West Virginia, a perfect place to hang your hat and also visit

The United States is really a strange country, because all sorts of people, a variety of people, cultures and landscapes in any sense of the beautiful, we are lucky. Not long ago, someone contacted me from West Virginia, and I could not help but let to this famous song has gone through my head; "Take me home, country roads" John Denver.

Mountains in West Virginia are impressive, I was in every city in the country, and I can not tell you how many times I have just turned off the highway in West Virginia to make a long colorful life. route, and often I got more than I bargained, but loved the adventure as well. I often wanted to stay longer. I was walking along the road in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where they went, but longed to take a chance to turn and get to know – it's as if the road brought me forward.

Well, I suppose that if I were to "Honda Goldwing" instead of a motor coach, I just might have. Someday I would like to do this (or spring Summer, of course) just go for one of these roads to view wherever she goes, so you share your curiosity, if you are there. Perhaps you run the risk, and the fate of you will dance. Yes, this old prosolok, John Denver properly understood, actually are captured. You know, if you saw what I saw, you also agree.

Yes, the old road, where on earth she goes, someone who knows someone in Virginia, life was simple, but rich in resources. I like to go on one of these roads to spend a year, and all of this look. "Take me home, country road" – Well, me, I would do it in other states than just a W. Virginia, I felt the same sensation in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Idaho , Colorado, Arizona, and in the states of New England, too. Surprisingly, in a beautiful country we live in.

Yet, Virginia is so beautiful, mysterious, so attractive, so interesting, is simply amazing. Yes, sometimes the weather & # 39; e insidious, but if a clear day is clear, you can see a lot of things, it is so beautiful. Many people in the city will never get a chance to see it, but it should. They really should. Perhaps you think to visit W. Virginia to meet with some people, and I am sure that you too will understand.

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