How to choose a field guide

Birds have become popular, as is required for employment so little equipment – a must for beginners birdies basic pair of binoculars and a good field guide. Experienced poultry farmers will tell you that the selection of the proper field guide will enable you to identify birds quickly and efficiently, as well as allow you to create your knowledge about the birds in your region. There are thousands of field guides, so an understanding of the characteristics that make an excellent guide, with & # 39 is optional.

Your location or a place where you most often visit bird with & # 39 is one of the first considerations when buying guide. If you live in the far east or the west side of the United States, field guides specific to these regions, the most popular, as they include only species that can be found there, which makes the book lighter (an important feature if you are going to keep it on long trips ). Popular directories from the eastern and western editions include Sibley & # 39; s, Stokes, National Geographic and Peterson & # 39; s. These directories usually also cover the territory of the central United States, northern Mexico and southern Canada, because in these areas there are also many eastern and western views.

For birds that travel frequently or live in the central states of the USA, the best choice may be a guide to coast to coast, which covers all of North American birds. These guides have the advantage that they cover all existing types in the US and, as a rule, in the south of Canada and north of Mexico, but it is often much more of & # 39; bulky and heavy than the flavors typical of the east or the west. National directory called "birds Bible" – a publication Guide to the Birds of Sibley, extremely comprehensive and user-edition users. Other popular field guides for North American birds include National Geographic, Peterson & # 39; s and the National Audubon Society.

Another feature to consider when buying guide – this is your advantage in how birds are presented in the book. Field guides can have a real illustration or photo of each species. Illustrate take precedence over the photos, when it comes to bird species which are difficult to photograph as some sea birds, because even the best existing photos may be of low quality. However, some poultry farmers prefer to photograph because they often depict a bird in the exact habitat and posture that can help in the identification.

Last personal benefits that should be considered – a layout of the book. Over the years, the guides are becoming more comfortable, and the two organizations – total. Some directories are separated photo or illustration of the bird on its description, others devote a bird and a description of one page. Neither scheme is not the best, but some develop ptushkaviki great advantage to one or the other. Management may also have additional functions that are useful. by Stokes Guide contains a unique system of indices, where the birds are grouped and labeled in different colors, which can be viewed even when you close the book, allowing the user to search for types and easily find it in the color of the label.

After all, personal preference plays a big role in choosing the favorite guide. Fortunately, most of the guides are inexpensive, so you can buy a few to check out!

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