Tennessee History

Tennessee – one of the most popular places to move because of the average climate, diverse heritage and background music. Some regions Tennessee offer the most interesting species and remain close to the hearts of many tourists. It offers a great vacation for tourists of all ages and incomes. Tennessee also has a very interesting history, which dates back to the living mounds builders. Tennessee flourished artwork of these people, who were the earliest inhabitants of the area.

The local inhabitants of the region were different tribes such as the Chykasa, Shawnee, Cherokee and Creek when in 1540 his first visit to a European expedition under the leadership of De Soto. French researchers came to this region across the Mississippi River and built in this region more trading posts. However, the tribe shykasav constantly pursued the French researchers. Approximately at the same time British hunters and fur traders (guards which carried long periods hunting in this area) came over mountains from Carolina and Virginia, defeating Cherokee. They also denied and rejected the claims of the French on the field.

In 1769 virzhyntsy became the first permanent settlers in the valley of the river Vatauga. They are also joined by North Carolinians and some refugees from the movement "regulator". They founded the Association Vatauga in 1772 as an initial effort to form a government.

John North was one of the most famous people of Tennessee who served during the American Revolution. After the war ended, North Carolina surrendered the western region of the federal government. This angered settlers enesistskih displaced as they were transferred without their permission. In protest, they formed an independent government under the leadership of Sevier. However, this government lasted a very short time.

In 1790, the federal government has formed a US territory and appointed William Blount governor. Finally, in 1796, Tennessee was included in the Union slaves, Knoxville and became its capital.

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