A week vacation in the Aegean islands with a sailing boat

Endless hours on the beach, overlooking the blue skyline, night sky and stars. Early in the morning, have a cup of coffee, pajamas as a swimwear and then dive to "Big Blue". Only you and your colleague, in isolated bays, are by far the most popular islands. Sailing holidays are a way of life, yet everyone can follow.

Let's start a sailing excursion from Paros Island. The advantage of Paros lies in the fact that Paros is located in the center of Cyclades with many surrounding islands, making your marine holidays in Greece an ideal choice.

This gives you an opportunity to sail every day, no matter where the wind is blowing, making your islands dream.

There are so many options and so many moorings to stay even in very difficult conditions, that sailing is safe and enjoyable even for relatively experienced crews.

Day 1: Sail around Paros to reach your first destination, Naxos. Depending on weather conditions, it will take 3 to 4 hours to sail. Naxos is one of the largest islands of Cyclades with great interest and many sights. Don't miss the sunset at the ancient Temple of Apollo, a few meters away from the marina. Grilled octopus with "ouzo" is "must" here.

Day Two: The day set sail south after the west coast of Naxos which ends in the far south of the island, in Kalando Bay. Halfway through, we'll stop at Jameel Marina, Ruga, for swimming and lunch. Kalando is a special place. It is not a village, but it provides the ideal yacht shelter. It is a secluded area with a long sandy beach and many kilometers of beachfront paths, ideal for walking in the pure nature. For dinner, a kiosk run by a local shepherd only offers barbecues with local produce. Don't expect luxuries here. Undoubtedly, it will be your favorite place in the end.

Day 3: Sailed from Kalando heading to Kofonissi. A short stop in a wonderful spot, called Reina, where you can swim inside the sea cave. Amazing colors are everywhere. Koufonisi is the most beautiful little Cyclades Islands with many sandy beaches everywhere. Rent a bike and visit all of them. Dinner at the "Captain Nicolas" place is outside of any kind of negotiation as well as the frozen mojito in the windmill bar above the marina.

Day 4: If the wind is strong, stay in the area visiting the nearby Kato Koufonisi island, swim in clear waters, snorkel or hiking. The area is very protected from big waves because the huge island of Naxos to the north is blocking the wind in order to make our life on board more comfortable. In the afternoon, I return to the same marina in Bano Cofonesi.

In the event that weather permits sail to Amorgos, the island of the movie "Big Blue". You can rent a car or bike here to explore the wild beauty of this paradise. Visit the famous monastery with a magnificent view from its balcony and try "rakomelo", the local alcohol drink. Dinner at "Xilokeratidi" will be an unforgettable romantic event by the seaside.

Fifth Day: Iraklia is another island of "Little Cyclades" that deserves a visit especially for those who want to try small, quiet, gentle and isolated places that represent the Greek spirit. So after a short hiatus to swim in Antikeros on our way from Amorgos to Iraklia we will end up at the picturesque port of the island.

Here you can swim to the nearby beach, snorkel from the yacht and hike to enjoy the pure nature. Dinner at Iraklia means fresh fish and local pubs are more hospitable than anywhere else ready to meet your expectations.

Day 6: Antiparos, the last island on a sailing excursion. After a 4-5 hour sailing excursion and of course after the vital stop of lunch and swimming, we end up in Antiparos in the late afternoon. Walk around the streets of the pretty little village, dine in one of the 100 restaurants and keep drinking at one of the local bars. Nightlife here, especially in the high season, is a must-have for everyone.

Day 7: Before sailing to reach your final destination, visit the Antiparos Cave. Buses are available only 100 meters from the yacht. Upon your return on the plane, immediately leave for a pleasant marina on a small island north of Antiparos with clear water. The afternoon has come as well as the farewell time.