Travel to Washington, is less than

Visiting the capital of our country – something that many would like to do to the Americans. Travel expenses may prevent tourists to see this beautiful city. This article describes how at least visit the capital of the free world.

  • Buy a short journey to the underground (metro). This allows you to use the subway for an unlimited number of short trips at a great price.
  • Stay in Virginia or Maryland, near the metro stop. These hotels have cheaper prices.
  • Do not visit in the spring or summer. The remaining periods of the year will have a cheaper price for the hotel.
  • Camp or bring a camper.
  • On the & # 39; eat at least one meal in the hotel room to save money. If you stay in a hotel near the metro stop, you do not need a car. Many hotels are within walking distance from grocery stores and pharmacies. Buy a few basics to keep in her room.
  • Bring a water bottle and refill it from the fountains of the window.
  • Visit free museums Smithsonian, which are provided for free, and ask for free tickets to tour the office of Senator or Congressman.
  • Do not eat lunch at restaurants museums, they are very expensive.
  • Limit souvenirs one or two of your favorite things, rather than lots of little trinkets that you see everywhere.
  • If you are traveling to D.C., do not stop at the hotel for which you pay per day for parking.
  • Find a hotel that includes breakfast.
  • Take a walk through the popular neighborhood to look at them, but do not eat there. For example, Georgetown, Old Town, etc.
  • Only go to the museum, which does not charge a fee as the Smithsonian museums. Such museums as the Museum of Crime and the International Spy Museum, charge a fee.
  • Visited daily by a free concert at the Kennedy Center. Look online to find out what is playing every day.
  • If you want to see a performance at the Kennedy Center, read in the room only price. Sometimes they are only $ 35!
  • Buy your tickets for special tours on the Internet. You can usually save a few dollars by purchasing tickets in advance.
  • Use the shuttles, they take much less than a taxi. Take the free carriage with the King Street Metro in Alexandria Old Town.

Zaplanavavshy bit, you can reduce costs and see the Washington, D. C., much smaller.

There are many free and interesting things. For example, plan to see the shopping center at night. See the monuments lit beautifully, and it's free. In the city there are many free things to see and look at. If you can reduce living expenses and travel, worth the trip!

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