Running happy generation – lost innocence


Two brothers who were in the same class in Gurgaon, India, shot a classmate with a pistol and left him in a pool of blood. Another boy from Indore, Madhya & # 39; I Pradesh, India, gave a similar deadly weapon holiday a drinking blood when shot his colleague in the school campus. In those fatal moments of panic led to school; and finally it was over. Valuable life lost as a result of the shooting, which was not to strengthen the cases, and for vendetta. Innocent mind turned to arms to settle points on spurious reasons as small argument and clashes that normally occur between pupils.

In both cases, the poor victims were dead and gone with all your wishes and dreams left to fend for themselves. Or we call a murderer or murder of children neglected by parents, leading them to the path of terrible murders? Take the example of the execution of two Indian students at the University of Louisiana unknown. Students were married and lived happily with his seven & # 39; families in the university district, and they suffered a sharp death at a distance of several thousand miles from his hometown. They knew little that the attackers will bathe them in blood, and the cause is still unknown whether it will be murder for or something else.

Korean student who went to the shooting at the University of Virginia, was a classic example of a psychopath. He had the tenacity to talk on video about their plans to kill a lot of students and succeeded in articulating their death; and he eventually killed himself, to join the list of deaths, however generous, to add one more to the statistics of the dead. This thirst for human blood jolted all of humanity during the incident, and all interested in where we were going. Many of these massacres coming to light that offers readers worldwide terrible reading.


Only psychiatrists and sociologists can answer the question why the choicest few indulge in such horrific acts and justify the killings. They may be guilty of any unpleasant psychological reasons that go back to their early life. Whatever the reason, the key role of parents in providing the proper care and affection can be one of them, that could prevent such people from becoming disastrous, that prey on innocent life.

Parents should monitor children's behavior of their behavior, and when they observe any anomalies, children can be arranged for appropriate consultation, to guide and encourage them in the way of the world and mankind. Education of moral and spiritual values, together with the motivation to achieve tangible achievements – the key to successful parenting.

Big Kapilacharyya writer who advocated the philosophy of Sankhya & # 39; I spoke of the desire that people have to perform in order to have a balanced life. However, parents should focus on the proper ethics of life of their children. One of the steps that should make parents and guardians – is to avoid children from watching violent movies that show retaliation and blood as the theme.

Brazil's government has banned the popular video game, which incite violence among players. It is no secret that most of the players – it is young children who spend hours glued to video games, forgetting about other physical sports that improve the health and speed of their metabolism. This is a double tyranny when one side loses precious health, and on the other hand, in the minds of children having disorders of the mind level. The Brazilian Government has made the right move in the right direction, given the well-being of its young generation.

gun culture among children has extended the tentacles of the nations as far as India. Threatening students at the gates of schools and colleges for having a weapon at them things, it can reduce the number of murders. It may seem bizarre proposal, but it is a bitter fact which will have to face, going from a fit of anger in young children.

Common efforts of governments, parents and society at large could help children to grow in the right conditions. Other countries can learn from Brazil to ban violent video games. Ban feature films, reflecting the blood and the mountain lead to the destruction of the threat of minors. Censorship of films should be not only on paper but also in action, to see healthy young generation, who will manage our planet in the future.


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