Tall ships in the harbor of Charleston

South Carolina was the spirit of the latest vehicle for attendance on the model of Frances Elizabeth, a schooner built in Charleston in 1879. Seven years in the making, "The Spirit" – a training ship, operated by SC Maritime Foundation, sponsor of the event and the newest member of the fleet of American sail training association. Spirit is necessary to make a 21-day trip this summer to familiarize 400 teachers from the maritime program.

Spirit of Bermuda, another recently built vessel, based on the picture of the patrol ship of the Royal Navy since the early 19th century. These military band once patrolled from Nova Scotia to Jamaica.

The initial gap may have crossed baltymorskiya clippers similar to Pride of Baltimore II. Clippers were a popular American design that favored private owners during the war of 1812, when they held the British blockade, bringing supplies to US troops and ammunition. Four guns on the deck of Pride II is now salute port call.

Gloria, hailing from Cartagena, cut an impressive figure with sails fully rigged and Columbian cadets of the Naval Academy, who were standing in the yard.

Ship with the farthest port was INS Tarangini from India, christened Tarang Hindu word, which means "wave".

The brig Prince William arrived on his first visit to Charleston Harbor, fresh from a trip to the Azores. Youth Trust "tall ship" with the & # 39; is the owner of the team and takes about 1,000 young sailors on voyages each year.

Shchunar Virginia dvyumagranny schooner, which is subjected to modeling after Chesapik sailed from 1917 to 1926, with the & # 39 is a Goodwill Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

One of the most impressive ship was Picton Castle. Registered in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the barque with the & # 39 is on the CBS show "Pirate Master". Its humble beginnings as a fishing traler the North Sea has become a dramatic car & # 39; career as a minesweeper during World War II.

Long lines zmeykavalisya about paths to each ship, but the views on children & # 39; face said it all. The exhibition is also beautifully crafted kayaks, canoes and sailboats of all sizes (including a variety of bottled). Academy of ocean sailing and Sandlapper Tours brought the audience to see the ships out of the water.

The mission, the guide of nature during my trip to Sandlapper, invited me to sail with her crew Charlistanskay ocean racing associations on board with the / x seductress to watch the parade of sails. Her mysterious and intriguing history of swimming of 18 months on the high ships sold me on the plan.

The crew of seven people gathered to demonstrate their teamwork in maneuvering Temptress, while I imagined what exactly you want to get a 30-foot sailboat on course magnified aboard the tall ships that surround us.

When the sun, all the ships out of the harbor with sails filled. It was then that the mission shared its most acute history. She pointed to the cabin, where there was a girlfriend if to hurl a wave 26 feet washed her overboard, that it was no more. Tears slid down his cheek mission when she waved her journey Battle sailors. Even with modern technology risk associated with sailing these vessels contributes to the development of society in the family & # 39; and ships.

Regret for the loss of a friend, mixed with a tight turn on one of the ships that sailed to the horizon, played with heart weight. Today, the mission will not be back on board the ship on the high 18-month whim. But she hopes that you can not win for a long time.

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