Top features of holiday homes

Let it be for spring break, summer vacation or weekend on the weekend, people like to travel. It does not matter whether it is 30 miles or 3,000 miles until they are comfortable in their own way. Usually also involved here relaxing.

You know what's not involved? Mowing the lawn. Payment of bills. Cleaning toilets. May not be vacuumed, but it can. Maybe even a slight laundry and housekeeping. Definitely cooking and washing some dishes. What kind of vacation? The growing trend of rest for seven & # 39; ads or groups – is to rent a holiday home. It offers comfort, convenience and even luxury, while keeping your bank account. If you still have not heard anything about the holiday house, only some of the most popular features that you need to look for.

MESTAVANNE: Before you go anywhere, especially in this day of shopping online, do your research. It does not matter how fun, convenient, whether luxuriously practical to rent a house if he is miles away from anything you want to do, or does not provide security and safety.

Comfort: Rest houses, tend to be more private and convenient than hotel. You can wear anything you want, and do whatever you want without worrying about how to harass others. You can wake up in the morning and go right into the kitchen, with no order and not to stand in line. Grab a bagel at the counter and lie down on the couch or sit on your private veranda. For some, who want to go from the bustle of the theme parks and night life, this is the perfect start to any day.

VIEW: did not order book, it became clear that you see when you look out the window. Perhaps you do not care whether you release the lake or the golf course, but more than likely, you do not want it to be molested and looked at a brick wall or the factory.

SHCHASTY Tuma, SHCHASTY comment: We all know that one of the most expensive parts of the holiday – it's food. You can get the best price airline tickets, hotel special catch and buy tickets for the bunker on the park, make sure that you get the maximum amount of fun at the most efficient price. But what about those hot dogs for $ 8, and the cost of water, you know that you need to drink in those hot days. In addition, to spend a fortune to fill the whole something & # 39; nd and maintain their dehydration during the day that the chaos in our digestive system? Almost impossible to find food inside the attractions that are beneficial to our bodies and help us feel good while we're away. With rental on holiday you can prepare your own meals, to satisfy you, and end up spending much less. Not that you really going to carry the money with them when they trip over, but you can use them to buy more souvenirs!

Personal SHOP: Here is one of my favorite features of rental vacation homes (some hotels, too), you can make a grocery list, leave it on the counter and call the rental office and they will send someone to pick up your list, do some shopping and take it away in cabinets and refrigerator, as long as you do not play. This is for me the days, because even though I cook and I clean, I still feel spoiled and on vacation. Even if you do not plan to engage in any cooking, fantastic eating fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and snacks around the house.

Pool: How wonderful to wake up in the morning to get out of their luxurious living space and make a private and quiet descent to start the day. Or evening swim. Of course, you need a break from the bustling beach or poolside society.

Something & # 39; I am sure you will find the atmosphere you want. Family areas are usually rowdy and busy but so friendly to children and offer most classes from arts and crafts to volleyball and water parks on the premises.

TECHNOLOGY: Most places these days have at least a fax and internet access in common areas. Even if you do not know the technique or plan to take with a bunch of their work, these things are good to have on hand for access to the house and to work, just in case something comes up.

Patsy: If you find it difficult to leave the city to enjoy a vacation of your favorite four-legged friends at home, you no longer need to deny. There are plenty of places where pet. Just call, browse some websites and find a place where you and your pets fit.

Spring time: Even if your vacation is built around the most exciting attractions, everything is still nice to relax from the fast pace and stay close to home. The most fun for my family & # 39; and – a water park on the premises. We are also looking for basketball courts, volleyball, golf, put-put, and to my disappointment, the video game console somewhere in the territory of the property.

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