Saving bear living environment in Europe


The role of specialized bear tours is very important to raise awareness on the conservation of habitats and the bear's survival. Excursions offer a well-known travel companies for wildlife and provide visitors with the opportunity to see these beautiful animals in nature. Despite its size and skill, bears are not safe in our world. But as long as they face a constant struggle for survival, fortunately, there are several conservation efforts to protect its existence.

on conservation projects in Europe – aims and objectives

Most conservation efforts in Europe is aimed at non-commercial purposes, to protect the environment. Depending on where you go, in the area you are visiting, will be different conservation projects. Each region in its own preserve preservation, but there are common elements in all. Most of them focused on a few species, and not just on one thing – a reasonable approach considering how intricately intertwined with a comprehensive ecosystem "circle of life".

For example, in Europe there is a lot of work to stabilize the population of the brown bear and the improvement of its habitat. The projects with the & # 39 is to increase the reserves of food, as well as the fight against poaching and hunting in ridges. All work related to health include the study and constant monitoring of the population in an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken.

successful example of

In order to increase the supply of food to the habitat in the Cantabrian mountains in Spain, a huge boost for the planting of fruit trees it was made. To date, planted more than 6000 people that provide the population bears the much needed nutrition. Poaching and illegal hunting, but they are still going on, so to patrol popular hunting grounds and removing trap traps were set up Rangers.

Travel bears to see brown bears in Spain – a great way to experience a country that is leading the way in the information and education of wildlife protection. Bear path – a path designed, intended for visits by visitors who want to see and learn about these animals in the wild, and small children are in the school curricula. These programs encourage understanding of the nature, local ecosystems, as well as contribute to the diversity and the conservation of species that help in the preservation.

On specialized bear tours with the best companies of the wild nature guide will have a lot of information on conservation programs in the local region.


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