What are your sailing vacation options?

Today, there are many options for someone who wants to enjoy a sailing vacation. A complete "sea dog" or novice can find a vacation that meets their needs. Singles, couples or a group of people can enjoy all the pleasures of vacation, thanks to a wide range of options available. The price also, can vary greatly to suit all budgets and luxury levels required.

I will try to analyze all the options given and leave you with the decision regarding one of the sailing holidays that suit you the most.


What is that: Bareboating is a vacation rental, in which you can fully rent the boat for a certain time period – usually one to three weeks – and you are fully responsible for the condition of your ship, until the moment you return to the company / owner of the charter ship. You can skip the boat on your own (you must have the skills to do so), hire a member of your crew to be the captain, or even hire a professional captain. You will always need to leave a refundable insurance deposit with your company / owner, to cover potential damage to the yacht. Judgments, breakfasts, etc. are not included in the price. "Naked" boat

Most bare boats range from 30 to 50 feet in length and you can rent a single peeled traditional yacht (hull), catamaran or speedboat. Sailing yachts are more popular and popular than speedboats. Baribots come equipped with everything necessary to operate them from kitchen appliances to towels, sheets, and bedding. Almost all open companies provide a motorboat, when there are no additional fees on the outside or "additional fees".

Advantages: In one word freedom. To navigate wherever you want any time you want (within the sailing area and of course rental restrictions). Another feature is your privacy, the luxury of being with your family or close friends only.

Negatives: The nature of the open deck requires that yachts be as simple as possible for “ease of use”, as well as to reduce the chances of a problem. Therefore, we forget that luxury electronic equipment – VHF, Echo Sounder and GPS – are the primary tools you'll find on all open ships. I don't recall speed records, because they usually don't work. Also, the chances of something going wrong is fairly high, so a good and effective owner / agent is a must.

Costs: The rental price / week may vary due to the size of the yacht, but the price is approximately per person. 50 euros per day (44 feet – 3000 euros per week – for 8 people it will cost (per person) the same, such as 32 feet – 1,500 euros per week – for 4 people). You can reduce the cost if you choose a budget boat, round trip or sailing from high season.

Other nude categories

Bare skip: Like a simple boat, but you hire a captain. You "lose" your privacy but you win "luxury", as there is another person to worry about nights if the marina is fixed. Note that the need for an insurance deposit applies, as is the case when renting a captain for a bare ride is like hiring a driver for your rental car. You are still responsible for operating the yacht and treating the captain as your employee. Skipped open boats are also more expensive, as well as captain fees (around 130 euros a day), and are usually required to have a private cabin. This means that you will need a yacht that is too large.

Sailing fleet: Although many consider a different type of yacht holiday, sailing the fleet of ships is considered a regular boat, with the addition of a flagship boat and crew. You are still fully chartering the boat and you are fully responsible for the condition of your ship. You also need to leave a refundable insurance deposit.

Fleet boats are usually 27 to 36 feet tall and sail in a range of 6 to 12 yachts. You enjoy privacy but you lose freedom (to some extent), as you have to follow a pre-defined program. You can also get the convenience of a leading crew to guide you and assist you as needed. This assistance and the large number of people in the fleet group made this type of sailing a popular vacation for families. As expected, it is more expensive (about 20%) than the simple compound …

Sailing cruise (Compact charters)

What is that: A sailing excursion (you may find the term as a charter cabin, dock charter or skipped sail boat) is the type of sailing vacation, where you will book a dock (or cabin if you are a couple) on a pre-sailing yacht scheduled tour. It is very similar to a regular cruise, just instead of a large cruise sailing with a yacht. As a crew is always on board, you are not responsible for the condition of the ship and there is no need to leave an insurance deposit.

Usually ships on yacht sailing trips are from 45 to 55 feet, although in some countries you may find other types of ships (in Turkey you will find "gullets", whose length is between 60 and 90 feet, while they are used in the Netherlands 30 Meter boats). Breakfast is included sometimes, when not in other cases. Note that although this vacation is like a cruise, you should not expect the luxury and luxury that a large cruise ship can provide you. It is always an "adventure vacation".

Advantages: You can reserve one berth, or up to whatever you want and there is no need to experience sailing on your side. You may choose to be as active or passive as you want. Since these yachts are continuously operated by professional crew, the chances of major breakdowns are lower than they are in open ships.

Negatives: You have no choice as to where to sail to which places to visit, as tours are pre-determined. However, since the groups on board are small, the decision to extend a beautiful stay or change the itinerary is a common practice. You will also not enjoy privacy, as you will most likely need to share the cabin with someone you just met.

Costs: Average cost is approx. 100 euros a day and although this may sound much more expensive than a naked boat, it is not so, as this price includes the expenses that are "on additions" to bare boats higher than the price of the basic yacht. Commander fees, diesel, port fees while sailing, are just some of them.

Marsa reservation on the fleet: More recently, it has been a common practice for fleet operators to accept "passengers" – for a fee – of course on their major yachts, in order to "reduce" their expenses and create some additional income. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have the right to know when booking (and you must make sure it informs you) what exactly that means for you. For example, in the event of a sudden storm and all yachts will seek refuge, your boat will likely "go out" to provide assistance to one of the other fleet boats in trouble, or on an ideal morning, when everyone will leave the other yachts from The port, and you may need to stay there because one of the fleet yachts has engine problems and the main boat cannot leave the port until a mechanic comes and the problem is resolved. In my opinion, when you book a sailing excursion on a flagship boat, you should pay a "hefty" rental fee.

Luxury boats (Staff charters)

What it is: You can rent a "Gin Palace" steam boat, sail boat or sailing yacht. Just like in an open boat, you can fully book the boat (including the crew) for as many days as you like. Since the ship will have its own crew (usually 3 to 10 people), you are not responsible for the "luxury" of your ship, and therefore do not need to leave an insurance deposit. Unlike a floating boat, where conventions are usually based on a weekly turn-around rule, these yachts are so expensive that you can book for as many days as you want – even for just a day. The price list usually includes breakfast – sometimes half board – and diesel for certain hours of driving per day (usually 2-4 hours). Several additional costs are involved in the charter of a crew boat (from diesel to the heart of the crew). A good rule of thumb is to estimate 25% premium over the daily price list price.

Although the “Staff Charter” may appear to be a “floating boat” on a vessel of the same size,

Advantages: Enjoy the freedom to sail wherever you want (time, weather, of course). Your boat will be fully equipped and provide facilities such as satellite communications – or plasma TV. For some people, the prestige of "being on such a boat". The luxury offered can go beyond your dreams. The helicopter, jacuzzi, speed boats, jet skis, etc. are just some of the inventory and facilities you'll find in these boats.

Negatives: You do not enjoy the privacy of the open ship, as there will always be crew on board, but the fact is that in most cases this crew is fully trained professionals and they will only make their presence felt in place – and "if" – it's necessary.

Costs: The charter luxury boat charter is the most expensive way to enjoy sailing vacations. Cost per person / day starts from 300 € (for 60-foot sailing yacht capable of carrying 6 guests), to infinity (some mega yachts exceed $ 300,000 per day). If you are looking for something more expensive and prestigious, you should consider booking to NASA for a trip to the Stratosphere 🙂