perfect father

just passed Happy Father's Day, I know a lot of hearts and minds focused on their parents of this world. For some it is a joyous occasion, but for many it is a very deep and exciting time.

We have a lot of promises in The Word. They are there to guide us, to give us hope and give us directions how to reach them. In the Bible, many conditions "if." If you do this … you get it. Sometimes we say about the Scriptures, but not read "like".

I love the Psalms of David. The Psalter gives a lot of comfort, because David has gone through some difficult times in my life, and yet, he kept close to the heart of God, and God was with him. Read the following from Psalm 112. Feel and experience in their promise and hope.

"Praise the Lord Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly enjoys his commandments His descendants will be powerful on the earth: the generation of the righteous is blessed Wealth and riches shall be in his house; truth abideth for ever in the dark there is light in the darkness… It merciful, compassionate and just a good person expresses grace and loan: it will manage its affairs in its sole discretion, forever:. the righteous into eternal memory he will not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. " (Ps 112: 1-7)

I want my heart was fixed. I want these promises for my seed, and I definitely need this light to dark areas of my life. So I try to understand what it means "fear of the Lord." I want to know Him. I want to enjoy his commandments: for this is the life.

Kangresatsyya Trout reads the definition of the Hebrew word for fear means "fear appreciate afraid to read.

Many people do not want to think about God with fear. They think of their earthly parents, and some people have lived in fear of her childhood, so they want to see a loving God. This is understandable, but the Father is perfect would have been in love, but also the one whom you fear / appreciate you to do the right thing.

Personally, I grew up with my dad, who had nothing but me (it was my grandfather accidentally). My mother (grandmother) should observe discipline, as there was no cross word from his father, no matter what I did. It may seem pleasant for those who grew up with a mean father, but not in balance in any way. I'm having a struggle, seeing God as God, because I look at parents as someone else to give me what I want and fix all my problems.

This equilibrium drawback, of course, I have to face over the past few weeks because we found that we are not going to move into the house that we are building in November, and we will not be moved to the land that we loved from the time in June year. This is a tragic story, but I know that God uses everything for good and instead of fixing it the way I want to, we promise the best of God, if we love him. The most difficult to complete the project and sell it before we can move on to another piece of land? Another project to build a house? another house is already built? Unanswered Questions that are waiting a long time, offer us many opportunities to have confidence and trust in our Father.

Our God – an awesome God, and He is everything to us, but we need to know what his commandments are just. We are commanded to follow them. Those who have a medium-sized parents usually do not want more teams in their lives. Those who have such parents tend to squeal, and lived in self-pity, when we discovered that life's problems are not solved immediately by God.

Proverbs say. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your ways Do not be wise in his own eyes:. Fear the Lord and extending from it will be great for the navel and brains for bones your (Proverbs 3: 5-9)

The navel is determined Kankordanse Trout as the "center of power". Bone marrow is defined as "moisture drink asvyazhanne". There are many diseases that affect the bones, and lots of people probably have enough strength and energy. Even children.

Stay in the Word! Here we find the true picture of who God is and who we have become through Him. We need a picture and feeling really perfect Father who outlive us through all that we face in this life. His words and our application really can bring health to our body and mind.

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