Wine tours: try and try to


Thirty years ago, the idea of ​​the American winery was exotic. To go to one of these wine tours, you will have to travel to Europe or the Napa Valley. Fortunately, the wineries have exploded across the United States, in places where we least expected. Vineyards originated in Arkansas, finger lakes region, Virginia and even Louisiana. Although the product is available in these areas, it can not evaluate the quality of what is produced in the north-west or abroad, much of it is surprisingly tasty.

No matter what you vinolag or amateur enthusiasts participate in this fun informational tours in your area can expose you to new taste and techniques.

Wine tours are designed to meet consumers' and are intended to familiarize yourself with all kinds of wines are available in varying winery. If you have never been in the vineyard, you may not know what to expect. Do not despair! First, check the website to find out they offered to arrange tours of the wines at a certain time, or if you need to call and arrange. Often, these institutions maintain a small number of hours open to the public, so you should avoid them only to find them.

When you arrive, you will probably give a little information about each of the grape blends, which will be presented. The server then pour a small sample of your glass. Appropriate action with a & # 39 is the rotation of the fluid circular movements without spilling it. The purpose of this with the & # 39 is the release of some of the flavors that are present. After twists you can give a glass to his nose and smell. Try to pick up some of the flavors, which the server was discussed.

Once you smell, you need to pull. Don has not yet swallow! At this point, you want to give your taste buds an opportunity to experience some of the different flavors. You can soak drink around the mouth, to accelerate this process. After tasting some love to spit wine plyavuhu. Not swallowing the wine can prevent you dulls the taste buds.
During the visit, you will not hesitate to ask questions.

Although many people who are involved in wine tours, already know about wine, but the servers are happy to answer even the simplest questions and share their knowledge with you. You should never feel embarrassed and ashamed of when it comes to conversation during wine tours. The whole point of the tour is to keep you informed and more experienced users.


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