Is Tiger Woods Golf Still Mysterious?

If you pursue golf in any way, you will realize the fact that Tiger Woods and golf are synonymous. Tiger Woods has won many championships and championships, so he can now name a golf legend. Of course, there is no denying the fact that he went through a bad patch in 2009 when he was hitting headlines for personal rather than professional reasons. Then he left the game for some time.

Now he's back. However, it will take some time to recover his lost place, or so his fans hope.

The early years

Tiger Woods, a miracle kid, started playing golf at the age of two and was able to beat his father when he was eleven years old. He continued to play and Tiger Woods became the youngest amateur champion in the United States in 1991. After winning many amateur titles, Tiger Woods became professional in 1996 and won his first master's degree in 1997.

Not everything was smooth at all – it went through many ups and downs over the years. Before falling in the rankings, he had to undergo knee surgery which affected his game. It's back fast enough, but again in 2008 he couldn't play the entire season due to another knee surgery.

Form and personal problems

Once again at the highest level in 2009, Tiger Woods won many of the events in which he played. By the end of the year, he made headlines due to many of his marital infidelities and abandoned the game indefinitely to resolve his marital disputes. His marriage eventually ended in divorce and he returned to play in the 2010 Masters.

Tiger Woods has the ability to play golf under pressure. He plays with intensity and passion and has loyal fans all over the world. It may not always win but unless you drop, how do you get up? He has always challenged himself and others to his golf. Its copper climb, subsequent bad spots, personal troubles and reappearance mimic a golf course that is not all flat and green, but has slopes and dangers that one has to conquer.