heart passion: the birth of a dream and entrepreneurship

"I knew that any proper dream can be realized. Material resources are on the side and call a dream."

Katherine Marshall Outside themselves

In a conversation with a friend, I recently again I heard the story of another woman who pursued his dream! Deborah's dream was to create agriculture for people with autism and other disabilities in the development and support of their professional, entertaining and household needs. Her dream has come true, and its mission was the mission of the new company Farmsteads of New England, Inc.

I decided to meet with Deborah and hear her story. Why she had this dream? Where did it start? History Deborah will be different from yours or mine, but it is always interesting to see how the dream start, and then directed us to the heart the way to purposeful life or life activities. Hearing these stories, we can assume on what to look for in our own life. Maybe we missed the experience and events that have a hint of our life goals and dreams!

journey begins

From the words of Deborah:

"I have always been interested in helping people. As a child I wanted to be a nurse. In high school I was doing a rehearsal for the children who were studying in the classroom, which was listed" trenirovanym mentally retarded. "I loved working with these children, and attached to one girl, .. with autism At this time, the teacher told me that I should get special education, I said to her. "no," I decided that I wanted to become a doctor, not a nurse.

"After graduating from college as an awareness I became very unhappy and I realized that it is not. I gave up college and graduated repetyvats children with learning disabilities. Then I returned to kalezh– Gordanski College in Wenham, Massachusetts, and received a BA in a concentration of education special education. Next was obtained master degree of disability in learning and emotional drawbacks from the University of Virginia.

"I taught high school students who have these disadvantages, and have done so for almost twenty years, without giving time to get married and create something & # 39;. Th My second child was born with a rare metabolic disorder that made him far behind and on the spectrum autism If Andrew was eight years old, I began to wonder what will happen to his future. I thought that the farm will be a good environment, as it will allow him to use his gross (large) motor skills and extra energy. He loved the big open spaces, and the farm will meet these needs. A ramya of Agriculture provides a variety of activities that bring concrete results. One can understand why they do the work, and Andrew did not have to be isolated and lonely.

a dream is born

"I started to dream about agriculture, which my son could live and work together with other people with similar needs and support staff. I was sitting on this idea for several years. When I started a doctoral program in special education administration, and Andrew was about 11 years old, I began to study the idea of ​​rural opportunities and found that in Ohio there is agriculture, which is specifically aimed at people with autism. It was exciting — my dream there somewhere and worked!

"Looking back to New Hampshire to see that there are services for adults, I realized that I have to start his own homestead. When Andrew was 16, I decided that it might be useful to me five years to get it off the ground and it would be ready for him when he was 21 years old. in 1999, I quit my job in the position of teacher and placed in newspapers to let people know that I am interested in the formation of the estate, and I gathered the main group of people together and Corporation formed in 2000. We formed a board of directors, received Tus tax-exempt in 2001 and began to raise funds. We have acquired the historical farm Rosewald in Hillsborough, New Hampshire in 2003 and started to provide services!

dream grows

"Today we live in five adults" farmers "(clients) who live here, and four who come for daily service. We are going to build more residences, so that we can provide more services to more people. One girl did not know whether it overcome the terrain, and did not know whether she can climb the stairs. she does this and more. it just blossomed. His father came to visit and cried when I saw it going up the stairs!

"In our" farmers "are enviable life -. A beautiful place to live, close friends and important work My goal is for people to go to bed at night, and were proud of themselves when they have done something important during the day New England manor (Www.farmsteads-ne.org) multiple name and broad geographical information, because we would like to replicate this feature in other places. My other goal is as soon as it runs for five years – to have experience behind to help others start monastery!

"It was an exciting and very difficult journey, but it is very useful to see a dream come true, and improving the lives of people present reward -. It is possible for people to get pleasure from intercourse and lead productive lives."

How interesting to see and admiration Deborah heart that I gave birth to God's purposes for life, it turned into something unique and useful for those whose lives have often been marginalized. Let it continue to see the fulfillment of all your dreams and goals! Many more people with autism and developmental disabilities, will benefit from her attachment to serve them — and I can add to help them establish their free be the person that God has called them to be!

Happy dream journey

Judy Peterson

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