beach on my mind when this "dirty" person is touching my skin. I could not help imagining nails, whether the hair was clean or whether things would fall from their heads on my naked body. I felt like I couldn't breathe because every whiff of air had a smell of smoke, tobacco and ganga. It was torture! I have pledged not to have another smoker give me a massage and make me more aware of how my body affects my clients. This is a very important perception of the body's body work. Just imagine that you are already in danger due to respiratory problems, and that the dominant / controlling energy in the room to make you feel better is actually raising your health. The "controlled energy" in the room with a dominant presence is the therapist managing the treatment, not the weak client on the table.

When I left that room, all the lymph node was under my neck, my ears and thighs were in full attack position and I lost my voice for 24 hours. During one session, the therapist was sweating profusely as the room was hot and at summer time there were a few drops of sweat on my back and my bare back when I flipped over. Therapists should know that this is the type of thing that can be prevented by the "unhealthy person" that their clients are subject to. Keep in mind, though, that this also works in another way if the client is the “culprit,” but they don't control the flow of massage when they're in a session. The handler is the dominant presence in the room most of the time and therefore the transfer process is not the same level. If the client is "toxic", I can breathe effectively during the session and immediately after taking some supplements and performing some reasonable self-care before coming to the next customer. Not the same scenario when running tables. However, if you are a smoker, please take a fix before shower to enjoy the massage (yes, please shower beforehand!). You can always reach "smoking" as soon as you leave the spa. If you have to go in after smoking, we will not reject you, but rather refresh in the bathroom before you sit at the table. It may also be a good idea to order a healer who also smokes. On this memo, it is highly recommended that, if you feel allergic to my respiratory and body problems, ask for a non-smoking therapist every time you go to the spa.

Another thing that happens with sinus patients / allergy sufferers is that their nose is clogged as soon as they are exposed (face down) on the table. There are many reasons for this, including lymph movement, your face directly facing carpets / mats that contain chemicals, dust, dust mites, and allergens, there is mold in the room, especially if the heating or air conditioning system is running, or perhaps You have a cold and the massage has caused your body to fight. Remember that the immune system is sent to mucus to collect and flush out what's trapped in it. Your therapist should know this and must have a tissue box in the room. I usually offer before I ask, but if you don't please ask. If there is no one, then it is true to sneeze or blow in a towel. It goes straight into the wash after, I promise. In fact, I think this is a better way to contain germs and not to irritate the nose any more, i.e. blow in a soft towel washed with hot water. I think the tissues are designed to make you sneeze more so that you buy more … and it irritates your nose and skin so you need to moisturize your nose more so as not to get infected, etc …

Sometimes, the client does not have any symptoms of colds / rhinitis, but as soon as the therapist begins to work, they notice that the ducts are cleared and the drainage process begins (discharge behind the throat forces you to swallow and / or the nose follows it / the eye discharges and sometimes drooling) . This is usually due to a blockage in the gut / stomach. Be grateful for your therapist and the all-encompassing work that your body is already responding to. You only need to drink more water to help the systems flow and do what you do, without the effect of dehydration that occurs if you don't drink.

Therefore, do not feel embarrassed by your discharge. Do not sneeze. Don't imagine that you should swallow …. eeeww … LOL … And every day, you are grateful for your immune system and the battles it takes to rid the body of unwanted "potential tenants". (I made the "face" in the "swallowing" part because of my belief that my body rejects it for the reason that separate spitting is okay! LOL. However, the acids in the stomach are great at breaking things down, so don't worry that if you swallow, it could harm your health) . Do whatever you can to reduce the sensitivity of the immune system by eating nutritional supplements, drinking plenty of water, drinking tea / soup, laying off milk and pasta (producing more mucous membranes and ovaries), and reducing foods that produce ovarian growth in the body (allergic reactions and excessive production of sinuses begin / Mucus, like most other things in the stomach); wash your sheets and pillows often, and empty them using hepa filter voids or the like, get rid of Fido or Sophie the cat (I know … tough one! I love dogs … and small cats But I can't get it, especially in private sleeping places J, and I knew people were more willing to undergo surgery to get rid of polyps have instead of going without pets …). Get rid of plants, artificial or live, from home. It is good on the balcony, in the kitchen, or somewhere where you will be in good health as well as you. Too much dust, including plants if you choose to keep them, and keep pet pets clean and manicured if you choose to get them too.

Be grateful for your sinuses, immune system and nervous system (all these systems, especially these two systems) during the allergy season, and do not interpret your therapist's sneezing as something else unless you think he is sick when you first got sick there … in this case Do not take a massage unless you feel ready to fight, no matter what. Remember that transportation occurs in the air, through hands and skin, is a great channel for everything – the healer's skin and your skin. Reschedule and process them if you have to or request another processor if this is an option!

Global love, light and blessings with your health, especially your respiratory health, in the allergy season, always! Pay attention to the signals your body naturally gives you and do what you can to help the systems carry out their mission of maintaining your health. This is what it means to be health conscious.