Long-term parking is available on DCA – or better use the car park free airport?

This is one of the inevitable issues that we face every time we have to leave the city and park on DCA. Or should we take a taxi? If not, we parkiruemsya on-site airport or use the private parking free airport? Of course, the use of own vehicle provides great convenience, but there are legitimate concerns about the safety of vehicles and parking costs. Let's explore both options in detail.

parking parameters DCA

DCA (Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC) is located in the county of Arlington, Virginia, and is 3 miles from downtown Washington, DC, and a & # 39 is one of the major airports serving the metropolitan area of ​​Baltimore and Washington, together with BWI and IAD. In 2014, the passenger turnover of permanent use of over 20 million passengers and offers 3 types of parking options, including short-term parking garages, terminals and garages. Let's see what each option can offer.

short-term parking

This garage serves all terminals and just a short walk from all three terminals. However, you should use this option only if you intend to stay for a short time, say less than two hours. Hourly parking fees on short-term lot DCA $ 6 per hour and a maximum of $ 36 per 24 hours. An important point to be noted here is that this park will not accept cash, and you can only pay by credit card.

Garages for terminals

This park also caters to all terminals with optional airport shuttle. These garages serve all three terminals and have the same hourly rate of 6 dollars, and for short-term parking. However, the rate for 24-hour parking is relatively cheaper than short-term parking at $ 25 per day. This item will accept both cash and credit cards.

economy parking

This park also caters to all terminals, but is located at a distance from the terminals. Passengers can get to their terminals via a free shuttle service from the airport after parking their cars. This group is mainly used for a longer stay and has an hourly rate. The fee for parking your car is $ 15 per day and & # 39 is a more economical option of the three, as the name implies.

The best long-term option for parking at DCA

In addition to parking, located in the DCA airport, there are many parking options in the hotels and areas near the airport. In comparison with indicators of parking at the airport, these parties offer a very cost-effective rates of $ 7 a day. If we compare with the option of parking at the airport $ 15, you will save more than 50% every day.

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