Sailing the French Riviera on a Budget: La Ciutat to Cannes

The French Riviera is famous for being a playground for the rich and famous, at affordable prices. Whether you are young or retired, on a budget or not, it's always a good idea to feel that you have options regarding when and how to spend your hard-earned money. Having sailed up and down in this popular area for the past three years and visited most of the ports and marinas along the way, we believe we have exhausted our secrets to enjoying life on board the ship without worrying about the anchorage charges that devour your budget. In this article we explore between No thongs And It was In the West Riviera.

Tip 1: Make sure you have a good anchor and a decent boat.

We have a 25kg heavy heavy CQR / Plow anchor on the bow of our yacht with 35 meters of chain and another 40 meters of thick strong rope. When positioned properly, it will stick well in most conditions and you can be sure to leave your boat in the marina for a trip to the beach. We also have an aluminum Danforth anchor as a secondary anchor and we used it with great success as a rough anchor for our isolation by wind and puff, making some nights more comfortable. How to choose anchor? Search your area, the types of anchor appropriate for that area, and the recommended weight for your boat. An anchor "real things" is used by some of our friends to sail and swear by. Worthy of this investment, it reconfigures itself if it is turbulent, and there has been an unobtrusive night by everyone.

A pleasure to be in the marina is that you can get out of your boat, in preparation for dinner, without water anxiety having a negative effect on clothes or hair! With a good tender hard-bottomed and of course a good rudder, you can also reach a dry and attractive dinner spot from a fixed boat.

Tip 2: Choose anchors wisely

Take advice from fellow sailors. Whether it's from online sources, a calendar, or empirical evidence, people who were there before are a source of valuable information. Often times, the most expensive harbors enjoy poor facilities but a wonderful and free anchorage outside. Most French moorings include water and electricity at their prices, so fill up your tanks and charge your batteries while you are there.

Best value for moorings (Prices are based on 15 meter sailing yacht)

  • La Ciotat – a well kept secret with good security, a good shower, a boat yard near which will fill gas bottles, Wi-Fi and very helpful staff, some of the best seafood on the Riviera in beautiful port restaurants, around £ 25 a night a year.
  • Sainte-Maxime – Very helpful and friendly staff, Gas available on chandery on the dock, good materials and restaurants, very good local amenities, and ferry to St Tropez, approximately £ 50 a night in high season.
  • Port de la Figueirette – careful approach is needed in the harbor as depths are limited. Outside of August, hook up on the fuel platform overnight for a small fee. Good provisions, nice family beach with non-motorized water sports, good restaurants.
  • Cannes Port – Although one of the largest ports and most popular places in Riviera, Cannes is one of the few ports that you can book, via email, in advance and the prices are very reasonable, only £ 50 per night. Excellent facilities, provisions, shelter and helpful staff. A great place for a boat base while exploring the interior. Watch out for loud parties all night long in high season at Palais de Festivals.

Tip 3: The anchors are safe

It is extremely important to choose your latches carefully, most of which depend on wind direction or flatulence. Follow forecasts carefully as well as local information and advice.

  • Porquerolles – a beautiful island, worth exploring on foot or by bike. Anchor in a large area outside the small marina, or in the bay, Calanque de Moore, On the north side of the island's western end, it features a black and yellow cardinal buoy.
  • L 'Estagnol – a beautiful horseshoe bay to the west of Brégançon with white sand and shallow water. The calm, transparent waters are surrounded by forests and have good protection from most winds, ideal for underwater diving. A restaurant of the same name offers delicious lunches throughout the summer, just behind the beach.
  • Baie des Canebiers – the perfect antidote to the bustling city of St Tropez. Anchor outside St Tropez during the day and take the boat to town but when you're ready to sleep, move a few miles around the corner to enjoy the best night of your life! Good character, beautiful views, peaceful and mostly southern exaggerated inflation.
  • North Port Port Grimaud – very good wall, sandy bottom, easy access to Port Grimaud by boat, not very good in strong local winds but protected from southern swells.
  • Rade d & # 39; Agay – You can get a buoy here for a small fee but you can also link to specific places outside of protected areas. Good attitude, it can be deep and calm at night but completely open to inflation.
  • Théoule sur Mer – North of the harbor entrance, offers excellent ownership for beachfront apartments sold for £ 900,000! A beautiful French holiday resort with a good variety of restaurants, facilities and sports, including boat jousting!
  • Deles de Lérins – southeast of Cannes, is a beautiful nature reserve with a number of moorings suitable for asylum from most winds. One restaurant on each island offers expensive lunches, but Sainte Marguerite also has a few snack and pizzeria restaurants. Stay tuned in high season with the number of boats – they will all go home at sunset, leaving you in peace.

Food and wine:

When you find a large supermarket, as in Cannes, you can store dry items and fill your wine cellar. Small moorings and moorings may provide you with beautiful, quiet and quiet views and free night sleep, but local stores will ship you on the floor for essentials.

Eating Out – Find the crowded restaurants full of locals. If you're not sure where to go, ask about the marina on other boats and in the office. They are always happy to recommend somewhere in your price range.

Keep eye weather:

Always watch local weather and long-term forecasts. The weather around the Riviera can be very local, 30 knots west in Cannes, 0 knots in Antibes and 25 knots east in Nice, all at the same time! If you see warnings to the Mistral or Tramontan winds, search more with the nearest marina and prepare advance plans for shelter. This wind lasts a day or so, but it is worth paying for a safe dock for peace of mind. Get the most out of the situation and take the opportunity to stockpile, refuel, recharge and explore more drylands.