Where to apply for a passport, if you live in Virginia

Virginia residents can apply for a passport at the nearest passport offices, regional agencies and private freight forwarders. The main elements of the choice one way – the other, how fast you need to get your travel document and the amount of time required to obtain it.
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Virginia Services of applications for passport

There are many tools for accepting applications for passports located throughout Virginia. Most of the passport agencies located in post offices. Several them are court officials, public libraries and local authorities. Virginia residents living in areas where there are no US office receiving applications for passport, probably will have to look around the city.
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You can request any of the usual care or an expedited service if they require a US passport office. The time required for processing the application service standard, generally requires from 4 to 6 weeks or more. Much depends on the demand at the time of submission of the application. Unfortunately, some travelers had to wait another 3 months to get a passport. Expedited processing requires two to three weeks or more. Part of requests for travel and passport can lead to greater processing time.
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Two places that have the highest number of passport offices, this Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Here are the two main places.

The Office of the Court in Norfolk

Boulevard St Paul 100

Norfolk, VA 23510

City Clerk City Virginia Beach

Building urban center 1

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Regional Passport Agency for the residents of Virginia

In Virginia NO regional passport agency. Applicants from the state of Virginia should contact the passport agency DC, to get US passports. Address below.

Washington Passport Agency

1111 19th Street, N.W., Suite 300

Washington, DC 20036

Passport Agency in the State of Colombia serves US citizens who need to provide a passport within two weeks or less. Travelers should make an appointment. Regional agency is closed on weekends and federal holidays.
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You can almost count on the fact that your application for a passport will be processed on the same day in the regional passport agency if you meet all the requirements. Depending on the time when the applicant is present, it may be necessary to wait until the next day to secure his travel document.
Professional passport forwarders

Virginia residents who need to quickly obtain US passports, but they can not apply to the regional agency can still time to get your travel document by submitting a request through the private life of the expedition. Services that waiting waiting, have a special relationship with the US State passport services, thanks to which they can represent applicants and execute applications forms as quickly as the same day.
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The DCs are several freight forwarders. You are not limited in the expansion of services in the capital, and in fact this has some advantages. The motive of this with & # 39 is that there is a limit on the number of passports in one day, which will allow a regional passport agency. Resolution accelerate private service to apply to the agency in the city, others from DC, may mean faster processing.
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Secondly, including freight forwarders from other places other than Washington, offers a wide range of forwarding services from which to choose. Not all shipping services are the same in terms of knowledge and professionalism. Expanding your capabilities to any forwarder travel documents, found in the United States, it allows you to expand the pool of resources from which you can choose the main forwarder passports for urgent deadlines.
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