Know more about the city of Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia has not always been very well-known city for a visit. Of course, the city is very inviting as before. Although this is not the direction that prospers life in day and night, bypassing Charleston will tell you that the city has to offer. In one sense, Charleston, West Virginia has been quite silent place for recreation for the adjacent neighbors and local residents. Anyone who has been in the city of Charleston, will tell you that he is one of the friendliest cities in the United States. In addition to this, it also boasts a very rich history and culture. It is surprising that many people are surprised by the activity, which is the city center.

It offers visitors a bunch of wonderful sights. It is very improbable that someone will not visit entertainment complex metropolitan capital, even if it is or it is in only in a few hours. You will surely find it the most rare black squirrels. For historical inquisitiveness, you can head to the state historical museum. The greatness of the statue "Lincoln walk in the night" glorious interested visitors. Colorful summer festival – a reasonable opportunity to know the culture and the lives of people in the city.

West Virginia Capitol

As in other states, the Capitol building serves as both the seal of the state of culture, and as a historical landmark, which presents the rich past of the state and the city. Capitol Building, West Virginia is different in that it is located on the canal and the river was designed by architect Gilbert Qassam, the same man who designed the building of the US Supreme Court and the US Treasury building in Washington. Capitol – is not just a beautiful landmark, but also covered with public information about the history and culture. West Virginia played an important role in the American Revolution and the US colonization. This and many more like it in downtown Charleston.

Shops and food

Charleston is also a culinary city. He has a wide range of dishes that can offer something fresh and creative. If you like Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or simply American food, Charleston restaurants are sure to have. However, let us not ignore the purchase. Although it is not very well-known trading center, it has a few local crafts and arts. Center Charleston is definitely a unique and interesting place to visit because it has a wide range of attractions and its people are very warm.

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