Communication polar bear mother and her young

Nobody can deny the grace and power that put Polar bears are among the most magnificent animals on the planet. Despite the fact that they are more dangerous, they are still considered to be extremely beautiful and majestic animals. Best Travel Company wildlife offer specialized tours of the white bears among them a portfolio of exciting travel-oriented nature, and this is a fantastic opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

While you will be traveling with an experienced guide Tours of the White Bear, it can improve your experience when you learn as much as possible about how to live and behave in animals. Here we look at how the female polar bears take care of their children from birth.

at birth

When born cubs, they weigh 500-600 g and a size of about 30 cm; Often the males slightly larger than females. Although, when a child is born, it may seem that wolves do not have hair, it really is just very good. Small, vulnerable and are born with their eyes closed, almost helpless cubs when they enter into the world.

mother's love

A woman has four breasts that feed young, she makes a sitting or lying position. Stay close to the mother also helps keep babies warm. Nursing often occurs in the first weeks of life of the young, and they can suck up to six times a day. Feeding nursing pups decreases as the cultivation, but a female pups can feed up to 30 months. Many wolves cease to feed their children on their own after about 18 months, but stay with their mother until the age of almost three years.

Vital for the survival of the cubs in harsh Arctic conditions, the mother's milk is 33% fat, compared with 3-5% of the fat contained in human breast milk.

Like most animals, the mother will protect her children of their own lives, and the instinct to protect the young is extremely strong.


Cubs begin to open their eyes in the first four weeks after birth, and begin to walk in about two months, while in the protective batleytsy. When the mother encourages young leave the den in spring, it continues to stay close to home to wolves could return if and when needed. At this time, the cubs get used to the cold and the course of practice. The mother teaches the cubs to hunt and, although they're watching it, only the first year, it is a valuable experience. Already at two months of age hunter can skillfully to hunt, and at this age, he will be able to kill seals every five days.

After the baby is about 30 months, the mother is ready to breed; either she or chasing the male will chase the cubs and get them to start adult life.

If you happen to experience the sight of her mother and the cubs during tours of the White Bears, this is really an unforgettable experience. Specialized bear tours are developed by experts of the wild to give you the best opportunity for inspection, so depending on the time of year in which you are traveling, the chances of seeing a mother and her cubs are quite high.

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