Destination New Brunswick – Canada


New Brunswick – one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada, which are adjoined by Quebec and New England in the west, the south of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in the east through the Confederation Bridge. New Brunswick – the only official bilingual province in Canada. There are 5 scenic trails throughout the province.

Bathe in the warmest salt water north of Virginia and to enjoy the sandy beaches. Forests cover about 85 percent of the land in New Brunswick. Wherever he went, new adventures and experiences – around every corner.

One of the well-known natural features with the & # 39 Fundi is a bay, which he shared with Nova Scotia. Fundy National Park – a country of miracles geologists and has recently been nominated for one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, which is to be determined in 2012.

The capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton, with & # 39 is a historical and cultural center with Victorian architecture, museums, art galleries and live entertainment. In the city center there are more than 20 attractions.

Just down the road between Fredericton and Saint John is located in a majestic setting in the church of St. John, in John River valley, historical fort Kings Landing reflected a century transformation of a young colony into a living nation. Go on one of the horse pulling the wagon, to witness the bustle of village life and learn how to live and work ordinary people in the 19th century.

This animated settlement offers more than 70 historical buildings complete with artifacts, furniture, tools and equipment. The history of the real, the stories that you hear from the & # 39 are true. Personnel captured and sunk in the 19th century to provide you, the visitor, this visit to New Brunswick 1800s. Complete food in the settlement style Kings Head Inn, accompanied by musical entertainment at the time.

St. John is the oldest museum in Canada with a gallery Changing Earth Geology, exhibit high tide and the Great Hall of whales and birds of New Brunswick. Gallery on the Wind, Wood and Sail reflects a thriving shipbuilding industry during the 1800s.

Hopewell Cape – this place rocks of Hopewell, the world-famous geological formation known as a rock "pot". Beach & # 39 is part of the Rocks Provincial Park, where the highest tides in the world, eroding the sandstone along the coast, leaving the high stone pillars, known as flower pots standing on the beach with trees and soil on top. During low tide you can walk along the shore among the rocks at low tide, you can see them from above. In any case, they can be seen.

Witness the highest tides in the world, with 100 billion tons of water rise and fall twice a day. As you know, the Gulf Fundi tide ebbs, as is known, causes the Saint John River to change its flow is directed as they rise and fall.

Mankton is close to many attractions of the province, including the tidal outflow and magnetic hill.

On the eastern shore alive and well akadyyskaya culture. Pays de la Saguaynef offers a full day of events dedicated to the history of the Academy. It is a lively village, takes you to the l & # 39 over the footbridge; Île-aux-Puces. Here you can visit La kitchen à Mathilda, where you can learn to cook a variety of dishes akadyyskiya. Visit the house of La Sagouine, where about Les Chicaneuses there are many tales. Continuing, La Boucanerie show you different fishing deal, and you can even try the kippers.

Still in the village, to the Phare à Gapi, a place full of legends! Music lovers can learn how to play different instruments in La cabane des T & # 39; chuillères. Visit the artists working in Apent des artistes. Stay showcase Shack des, where you can uncover the many mysteries of the future … and do not forget to stop for a relaxing drink in the bootlegs, listening to monologues and music. Children can enjoy La cachette à Radi, where all day there are fun and games.

The first week in July the festival Shediac Lobster – an annual event that attracts visitors from afar. Do not miss the lobster eating contest, which will be the main event of the festival and entertainment for all.

New Brunswick has much to offer tourists, including many adventures that are not mentioned here.


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