Beaches Delmarvy Peninsula – exploring the beaches in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia

Delmarva Peninsula – this is the place to yourself. Caught between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Chesapik, it consists of parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia (Washington), so his name in Del Mar. Here there is a clear way of life that is unique to the peninsula and the decades of standardized, homogeneous continent to the west.

Putting on the shore Delmarvy, quaint town of 300 to 400 people attract tourists to come and explore the peninsula Delmarvu. As recalled by Norman Rockwell painting, tree lined streets and houses, tree-lined live ranks, who earn their living as their ancestors did – on the ocean. For centuries, the shores were Delmarvy livelihood, children's playground and an oasis for residents and visitors.

The pristine white sandy beaches of the peninsula Delmarva boast charming seaside towns, such as Dewey Beach, Rohabata beach, island and Tangier Chesapik Bay. These colorful communities offer visitors a number of activities. From the ocean, more action may be engaged in surfing, clapping, crabs and / or fishing at sea Berlin, tuna and wahoo. The traveler may also shy away from the incoming waves included in one of the best of the oceans around the hot day by day, or relax on the soft sand and watch the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. Fighting side lends itself to a good windsurfing and water skiing. A slow walk along the beach is always necessary, especially in the evening when the sun begins to set: Sunset on the Delmarva Peninsula is impressive.

For indoor activities traveler can explore the nooks and small towns small towns and their magic antique shops and restaurants, or to make a historical tour of the lighthouse in the town of Lewes, Delaware, where waiting for a breathtaking view of the seascape Cape Genlopen. For bird watchers, the region around Salisbury, Maryland, rich in both local and migratory birds; for mountain bikers Maryland offers some of the best routes in Delmarve Park Great Falls; Park Iron Iron; North central railway trail.

For the less athletic, blueberry festival Shynkakoz Island, Virginia – a piece of the US. There is entertainment, competitions, food and lots of sweet blueberries. It is held every year on the last weekend of July.

Of course, several beach towns (Onancock, Cape Charles and Belle Haven, Virginia, Chesapeake City, Maryland, South BETEN and Fenwick Island, Delaware) have farmer's markets, starting in mid-May and continues until September. This is a great way to savor the local products and dishes Delmarvy.

For those who crave big city life, Ocean City, Maryland, with & # 39 is one of the largest cities on the Delmarva Peninsula. Even despite the fact that Ocean City has lost some of its charms through condominiums "wall-to-wall" and hotels, which make up a large part of the coast, in the city there are several nostalgic charm. There is the old pavements of the shops and restaurants, and, of course, there is always a lot of salt water. A reminder of the past era – 1802 shimmering sunlight and comes to electrifying life at night. And … there are miles of beautiful, white beaches.

Who want solitude or excitement in Delmarvy there for everyone. from shore Delmarvy the inner cities, Delmarva Peninsula meets the traveler. Beaches, trails, shopping, fishing, culture – all this offers the visitor a lot of experiences and memories like no other. Delmarva Peninsula, of course, with the & # 39 is the golden thread in the fabric of America regions.

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