Yosemite – ART is in Groveland, stop on your way

This quaint gold mining city on the edge of Sierras has much to offer pedestrians more than a knot on the ruler of history. Groveland has become the cultural mecca of art, music, theater and high-quality food that are all served in an environment that can be described outside Broadway! Hopefully this series of articles will entice some people to pause for a bit or a bit or overnight.
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In search of art, we start with a new art gallery in the city. The White Wolf gallery, which opened less than a year ago, opened quite popular with artists and art enthusiasts for their ever-alternating selection of pieces from photographs to sculptures and handcrafted natural oils that frame the image as much as the image itself. They carry works from every price range from postcard less than a dollar to sculptures in four shapes. White Wolf Gallery opens later on at the weekend, and provides a great pre-dinner activity for those who pass by. You can contact the gallery at 209.962.0342.

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Mountaineing, on the western side of the city, is not only the home gallery of owner Artist Rob Hirsch and his impressive photos, but the work itself is a work of art. The husband and wife team, Regina and Rob, have devoted five years to creating a destination environment; from the selective Hammock Park to the natural outdoor amphitheater, map room, craft center, book corner, free Wi-Fi, organic coffee, and much more. One can quickly lose himself hugging with a vision of Rob’s pictures, a few daydreams and Frisbee.
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There is another place to search for art in Groveland at the Charlotte Hotel. Lynn and Victor are not interested in long-serving visitors and overbuilders, but they are now preparing to provide fun photos to accompany your Charlotte experience. Local artists came to find the Charlotte “The Place to Hang” hotel for exposure and sales. Guests who dine at the Charlotte Hotel will get to know Terri Metz’s landscapes. Terry regularly spins her pictures to match the seasons. Last week a series of winter snowscapes retired and an aerial photo follow from Moccasin through Groveland and over Pine Mountain Lake.
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The Charlotte Hotel is a permanent exhibition of professional artists by Sierra. The monthly rotation in the lobbies of works by many Sierra Professional Artists has resulted in some watercolors, oils, and exquisite original art pieces. The Charlotte Hotel website,, provides a sample of artists’ business and background information for those who showed up and those who arrive in 2007. We encourage our patrol salon artists To host an open house on Sunday from their monthly program and post the information on the calendar online when these are identified by the artists.
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Expanding art in Charlotte, with support from Yosemite Chamber of Commerce, Lynn organized the first Groveland Art Stroll (GAS) series. This event was held on Sunday, the fourth of July and reconciled local artists and retailers with a good marketing campaign, and I got information about mixing, browsing and buying. The 5-star event was given by participating retailers, artists, and participants. In 2006, the program was expanded to include all Sundays from our major weekends: Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day.
For the 2007 season, this tradition continues on Sundays from May 27 to July 1 and September 2. With the White Wolf exhibition in its unique location in terms of relying on a wider range of artists, visitors can expect more artists, large curtains, tents, refreshments and special offers from local restaurants and retail store discounts. Interested artists, craftsmen, jewelry, sculptors and retailers are encouraged to participate. Please call 208.962.0342 to obtain an information package.
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Art Strolls’ success has further fueled an additional downtown event using the retail theme’s primary theme. On June 9th, the Quilters Guild hosted the first Groveland Quilt (GQs) moments series. The group of over 80 members has a quilt enough to hang the city from end to end. What a colorful day this will be. Demonstrations and food will also be available in the lower garden.

So, put Groveland on the list of things to do, either for a special event day or on the way to Yosemite and remember, when you wander into Groveland city center, Lynn and Victor invite you to stop at the Charlotte Hotel to see what’s hanging on the walls, in The halls, around the dining rooms.


Thailand hotels – provide decent tourism accommodation

Thailand, a country of tropical beaches, beautiful hills and monuments, is one of the world famous tourist destinations. Thanks to countless travelers from all over the world every year, the country has maintained its identity as a beautiful tourist destination. Also, there are many hotels in Thailand located around popular sites that provide a comfortable stay for visitors.
The best time to visit Thailand is during the cold season from November to February. These months have sunny days, and less chance of rain. Humidity is in if also lower during these seasons. You can enjoy all of its major destinations during this illustrious season. Tourism in the country thrives in nature. Tourism is one of the mainstays of its economy.
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Thailand offers shimmering cities, magnificent beaches, ancient temples, scenic rivers and shopping malls that are some of the major tourist destinations. The country has many amazing locations, which are located in its famous destinations such as Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Koh Chang, Lampang, Pattaya and Phuket.
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Wat Arun, Khlong Bangkok Noi Temple, Khlong Bang Yai-Royal Barges Museum and Wang Suan Pakkard in Bangkok are very popular. Similarly, the Sanctuary of Truth, Khao Pattaya View Point, Wat Khao Phra Bat, UnderWater World and The Art Art Museum in Pattaya are other major attractions in Thailand. Likewise, Airport Plaza, Kad Suan Kaew, Warorot and Lamyai Markets, The World Insects Museum and Orchid Farms are the main attractions of Chiang Mai.
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Besides these reviews, there are even a number of comfortable accommodations in Thailand that are conveniently located, enabling tourists to easily visit nearby attractions. From standard hotels to premium hotels, every type of hotel is available in most of the country’s popular hotspot cities, providing a comfortable stay for guests.
Good facilities are provided in the rooms and the hotel in the hotels according to the specific category of stars. Some of Thailand’s hotels like Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel, Kooncharaburi Resort, Sailing Club and Dhevan Dara Resort and Spa are popular hotels that offer comfortable accommodation with good facilities for guests. Being in Thailand for hotels makes you feel dignified.
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Therefore, in any city in Thailand ever you plan your vacation or event, it is certain that with a wide range of hotels you can have a safe and secure stay.
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Baseball Tips – Very common throwing problems and how you can fix them!

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Here is a list of some common dumping issues, why they occur, and some tips for baseball that should solve these issues:

Throws and toppings are high:
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There is a very good chance that you do not raise your elbow to the shoulder height. I have seen this hundreds of times over the years. Watch closely for replay on TV when hackers drop their first base and high throw sails. In almost every case, you will see an infonider that does not raise its elbow high enough when throwing. Just remember, “Elbow is too low, ball height.”
In essence, the ball is “pushed” and not actually thrown. Another possibility to drop your goal is that you might shoot the ball before it reaches the landing foot.

Under the ball throw:
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The problem is usually at your release point. If you shoot the ball too late, your throw is sure to be very low. Another strong possibility is that your front shoulder dipped under your shoulder. If your front shoulder has decreased, there is a good chance that your throw is low and short on target. Make sure your shoulders remain flat throughout the throwing motion, whenever possible.
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Wrong general throw:

There is no substitute for spending time in your throwing exercise. If you throw the ball every day, your throw will improve. It’s simply for. Just remember, every time you throw a baseball game, you should aim for a goal. It is one of the simplest and most important baseball tips to improve the throwing process. If you hit someone, target their left shoulder, then their right shoulder, left hip, right hip, etc. How can this possibly not help? You should help and will help you immensely.
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If delivered intermittently, then the problem may be in your business. Not properly positioning their feet is a very common problem, especially for young people. Their feet aren’t caught when they throw the ball because of their impatience when they want to throw the ball too early. Their arm is ready but their feet are not ready yet. They have no balance or foundation.
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As mentioned above, keep your shoulders level and square in your goal. Make sure that your front foot is pointing to your target and your back foot is lined as if you were using a rubber ball.
Again, every time you throw a baseball game, you aim at the goal. It is one of the easiest and most important baseball tips. There is no way on earth that this will not help you greatly!
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Celebrity Alaska Cruises!

Alaska cruises can be a lifetime experience. Enhance this great experience with Alaska celebrity cruises.

Celebrity takes cruising to the next level and Alaskan cruises are no different. The continuous rating of the highest level of service by experts like Condé Nast Traveler should give the cruise rider the most comfortable feeling when traveling with celebrities.

Add to that a great itinerary like Alaska, and you have a winning group. The beauty of the Earth corresponds to the beauty on the plane. Celebrity service is impeccable having one employee for every two cruise passengers. Magnificent wines sprayed to the roof of your Hall of Fame while watching the birth of Alaska glaciers is an experience you will not forget soon!

In 2005, Celebrity will operate three ships during the Alaskan cruise season. These magnificent ships offer exceptional amenities.

The Celebrity Mercury lines of Mercury are the newest in the Ships of the Century category. A visual attraction with world-class amenities and services makes Alaska cruising aboard this celebrity a special treat!

Celebrities Infiniti will cruise Alaska cruises this year too. Enjoy an international meal or a theater production with broadway proportions. Celebrity Cruise Lines has done a great job of decorating on Infinity. Alaska cruising experience surrounded by warm woods, polished marble, and carved glass.

The summit ship is the third celebrity ship to sail to Alaska this year. Alaskan cruises on top will cruise passengers feel they have reached the pinnacle of a cruise experience with celebrities!

Alaska cruise paths are somewhat different, but rest assured that whatever the itinerary is, the experience is unforgettable. Stunning landscapes, majestic glaciers, unspoilt waterfalls and countless wildlife are all amazing and famous brings you everything.

Celebrity trips to Alaska have six ports and departure cities. Ensenada included Mexico, San Francisco, Los Angeles, California, Seattle Washington, Seward Alaska, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

When leaving one of these ports, the Celebrity Alaskan journey takes you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to the wonderful relaxing atmosphere where employees seem to be expecting your every desire. Be pampered and you totally deserve to be! Alaska cruises with Celebrity will feel "special"!

For more information about Alaskan cruises and cruise lines, browse some of our other news articles at For the best cruise deals on the Internet, check out the merchant links on our homepages based on Compare the values, find your favorite itinerary, shipping and living room. Then all that's left is to book your flight online and thrill!


Yacht rental in Corfu – Greece

Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is the second largest island after Crete, and is considered one of the most beautiful islands due to the surrounding greenery.

Fortunately for Corfu, when the Venetians occupied it hundreds of years ago, they somehow forced the inhabitants to give them some incentive to grow the olive trees that were still alive and still bearing fruit after many years.

Olive oil and olive oil had been Corfu's main income for many years until the influx of tourism that transformed Corfiots into providing hotels and apartments and thus neglecting the olive trees. Nowadays, they are still producing olive oil for private use because the trees are very large and not applicable commercially.

Along with the influx of tourism, yacht rental business has begun to flourish and Corfu is now a major place on the charter map where most international charter companies have permanent bases here.

You can now rent a yacht in Corfu with most of the companies and charter agencies in the world because it contains all the facilities of a yacht charter including the international airport, the modern marina which accommodates about 1400 yachts of all sizes.

Due to the mild weather and a few storms during summer and winter it also attracted many foreign boats that are permanently docked in Corfu as the owners leave the boat and return when they want to use it.

By searching on the Internet for yacht charters, you will find hundreds of companies advertising their boats for charter and therefore the choice is wide. Greek rental companies are very well regulated and, of course, by the Greek Tourism Organization, they must provide the service and also deposit a guarantee presented with the organization in the event of a dispute or failure to fulfill its obligations.

When renting a boat either from an agency or directly from the owner, you must insist on receiving a copy of the official rental party. The contract of the charter party between the agency or the owner of the boat and the charterer will be submitted to the Port Authority on the day of the charter for official confirmation and approval. At this very moment, the Port Authority will examine the boat's papers to ensure that all safety requirements are met and inspected.

Tenants must have at least one (1) competency certificate from the sailing captain. Other wise, the port police will not allow the boat to leave the port.

For some people this may seem to be too much but on the other hand, it provides safety for the person who charteres the boat and is safe to sail and also for the owner of the boat that the person chartering it is eligible to deal with the boat and thus eliminate accidents.

During the past twenty years, we have faced accidents like mast braking, hitting a rock or other boats, but there have been no loss of life and are very good and make sailing in Greece very safe.

According to Greek law, all charter boats must be registered as commercial boats and no private boats are permitted to make a charter and be aware when you are not given a charter party charter agreement signed by the local port authority where the boat may not be a suitable charter and perhaps very unsafe.

Foreign boats are also not permitted to do charter in Greece except for boats registered with EEC, but they have to go through all inspections like the Greek commercial boat as well as register a company here in Greece. In another article, I will be subject to regulations regarding foreign boats and charter. I can also answer any questions regarding renting yachts and yachts in Corfu by just contacting me.


13 ways to save money on securing your boat

Ships are the closest thing you dream about.

– Robert N. Rose

Many people ask me if I was sunk in the ship, I only had one book, what would it be? I always say "How to build a boat"

– Stephen Wright

Work as a captain, play like a pirate

– Anonymous

People (read: men) love boats. We take care of our boats and cherish them as much as we do family members. Most boats have boat insurance, but how much do you actually pay for this insurance? If you said to yourself reading this, "Too much …" then this article may be worth reading for you! We hope this "dozens of bakers" help you secure boats save some money.

First, see what your state requires. Different countries require different requirements for boat insurance. Most states require minimal personal liability insurance. It is also important to destroy property if your boat is moved or kept anywhere other than your home. Do not forget that personal non-motorized waterboats do not require car insurance.

All boats put the same policy. Additionally, see if your auto insurance company can secure your boat as well. Combining policies is a great way to save money and lower your interest rates.

Switching to responsibility can save you save. Only do this if you are comfortable with your insurance only paying for damage to others, not your boat.

Make sure you know the limits of your liability insurance. Check with your responsibility provider to ensure that all events that happen can be covered. Not all policies are created equal.

Joining a group or organization is useful. Most insurance companies want to educate their drivers on proper boat procedures. So much that the majority would offer a discount if you took a reputable boating course. A good example is the American Force Squadron Cycle. Even if your insurance provider doesn't give you a discount, the knowledge you receive can definitely save you cash!

Experience is important when it comes to your insurance premiums. Make sure you have a more mature and experienced boat operator securing your boat. This will avoid the additional costs of having young and / or inexperienced people in your policy.

Choose the right deductible for your income. Ensure that the deductible amount that you agree to pay will not be greater than what you can afford in the event of an accident. Also, you should not have a discount that is so low that you cannot afford insurance premiums.

Keep the boat safe while on the beach as well as on the water. Storing your boat in a safe area is vital. If you keep your boat stored in an insured property, you may be able to cover the damage caused by insuring your property. A proper investigation of the terms of your property insurance will investigate whether this is a viable option to save you some money.

Request discounts like these mentioned below. Here are some examples of discounts offered by many insurance companies:

Responsible driver

The original owner

Fully paid


Safety course

Is canceling my off-season insurance a good option? It is not a good idea to cancel your boat insurance. Insurance of your boat can be damaged in off-season, and if you are not covered, you pay damages. This practice will also prevent you from saving through loyalty discounts such as vanishing, exempt from discounts. A safer way to save during off-season is to remove any of the benefits that actually involve boat use, such as emergency insurance or boaters' insurance. If you do, make sure to restore your previous covers before returning to the water!

Consider "port hazards" and what can be done to your boat on the ground. This policy can provide coverage associated with storing your boat, but not any of the navigation covers. It is a reasonable choice in conjunction with the above question.

Learn about the boat market and how it can fluctuate. In the boat market your boat is constantly losing value. This equals a reduced premium! Check regularly with your insurance company to see if you qualify for a lower rate.

Join a club or organization. If you can find a boat safety course in your area, most insurance companies will offer a similar discount for taking a safe driving class.


Sailing Pact to the Spanish Virgin Islands: Pure Paradise

Mention the Virgin Islands, and most people think of the US Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands. However, only 15-20 miles from these islands, and just 6 miles east of Puerto Rico, it places the Spanish Virgin Islands, also known as the "traffic islands".

Restored to the United States in 1898, this region consists of the Culebra and Vieques Islands as well as the surrounding islands and islands. The Spanish Virgin Islands have always been a well-kept secret, even in the days of Bluebird and other famous pirates who used the islands to hide the hideout.

The fact that the Marines and US Navy used the islands for bombing until 2003 also kept land, commercial developers, and an abundance of sailing charters. The result is virgin and pristine islands, with spacious desert white sandy beaches. Pure blue turquoise water and intact coral reefs filled with fish, corals and crustaceans. There are hills to climb and explore; almost empty anchors, and the natural charm of the British Virgin Islands thirty-five years ago. If you're looking for a somewhat remote paradise for your next vacation on a windsurfer, the Spanish Virgin Islands are your answer!

The Spanish Virgin Islands are easily accessible from Puerto Rico's east coast, just outside the town of Fajardo, where your sailing ship will be docked. Although Puerto Rico is the Commonwealth of the United States, its strong Spanish heritage remains. Regardless of whether you are wandering or renting a glider, it is helpful to take a few days before or after you hire to explore the island. Three highlights not to be missed are Old San Juan, El Link Rainforest and Rio Camoe Cave. Wandering among the seven block area known as "Old San Juan", it is easy to see why it is considered one of the best preserved treasures of Spanish colonial architecture. The narrow, cobblestone streets lined with some of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere. Bright pastel facades and wrought iron balconies are fun. With its Spanish style patios, antique shops and art galleries, the influence of the ancient world can be easily appreciated. Southeast San Juan, the Caribbean National Forest, known as "El Yunque", covers 28,000 acres and 3,500 feet above sea level. El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. forest system, is home to more than 225 species of native trees. There are 50 types of orchids and a large selection of rare plants and animals, as well as many waterfalls. There are many miles of well-marked paths (many paved roads) to explore. It's a natural wonder that you won't forget it soon. Northwest San Juan puts the Rio Camui Cave Park. This is the third largest ground river cave system in the world. A two-hour tour allows you to explore 268 acres of tunnels, gates, stalagmites, stalactites and underground rivers. While the mainland, Puerto Rico has a lot of great sites. Your real sailing adventure begins while exploring the islands known as the Spanish Virgins.

Leaving Fajardo Island and sailing through the sound of Vieques, Isla Palominos is a great introduction to this region. This is the jewel of a tropical island. During the day, coral reefs on the northern shore are an excellent place to dive. At night, Isla Palominos Island is the perfect place to watch the sunset over El Yunque Rain Forest and dine on the fresh tuna or bonito that caught it roaming through the sound. The next place to explore is Cayo Luis Pena, opposite Culebra Island. This two-mile uninhabited sanctuary and wildlife includes many hiking paths and gorgeous secluded beaches. This is the sailing charter place looking for seclusion. If you have a fairly fast boat, and the conditions are light, then the marina is a good place to launch snorkeling or diving expeditions to the coral off the Culebra, including Las Hermanas and Cayo Yerba. Puerto Rico. The lobster season lasts one year, so your next meal can be found under the coral. This marina also provides a wonderful view of the sunset from El Yunque Rain Forest. Imagine sitting in the cockpit of your sailing charter at dusk eating on your freshest fishing with this incredible view! Isla de Culebra is located to the east of the island of Cayo Luis Peña, 11 square miles of pristine beauty of the island. Attracted by solitude, its stunning miles and miles of stunning beaches, it is the attractive city of Dewey.

Diving and snorkelling sites are among the best in the Caribbean! This is an ideal destination for a few days vacation rental charter. You will have no choice but to enjoy the natural beauty of this island. This island includes only about 2000 people, who live precisely at "island time", and there are no resorts or nightclubs to entertain you. The sleepy town of Dewey consists of a variety of lean, two-story wood and a few bars and restaurants, whose owners may or may not choose to open it on any given day. Since 1909, the entire coastline and a third of the interior has been designated as the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This protected land is home to endangered sea turtles, including leather turtles, and about 50,000 seabirds. There are three roads in Culebra – all leading to the beach. The most famous and possibly the most exciting in the entire Caribbean are Playa Flamenco. This deserted beach, wide and smooth, is made up of fine white sand like sugar powder. If hiking is not the thing to do, you can ride sailboats through mangrove swamps off Esnenada Honda near Dewey. Alternatively, fasten the sailing charter in the port of Dakity or Bahia de Almadovar for a day of diving. There is a reason inviting the Puerto Rican tourism office to Culebra, "The thickest place in Puerto Rico!" There are some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean in Culebra, which also enjoys coral reef protection, serving American fish and wildlife. Virgin reefs and calming clear waters provide a great opportunity to observe barracuda, stingray rays, parrotfish, trumpet fish, blue fish, deep purple sea fans, a variety of colorful coral reefs, as well as an opportunity to swim with sea turtles. At night, in the quiet Bahia de Almadovar Marina, you can see the shining lights of St. Thomas 15 miles away as the sun sets on another perfect day for a sailing rental. Another dock for your sailing charter is Culebrita. The diving here is also excellent. The beaches are great, especially the 400-foot white sand crescent on the north shore.

Anchors in Colibrieta were neglected during the week, but the weekends are a different story. Everyone from Puerto Rico, with a speedboat, seems to make Colbrita a favorite weekend getaway. After several days of isolation, it may be fun to watch people as families laugh, dance on the deck to distract salsa music, share a drink or two with you, and then disappear at sunset. The last point on your sailing charter to the Spanish Virgin Islands must be Vieques Island. 21 miles long and three to four miles wide, many cruisers consider the bays, bays and beaches of this island to be the best on all Virgin Islands. Due to its recent history as a site of American bombing, the island has not been touched by developers, (although unlike St. Croix, it is the largest island in both the US and British Virgin Islands.) Population living in the central part, the island is also home to a large herd Of roaming goats, a few fragile cattle, wild horses Basso Fino. Most of the locals travel on horseback.

The main city is Esperanza, with its beautiful white beach promenade, lined with picturesque restaurants. One of the highlights of Vieques is its overnight trip to Mosquito Bay, and it is said to have the highest degree of luminosity in the world. Concentrations of massive organisms emit a strange glow when disturbed by the movement in the water. If the water is calm, you can boat from your harbor in Ensenada Sun Bay. Otherwise, it is worth hiring one of Esperanza's many tour operators to take you on a night diving trip, kayak or electric boat to experience this wonderful phenomenon. You must spend your last night sailing charter in Green Beach, located at the western end of Vieques. The beach, with its narrow stretch of sand lined with palm trees, overlooks directly across the water to El Yunque in Puerto Rico, just six miles from the west. While drinking the last rum on the deck, watch the green flash as the sun disappears beneath the horizon on this paradise.

If you are looking for undisturbed anchors, secluded white beaches, amazing diving / snorkeling, and immersion in the Caribbean Sea in Spanish culture with locals, unaffected by tourism or development, the Spanish Virgin Islands are for you! These islands and virgin islands will provide an opportunity to rent completely unique sailing from the British Virgin Islands and the nearby United States. One of our yachts offering perfect sailing on the Spanish Virgin Islands is the Marolanga charter yacht.


Cycladic Islands plants and herbs – Greece

Cycladic islands are popular all over the world as the ideal holiday destination, especially those worth exploring by sailing boat, allowing visitor to get to know many islands. The sea is the protagonist of the sailing excursion, but the visitor must not be absent from contact with the unique landscapes and products of these islands, where the origins of the first Hellenic civilizations were found and where you can nowadays find rare gastronomy. It consists of local products and herbs that create a unique tradition.

A mixture of bright sunlight, a salty breeze and strong winds are the nature's gift for plants and animals in the islands. On the Cycladic Islands, you can find many indigenous plants with specific characteristics. Its flavor is more intense due to the Cycladic microclimate and thus gives an additional taste to food.

On a yacht cruise, apart from enjoying the sea, a visitor can hike and get to know the local flora as well as a large number of endemic species. Dry stone walls prevent the soil from eroding. This primeval land in the Mediterranean Sea contains a large biological diversity of plants and animals. In each of the islands, sunshine and stones have no balance in the rain with the aroma of herbs, vineyards and olives that grow on these barren lands, located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. These special environmental conditions make the islands a unique location where you can find organic products.

The chosen traveler can then choose plants and herbs and dry them out. The most suitable and healthiest parts of plants (leaves, flowers, stems and roots) are hand-picked during the season appropriate for each plant and always according to tradition. The assembly areas are far from any human activity. This provides an excellent opportunity for visitors and their children to communicate instantly while respecting and developing nature, an important factor for our well-being. As a result, these islands provide both adults and children an enjoyable hobby to gather and learn about plants and herbs. All products can be used in gastronomy, and have therapeutic properties and other uses.

The most distinguished products are:

Capers or Spanos cabaris:

The plant is best known for its edible flower buds (capers), and is often used as a spice, and fruit (cape berries), both of which are usually consumed pickled. Other types of Capparis are also picked up with C. spinosa for their sprouts or fruits. Other parts of the Capparis plants are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It is cultivated during the summer on the rocks, along the stone land near the sea with strong sunlight and moisture. The Cyclades Islands are the perfect place for this plant.

Pickled and pickled capers are often used (simply called capers) as a seasoning or appetizer. Capers are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, especially Cypriot, Italian and Maltese. The ripe fruit of the capers is similarly prepared and marketed as capers.

Buds, when ready to choose, are dark green olive and the size of a fresh corn kernel. They are picked up, then pickled in salt, or a solution of salt and vinegar, and drained. An intense flavor is developed and mustard oil (glucocapparin) is released from all capers. This enzymatic reaction creates a routine, often seen as white crystalline spots on the surfaces of individual capers.

Curative properties

Diuretic properties, kidney antiseptics, stimulants and aphrodisiac. Although it is calorie-free, it contains a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, aromatic substances, and appetites.

Wild thyme, coridothymus capitatus

It is also called "Spanish Seasoning". It has a similar aroma and properties with flavoring. It is considered one of the best foods for bees and honey produced in regions where the abundance of thyme is of excellent quality. Thyme leaves are rectangular and soft. The flowers are pink and rarely white. It can be consumed fresh or dried.

It was a symbol of ancient Greek deities Ares and Aphrodite who represented power, war and love. They used thyme to add smell to cheese and wine and were very fond of thyme honey. Also use it as a mild soothing drink that can be healthy. It is also used to burn thyme to repel poisonous reptiles and scorpions.

Curative properties

Besides cooking uses, thyme is known for its beneficial properties.

It is used to calm bronchitis, acute cough, breathing problems and influenza. It is also used for tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Helps treat asthma. It is used as a tea to treat sputum and ground, and mix it with vinegar. It is a diuretic and helps treat infections of the bladder and urinary tract.

It calms the stomach, has anti-aging properties and helps to strengthen mental health. It is excellent for stimulating the immune system and is very effective in treating teeth.

Thyme is used as an antioxidant in foods and as a spice. It contains aromas of olive oil, olives, pickles, vinegar, salt, beans, vegetables, salads, sauces and soups, giving a delicious taste. Marinades meat, poultry and fish.

A handful of dried thyme in a warm bath is useful for rheumatoid pain. Designed with high density, thyme tea can be used as compresses to treat eye spots.

A natural solution might be a very effective alternative to treating acne.

St. John's wort or conditioner oil

It was named St. John's wort because, along with other botanical advice, St. John used it as food when in dessert. Another version of the origin of the name is the fact that the plant blooms around St. John the Baptist on June 24.

Curative properties

St. John's wort is believed to be:

Antidepressant, sedative, antispasmodic, and helps improve sleep quality during insomnia times. According to several international scientific studies, the effect of St. John's wort on depression is a positive one. According to the tradition, balsam oil was used as a treatment for stomach ulcers.

External use, light scrub or apply local corrections with saturated gauze

A calming sensation and a healing aid for burns and wounds.

Activator and catalyst for the debilitating systems.

Soothing and relieving bronchitis, cough and asthma.

Emmenagogue and organizational periods.

Diuretic. Cramp remover.

Antipyretic and analgesic

Lavender (Lavandola Stokes)

They are the most popular cultivated species. Her leg bears oblong leaves covered with fine hair and is intensely aromatic. Lavender flowers are small in size, usually in violet color. It has been known since ancient times. The ancient Romans used lavender for cooking, but also for the smell of clothes, bed sheets, and bathrooms. The word lavender is derived from the Latin lavar (for washing).

Therapeutic properties and use.

It can be used fresh or dry. Lavender essential oil is used in perfumes, soaps, and for treating nervous debility. As mentioned, it also has antiseptic properties and is therefore used to treat injuries and burns.

According to folk medicine, lavender is convulsive, diuretic and antiseptic.

Wild lavender was used to prepare a powerful therapeutic oil that has had wide use in past times; karabachi, which was also used as a cosmetic product. It was also used in cases of skin diseases as a massage oil.

Aromatherapists use lavender to treat all skin problems, including psoriasis.

Herbs have antiseptic, antibacterial, menstrual, analgesic, relaxing, soothing, antispasmodic, blood-thinning, stimulant, recombinant, yellow-stimulating properties, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity in some cases of poisoning.

It works against coughing, asthma, whooping cough and sore throat.

A few drops of essential oil applied to the bed pillows can fight insomnia.

Lavender oil can also calm the pain. Painful areas can be massaged with a few drops of lavender oil diluted with olive oil. Reduced in the bathroom can help with vaginitis. Lavender flowers are used to smell clothes and protect them from mites.

Lavender is used in sweet and savory dishes, and in a boiled form that also contains honey, it is exceptionally stimulant in cases of fatigue and weakness.

In cooking it can be used in conjunction with other aromatic plants such as thyme, fennel, rosemary, and oregano to season meat, poultry, and fish. It combines well with lemon. In general, it is suitable for all citrus fruits, as it reduces their acidity. As a result, less sugar is needed for citrus-based recipes.

It is also used in distillery and bakery.

Greek Sage (Salvia Foticosa)

Sub-shrub with woody stems and gray-green oval leaves. She has white / purple / pink flowers that form clusters. The name of the plant is derived from the Latin verb "salvare", which means "conservation"; thus it is the rescued plant. It is thought to be an almost magic solution.

Curative properties

It is used as a spice and as a preservative in the food and oil industry. It gives smell to poultry, meat, fish, pasta and legumes. It helps in treating tonsillitis, gingivitis, mouth ulcers and bad breath. It is anti-itch and stops diarrhea and is effective against sore throats and headaches.

Sage contains a number of substances that fight vaginal yeast infection. It helps in memory and British scientists confirmed that the sage impedes the action of the enzyme that destroys acetylcholine, which leads to maintaining the complex that prevents Alzheimer's disease.

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory materials. It helps relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid diseases.

In the case of tonsillitis and mouth ulcers, warm gurg is injected with heating made with 2-3 teaspoons of dried sage from each cup of boiling water.


It is hardy, perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathered leaves. It is a very fragrant and delicious herb with cooking and medicinal uses, and along with anise the same taste, is one of the essential ingredients of absinthe. Florence or Venuschio fennel is a group with a bulb-shaped bulb stem used for vegetables.

Therapeutic properties and use

Dried fennel seeds are often used in cooking as an flavoring anise flavor. Dried fennel seeds and oil are used to make the medicine. Fennel is used in many digestive system problems such as heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite and cramping in infants. It is also used to treat upper respiratory infections, coughs, bronchitis, cholera, backache, bedwetting, and visual problems.

Some women use fennel to increase the flow of breast milk, encourage menstruation, reduce childbirth, and increase sex drive.

In foods and drinks, fennel oil is used as a flavoring agent.


It is a small shrub with multi-branch stems covered with small green-gray oval leaves and white or pink flowers. The Greeks and Romans held oregano as a symbol of joy and happiness. In the Mediterranean climate, the oregano plant grows in its habitat in many areas with a different aroma in a different cultivation area. In Cyclades, the dry climate, sea and easy sun develop the unique flavors of Cycladic oregano.

Whenever possible, you can choose fresh spices in the form of dried herbs since they are superior in flavor. Fresh thyme leaves should look refreshing and be vibrant green, while the stems should be firm.

Therapeutic properties and use

The warm, balsamic and aromatic flavor of oregano makes it an ideal addition to Mediterranean cuisine. In foods and drinks, thyme is used as a cooking seasoning and food preservative. Origano is used for respiratory disorders such as coughing, asthma, diphtheria and bronchitis. It is also used for digestive disorders (GI) such as heartburn and bloating. Other uses include treating menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract disorders including urinary tract infections (UTIs), headache and heart disease.

Oregano contains chemicals that may help reduce coughing and cramps. Oregano may aid digestion by increasing the outflow of bile and fighting some bacteria, viruses, fungi, intestinal worms, and other parasites.

Other products

Don't forget to taste and take with you the traditional products of the Cycladic Islands, which focus on all natural juices. Local honey has an intense aroma of thyme. Cheese, lamb and herbal fodder (local plants and shrubs, mostly aromatic and indigenous) are absolutely delicious. Santorini fava has a particularly strong flavor due to soil and special weather conditions as well as the range of plants. Choose the wine of your choice from a long list of high-quality local wines. This great diversity is due to a variety of grapes, dry and organic farming.

In the local markets as well as in the nature of the islands, you will discover many products or simple souvenirs (stone, pebble, fruit just captured from a tree) which will cause great fun and happy memories for a future visit.

Discover plants and herbs from the Greek islands while sailing Greece with a charter yacht.


Rhinitis – Should You Have A Massage While Respiratory Problems Are Active?

If you were like me, I suffered a little with the great seasons. Spring and autumn are a particular challenge for allergy / sinus sufferers, but this does not mean that summer and winter are sailing smoothly. I say "suffered a little", because it is really little if you are in good health. My symptoms, depending on the season and where I am, are: difficulty breathing, itching eyes and nose, cracked voice, sneezing, stuffy nose. For others, there are many symptoms of sinus / allergy problems they have, so I am grateful that I am largely under control … oh, I have left the whistling that sometimes happens, usually around smokers, their environments or their pets. If I have to be in the presence of a smoker, I can literally feel that my throat closes in a matter of minutes, and then sneeze comes. If the smoker was also the owner of a pet playing with the cat or dog before he came to meet, my eyes would turn red immediately and my nose would start to itch. Just imagine me on a date with a smoker! I tried this and always spent most of the time with myself eating alone (my date is 15 minutes late for smoking, etc.), and I always go home with breathing problems and breathing problems. Yes, fun!

However, rhinitis or allergies are really my focus here and whether or not massages are contraindicated during combustion. (Sinusitis is another thing. Sinusitis is important for the pillow, the bones in the head and face, the sound of the voice and the lymphatic system that cleans internally. The overproduction of this “lymphatic fluid” is sinusitis and has been eaten similarly because we usually use these interchangeably). Allergic rhinitis is an immune system that attempts to rid the body of foreign substances in the form of allergens / irritants. These come in various forms such as dust mites, pet dander, dust, microscopic bugs, odors, pollen, carpet fluff, chemicals, and the like. Sneezing, coughing, or wanting to blow the nose are all responses to the autonomic brain, your natural defense in the stimulating nerves. These are stimulated by the immune system, which has become sensitive to these external issues. This system requires the body to sneeze to get rid of the irritant substance and in this single signal, the mucous from the sinus glands / lymphatic system, rushes to collect and collect the dissociation molecules that the body will release in sneezing. Sometimes one comes before another, i.e. sneeze, and then mucus follows, ensuring that nothing is left behind. This is the reason why although I said sinusitis is a different matter, I took it up a little bit, because it is related to each other. Sneezes are usually very strong, because they are moved deeply into the nervous system and all muscles in the body must be massed together to contract until they are made outside … violent evacuation of this inconvenience infringing on others' property.

Understanding this gives a great reason not to sneeze. You can only get it when the body senses that something foreign has entered the respiratory system (do not talk about food allergies, and those who sneeze to other nerve states, including light, sunlight, when they laugh, etc.). I think all sneezing is a "nervous state"; the body's way to flush out junk. It is your body's blessing for your health when you forcibly eradicate these harmful and unwanted "bodies". Since sneezing forces thousands of things harmful to your health outside of your body, it is wise to protect yourself and those around you. This is the case, especially if this foreign thing has turned into a virus. Cover your mouth with every cough or sneeze, and when you blow your nose, cover it as well. If you blow your nose in the air, the same thing happens if you sneeze without covering your mouth, that is, the viruses and the evacuated particles are transported in the air and taken by others. This gives a real meaning "You make me sick!" LOL

So, should you get a massage while under the influence of an allergy wave? What does your massage therapist think? Well if you're sick and show signs of a common cold, flu, viruses, etc., massage is useful, but you may want to check if you are contagious before getting a massage so that you are not exposed to the health of the therapist or others. Please warn your therapist that they will need to prepare you. Personally, I “massage the sinuses” in my own practice, and this includes a lot of nervous stimulation, facial massage and reflection of hands, ears and feet. Peppermint or eucalyptus oils are great for treating this disease and I may find a pot running for air purification. The scents smell amazing and will help calm the channels as I deal with your issues. (Not on my menu yet, but I'll do it for you at the expense of body scrub and it takes 45 minutes or so!). Massage causes drainage inside the body, this will bring much needed comfort and start the healing process. Just make sure you have close tissues and / or a hot steamed towel, which is actually better in the healing process of that tissue …. oh and "bucket" in case you need it ….

It is understood that most therapists are advised not to get massages while dealing with allergic rhinitis / sinus congestion. No one wants to intentionally expose themselves to the common cold virus, that is, unless they know how to help you get the drain you need and get it well, while protecting themselves. Personal care is needed before, during and after the session to ensure the transfer was minimal. Even with my allergy symptoms, I think my soul, mind, and body are strong enough to make up for these diseases, so don't usually worry about that. Always communicate with the institution, especially with your therapist. Discuss your situation and let them decide if they wish to treat you in / out (to protect employees, it may be best to get out in your place), or wait. Don't come to the spa who sneezes and expects you to not be dislodged, even if you say this is just a sinus. We can say that there is a temperature sometimes by looking at you and listening to the movement of air when speaking. The people you will be around, may not be strong enough in their own "systems" to not catch a cold.

Massage is not always indicated when nose infections and respiratory issues are active. Much research says no, you don't get massages, but I think it's a matter of condition. Keep in mind that therapeutic massage provides movement of every kind inside the body, as well as re-adjusting / reloading the systems. Your immune system may need help to overcome anything you contracted, and a massage may be like that. However, it may also result in a very strong response, which may hinder your progress. Massage therapy puts things on "increased pregnancy" inside the body, and if you already feel "weak", this may impose "less" on you because the systems work to repair the damage caused by the virus. This may be the ideal time to introduce vitamins, natural foods, "eat with purpose" and sleep, to give your body the time to recover. As usual, the therapist must take care of himself, and even more so, when they are treating or about to treat a sick client. This is the same suggestion or condition if the customer suffers from cancer, AIDS, or some other debilitating fear. Therapists should always work with the client’s physician, the client who honestly talked about the doctor’s recommendations; and keep their bodies whether they care for healthy clients or patients. If the caregiver does not take good care of himself, he will not be able to provide the best care to others and take a greater risk of transportation between both vulnerable and contaminated organisms. Soul pollution will be a result ….

It's time to share that I'm sneezing, a symptom of rhinitis, when I'm very hot. My personal reaction to "energy" may also be, which is strange, but if the massage room gets hot, my body tells me! At first glance, the massage room is very comfortable. There is a warmer amount of towels and / or a pot of pottery with hot water and hot stones, a hot blanket on the table you lie on, and a processor, we hope you work hard to relieve stress and give you professional love. You expel energy and he or she expels energy. You breathe, all in this tiny 8 x 10 room with minimal air circulation. Hopefully, you are naked comfortably below the sheet, but often wear a black healer or some other "official" color. All of these contribute to the temperature in the room. I sneeze in response to "high energy" and this is related to being a "natural axiom", and I treat the aura while you're passing, and while I'm working. Today, I sneezed within moments of entering the room and laying my dominant hand on the bottom back of my first client. One sneezed … … which allowed me to verify myself before my adventure. My client was a smoker, among other things, and I didn't have to ask.

If I sneeze during the session, it is not because I had a cold. Allergy / rhinitis or my body indicates that I have become feverish and / or need to protect myself. There are times when this involuntary response to "a very toxic person". Frankly, a Massage Therapist can see if "things" with the customer are on the table. Often, at first glance, this shift is so overwhelming that the immune system triggers this "warning" in response. Sneezing is not a bad thing even in this case, it is my body notifying each side separately (because this also happens in the other direction as the customer sneezes when touched by a toxic therapist) that something might harm your body moving forward with caution. Laughing loudly yes, some of us humans come with a warning sign!

People who suffer from rhinitis and who have a health awareness should be careful not to take massages from people who have unhealthy habits. For example, I received two treatments from different smokers. In every case, I didn't know that they smoked until they started working with me. Imagine that for the next 50 minutes, you were trapped on this schedule. It is like falling into the trap of an ashtray or room filled with smoke with no room for fresh air. Sneezed, itchy and scratched everywhere with every touch, my throat closed and the lymph nodes were on high alert. I felt it "seemed rude" to stop the service and run away (plus these people were practicing their classroom skills), but that made me unable to relax. No amount of meditation can make me go out to this beach on my mind when this "dirty" person is touching my skin. I could not help imagining nails, whether the hair was clean or whether things would fall from their heads on my naked body. I felt like I couldn't breathe because every whiff of air had a smell of smoke, tobacco and ganga. It was torture! I have pledged not to have another smoker give me a massage and make me more aware of how my body affects my clients. This is a very important perception of the body's body work. Just imagine that you are already in danger due to respiratory problems, and that the dominant / controlling energy in the room to make you feel better is actually raising your health. The "controlled energy" in the room with a dominant presence is the therapist managing the treatment, not the weak client on the table.

When I left that room, all the lymph node was under my neck, my ears and thighs were in full attack position and I lost my voice for 24 hours. During one session, the therapist was sweating profusely as the room was hot and at summer time there were a few drops of sweat on my back and my bare back when I flipped over. Therapists should know that this is the type of thing that can be prevented by the "unhealthy person" that their clients are subject to. Keep in mind, though, that this also works in another way if the client is the “culprit,” but they don't control the flow of massage when they're in a session. The handler is the dominant presence in the room most of the time and therefore the transfer process is not the same level. If the client is "toxic", I can breathe effectively during the session and immediately after taking some supplements and performing some reasonable self-care before coming to the next customer. Not the same scenario when running tables. However, if you are a smoker, please take a fix before shower to enjoy the massage (yes, please shower beforehand!). You can always reach "smoking" as soon as you leave the spa. If you have to go in after smoking, we will not reject you, but rather refresh in the bathroom before you sit at the table. It may also be a good idea to order a healer who also smokes. On this memo, it is highly recommended that, if you feel allergic to my respiratory and body problems, ask for a non-smoking therapist every time you go to the spa.

Another thing that happens with sinus patients / allergy sufferers is that their nose is clogged as soon as they are exposed (face down) on the table. There are many reasons for this, including lymph movement, your face directly facing carpets / mats that contain chemicals, dust, dust mites, and allergens, there is mold in the room, especially if the heating or air conditioning system is running, or perhaps You have a cold and the massage has caused your body to fight. Remember that the immune system is sent to mucus to collect and flush out what's trapped in it. Your therapist should know this and must have a tissue box in the room. I usually offer before I ask, but if you don't please ask. If there is no one, then it is true to sneeze or blow in a towel. It goes straight into the wash after, I promise. In fact, I think this is a better way to contain germs and not to irritate the nose any more, i.e. blow in a soft towel washed with hot water. I think the tissues are designed to make you sneeze more so that you buy more … and it irritates your nose and skin so you need to moisturize your nose more so as not to get infected, etc …

Sometimes, the client does not have any symptoms of colds / rhinitis, but as soon as the therapist begins to work, they notice that the ducts are cleared and the drainage process begins (discharge behind the throat forces you to swallow and / or the nose follows it / the eye discharges and sometimes drooling) . This is usually due to a blockage in the gut / stomach. Be grateful for your therapist and the all-encompassing work that your body is already responding to. You only need to drink more water to help the systems flow and do what you do, without the effect of dehydration that occurs if you don't drink.

Therefore, do not feel embarrassed by your discharge. Do not sneeze. Don't imagine that you should swallow …. eeeww … LOL … And every day, you are grateful for your immune system and the battles it takes to rid the body of unwanted "potential tenants". (I made the "face" in the "swallowing" part because of my belief that my body rejects it for the reason that separate spitting is okay! LOL. However, the acids in the stomach are great at breaking things down, so don't worry that if you swallow, it could harm your health) . Do whatever you can to reduce the sensitivity of the immune system by eating nutritional supplements, drinking plenty of water, drinking tea / soup, laying off milk and pasta (producing more mucous membranes and ovaries), and reducing foods that produce ovarian growth in the body (allergic reactions and excessive production of sinuses begin / Mucus, like most other things in the stomach); wash your sheets and pillows often, and empty them using hepa filter voids or the like, get rid of Fido or Sophie the cat (I know … tough one! I love dogs … and small cats But I can't get it, especially in private sleeping places J, and I knew people were more willing to undergo surgery to get rid of polyps have instead of going without pets …). Get rid of plants, artificial or live, from home. It is good on the balcony, in the kitchen, or somewhere where you will be in good health as well as you. Too much dust, including plants if you choose to keep them, and keep pet pets clean and manicured if you choose to get them too.

Be grateful for your sinuses, immune system and nervous system (all these systems, especially these two systems) during the allergy season, and do not interpret your therapist's sneezing as something else unless you think he is sick when you first got sick there … in this case Do not take a massage unless you feel ready to fight, no matter what. Remember that transportation occurs in the air, through hands and skin, is a great channel for everything – the healer's skin and your skin. Reschedule and process them if you have to or request another processor if this is an option!

Global love, light and blessings with your health, especially your respiratory health, in the allergy season, always! Pay attention to the signals your body naturally gives you and do what you can to help the systems carry out their mission of maintaining your health. This is what it means to be health conscious.


Motor and yacht insurance – what it actually includes

The insurance world classifies both boats and yachts in a similar category. For this reason, the coverage rates as well as the insurance terms are very similar. The main difference between houseboats and yachts is the following factors: The production of houseboats makes it difficult for you to ride water and is not able to navigate the rough sea like yachts.

The complex boat with its yacht insurance coverage corresponding to the previous experience revolves around the previous experience of navigation, the use of boats, the season in which it takes place on the water, and the parallel insurance rates that correspond to the navigation area in which it is used.

In general, after paying related insurance discounts, this form of insurance covers different things.

Hull Coverage

This insurance deals with the actual material damage to the body of the boat, and includes ship trailers, equipment and supplies for water engines. Hull coverage does not cover the following exceptions:

• Wear and tear

• Anything on the boat is damaged due to a lack of maintenance

Covering personal effects

This insurance covers personal plane baggage. Things like clothes, mobile phones, I-pods, sports, fishing gear, etc. are protected by this type of policy.

Liability coverage

Car insurance in the same way includes liability that covers a wrong accident, and liability coverage for a boat boat and yacht protects against a wrong boat accident. This coverage pays to repair the boats or replace the boats as a result of a boat collision that is your fault. It also covers medical care, lost wages and any other costs that arise as a result of an accident for which you are responsible.

Medical payment coverage

Medical payments cover any medical costs incurred in a boat accident. Included in the coverage are: Insured, Boat Riders, and Skiers. The good thing about this type of coverage is that it protects, no matter who is responsible for the accident.

Uninsured Crews Coverage

We all know that auto insurance is mandatory. In the case of boat insurance, however, there is no legal obligation to implement the relevant coverage. In this case, you are involved in a boat accident where the other party is wrong but you are not insured or insured, coverage of uninsured boats protects you by paying for medical care costs and lost wages, as well as other collision-related expenses.