Manor Llancaiach Fawr – Travel time to become familiar with the background of Thomas Prytharda

Thomas Prychard Zheymstaun arrived in 1620 on the ship “Abigail.” Records of Virginia show that Thomas was one of the twelve carpenters recruited by the London company to build homes for settlers who colonized this part of the New World. After his service were completed, he focused on the tough task to establish himself in the green land, rich in unknown dangers and physical challenges.
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Each generation moved a few miles down the Northern Neck, Gloucester counties of Richmond, Westmoreland, King George and Stafford until 1741, when the great-grandson of Thomas Christopher received a large grant from Lord Fairfax in the desert of Northern Virginia and the number 39; s Prince William County, part of which eventually came under the jurisdiction of Loudoun County.
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Prythardsa five generations have called Virginia home when another married Rachel Thomas Davis, here & # 39; I who recently arrived in Loudoun County with cardigans, Wales. Was he able to share some stories & # 39; and a common heritage, or memories of the homeland of Wales have already disappeared?
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Of course, as long as the descendants of the immigrants Thomas began to write a family history, the overseas ties were severed, and key details have been lost. Several clues confirming his relationship to a particular family & # 39; and in Wales, will not be disclosed to the 21st century and & # 39; advent of the Internet.
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Using Wales court records available in the network and on CD-ROM, vessels narrowed genealogy Thomas Prycharda Zheymstauna with one of the two known seven & # 39; families that share a common ancestry with Richard Lewis Gwynne. Following a typical pattern called the 16th century, Lewis’s name identifies him as the son and grandson of Richard Gwynn. If the Welsh adopted the use of the English names, ap (son), Richard turned to Pryhard and / or Pritchard.
Both families & # 39; and Perhard lived in what was then Glamorganshyry, South Wales, one in the estate Llankayah Favre near Kaerfili and the other about ten miles east of Lalanovera.
Manor Llancaiach Fawr was founded by David Pryharam, grandchildren Lewis and Richard Gwynn. David had three sons: Edward, William and Thomas, a junior. Cousin David Edward Pryhard with Llanovera inherited a large plot of land in the modern city of Newport, a town a few miles to the east of Cardiff. He also was the third and youngest son named Thomas. Thomas Pryhard who made his fortune in Virginia?
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Traditionally, the eldest son inherited the family property, the second entered the military, and the third entered the priesthood or learned trade. The documents show that Thomas, the son of David, with the & # 39 is a “gentleman Glamorganshyra, who studied at Gloucester Hall, Oxford, where he graduated a bachelor’s degree in May 1599”. In 1620, that Thomas would be 40 years old, old enough to start a new life in Virginia. Instead, he became clergymen. Later, he was appointed rector of Mayklastana in Glamorgan in 1617, Archdeacon Llandafa in 1626 and canon Gereforda in 1636.
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That leaves Thomas, the youngest son of Edward, a single candidate for the Virginia company. This theory is supported by the fact that Edward was a landowner. Helping his father build and renovate homes for their tenants, Thomas would have had ample opportunity to work out and perfect carpentry and mulyarnymi skills before proceeding to the London-based company and sailed to Virginia.
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Time and modern development have changed the landscape of Newport. The land that once belonged to Edward Prysharu with Llanovera was relaxed in order to make way for homes and industry. Manor Llancaiach Farr, however, the estate of his cousin David, located in the same beautiful countryside, where he enjoyed five hundred years ago. In 1990, the Board of County Kaerfili returned to her original glory. It is very likely that Thomas, who is predetermined to seek his fortune in Virginia, on occasion, there was a guest.
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Like many seven & # 39; pits, these names are repeated in both lines Prichard from generation to generation. Thomas, Edward, William and David are common. At that time, Thomas, son of Edward Llanoverskaga, he learned his trade joinery, his cousin Edward, the eldest son of David Llankayaka, learned to manage his father’s name.
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David died in 1630, the estate zychyvshy his son Edward. As Thomas Llanovera was not a legacy to inherit property after the death of his father, it is not surprising that he sailed to Virginia in 1620 to find their own state.
While Thomas was buying and selling area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorthern Neck, Edward Prychard torn between his Puritan faith and allegiance to the Crown. When civil war broke out in 1642 Edward promised support Stsyuaru Charles, King Charles I, and was immediately appointed as the Commissioner of the array. This gave him the responsibility for the collection of the king allowed him to seize the land known to parliamentarians. For their loyalty to the King, he was awarded the rank of colonel.
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Three years later, Colonel Edward Pryshard thought over the situation and shifted support from Charles Stsyuara to the powerful Oliver Cromwell. For this change of heart, he immediately became governor of Cardiff Castle and was appointed a member of the Parliamentary Committee Glamargana and the Commission to spread the gospel. In 1646, he successfully defended the Cardiff Castle when it was besieged Korolevtsy and played a significant role in the Battle of St. George Fagan. Colonel Edward Pryshard died in 1655 without direct heir, thus ending the family property in the estate Llankayah Favre.

Today, after considerable archaeological excavation and restoration of the manor Llankayah Favre – a museum and educational center, a popular place during the week for teachers and their students, exploring life in the 16-17th centuries. Every weekend dedicated to cultural events. Busy schedule includes music concerts, open-air theater, dance programs, horticultural events, fairs and apple cider, Christmas parties, architectural tours and exhibits for the animals. It is easily accessible by rail, bus and major highways. It is located near the village of Nelson, about five miles north of the castle Kaerfili where daily knights knights, and at night goes to the phantom “brown lady”.

Visitors to the manor house Llancaiach Fawr enter the time capsule and go in 1640 after the entrance before they & # 39; is a testament to the identity of the person, the most important servant. This post has been reserved for the educated person with knowledge of law. After the guests were allowed to stewards, they are around on the & # 39 object sent servants (local people who perform the role) who speak Welsh and English. During the life of Edward his many servants would talk in Welsh, but some who hold higher status, for example, the housekeeper, the agent and the valet, as well speak English. These positions are passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter. Smaller positions outside workers will be hired for the annual Labor Day.

Today, the “servants” speak a dialect ever since, citing enthusiastic about the “New World” and not confessing to the UK outside their narrow experience and “news from London.” In the kitchen, they explain cooking and local sources of meat and fish. Outdoors they carry visitors through the gardens and a variety of gardens where they grow fruits, herbs and vegetables. They talk about their daily treatments, numerous games and activities, which are in some & # 39; and her servants, and to continue the political struggle.

A three-storey manor house and stables built of stone with slate roofs. The main entrance from the porch is on the lowest story, which is also a kitchen, pantry, wine cellar, laundry room, and a fixed number of servants & # 39; Hall. Stairs lead from the entrance to the Great Hall. It has been used as a formal dining area (King Charles I dined here August 5, 1645) as a courtroom for cases of minor cases and as a dance hall.
Next to the Great Hall is a room stewards, where he oversaw the entire estate and its finances. Rear – oak floor room, master bed, south bed room, bed and gastsyanaya Colonel Pryshara office.

A study of his two walls of bookcases filled with publications since then, with the & # 39 is unique to the pigeon, which once served as a source of fresh meat; Most landowners to place their pigeons in the covers. Although throughout the house have glass windows, a study can boast that opens to release the fresh air, which date from the & # 39 is rare.

Private wardrobe or closet located in each of the bed rooms – a luxury enjoyed by only the nobles. During the night the guests arrived, at least one servant, who slept next to them on the truck bed mounted on wheels and stores under the bed for guests when not in use. In the attic of the third floor sleeping quarters for servants and provided additional space for storage.

Outdoors officially addicted fenced gardens, as it would be in the early 17th century. Labyrinth boxwood rudimentary geometrical patterns is made from a combination of hedges and colored gravel. Outside the gardens and lawns – if many workers hand cut with scissors – a barn and stables are sufficiently large enough to accommodate the horses and carriages. Pile farm stretches of farm buildings up to the main road, which is now laid. Sheep graze in the surrounding hills. More distant hills crowned with leafy trees, which in autumn become glorious color.

Visit the center next to the manor house has an exhibition area, the official restaurant of the & # 39; catering facilities, a gift shop, an auditorium and an archaeological laboratory. estates open to the public for about ten years ago was preceded by extensive archaeological investigations, which are still ongoing. China regularly reveal shards, coins, toys, early lesions, glass and folk objects to hit the witch.

Fear of witches is not surprising. Among the many books the family dealing with the supernatural. Servants emphasize that Llancaiach Fawr – one of the top haunted houses in Wales. Welcomed children can often be seen and heard as they play on the stairs. There is a spectral figure of a woman – perhaps one of the many women who died young in childbirth – in a flowing white robe, and a male figure in a trench coat and high hat, often walking between the house and the stables. As servants of all the guides in costume, it is sometimes considered to be one of them. Only when he approaches, he disappears into the air, ephemeral memory is long, long ago.

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