Kruger Park – the world-famous icon of wildlife in South Africa

Kruger National Park, including numerous private wildlife sanctuaries, offers the visitor a unique African experience. The fence has been removed between the game sanctuary, a large area where the animals can roam and migrate. This large area is often called the "great Kruger Park area"

Kruger National Park was created in 1889 to protect the wildlife found in the area Lavveld in South Africa. This National Park has nearly 2 million hectares and in conjunction with the private reserve makes it a small country around it. Park – a world leader in best practices in the field of environmental policy and boasts excellent number of species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals.

There are also a number of archaeological sites that are worth visiting in the Kruger Park, highlighting the prehistoric human occupation in the area. Bushmanski rock paintings and reconstructed villages of the Iron Age bring pleasure from visiting the area.

In Greater Kruger Park is a series of & # 39 placing objects where you can watch and see what made it very popular. Private reserves offer excellent accommodation and view games, where you are likely to see big 5 Kruger National Park, with its accessible location for self-service and self-management routes, it is very popular among travelers who like the freedom to set your own travel itinerary. The park also contains a number of private concessions within its borders. They offer luxurious accommodation and have their own guides on safari, visitors who visit on game drives and walks.

Visitors to South Africa, where there are a few days to go on a safari, may be interested in "safari" Kruger Park ", which is not a waste of time lost on the action.

More than a million visitors each year is in the region in various homes and holiday camps. Due to the popularity of the park is necessary to make a pre-booking. Some camps in the Kruger National Park zabraniruyutstsa a year in advance, at the peak period of rest.

African bush – this is a place of contrasts. A place where there is an exciting adventure with a deep sense of the world, where the soul can be conceived. I would highly recommend a trip to the African bush, if you've never been there. Sometimes it's hard to describe this meeting wildlife in the bush – all the senses come alive.

This world-famous Kruger Park offers impressions of wildlife that are among the best in Africa.

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