Cave, rafting and biking in West Virginia

On a warm sunny day in mid-September 2008 on Friday all the guys and I rushed home from work, packed our bags, loaded several vehicles with gears and started the whole night to go to the south.

Until then, we left our home in Ontario, it was already dark. We drove south to the border with the United States and continued to drive through New York and Pennsylvania, we have not yet reached our rustic log home in the woods in West Virginia. After painstaking drive all night, we arrived at our cabin with plenty of time to unpack the car and stay for an hour before we had to bounce back in our cars and drive about an hour to the east to the border with Virginia.

Our first task this adventure trip was to begin with the caves in the strange abyss "Lost Caves". Dressed in our suits and went into our technical equipment, we entered the cave. Initially, the campaign began with a short walk through the lighted paths that have been put there for the faint of heart. But then we jumped the railing and began to crawl toward the hole. After penetration, we were in a completely different world. Wet and dirty floors and walls guarded all, when we went up to the massive boulders and met countless bits. We knew that the path where we entered, was the only one known, access to the cave and out of it. So everything that we had here, we had to pass on the output. Education were quite steep, and the campaign was awesome too. At one point I was trying to pass the time a hole in the floor. My sweatshirts curled up and made me a width of 2 or 3 inches, so I was stuck. After all tried to pull out and push me, I eventually just took off the jersey and moved through the hole. But that did not stop me from trying the next flight. This was called the "birth canal." Crawling through the dark muddy water close by, a long and narrow channel over the fact that we have to distort our bodies to fit through the exit. The highlight of the trip through the cave was put on our backs and squeezing through the crack 50 feet in length and 1 foot in height, all aware that we are facing over 300 feet of solid rock.

After 4 long hours and physically demanding caves and climbing we came out of the caves, took a shower and went back to our cabin to celebrate a remarkable way.

In the morning we had to quickly rush to New River, as we had planned a day of white water rafting. We asked for 4 persons boat "Options & # 39; ny." This boat was small and light, so it rocks and waves of abuse, and our guide was also not there. "It was pure adrenaline.

We took a few rapids while sailing on a boat on the river (and climb all over her body some rocks). Of course, we stopped for snorkeling and lunch, but the main trip table "ace in the hole." Our first boat with 4 down on one of the thresholds and for a while looking through a hole in its bottom. In the end, I lost grip, pushing each other in the face, then grabbed the third guy, and we fell into the water, leaving a man in a boat. At this point, the guide stood up and shouted, "ACE IN the HOLE", and suddenly another raft adventurers four of us arrived at the rapid and landed right on top, almost empty raft!

Watch was pretty funny. If a campaign against an alloy ended, we returned to our cabin for another night shenaniganav.

After a 4-hour rest all got up and headed for the New River Gorge, where we started the tour on mountain bikes. The trails were quite pleasant. For the most part, they were double stitches with several obstacles. But the view of the gorge were unreal. We spent most of the day riding and looking for a specific pathway called "Rigamortis". We eventually found the trail. It was CRAZY! Almost 1,000 feet of pure descent riding on rocks, boulders, roots and drop! Lots of fun, but not exactly the XC, which we did the rest of the day. After some repair chain side of the road, we headed back to the vehicles, and bounced back to our chalet. It's time to fall down, pack up and go on the road for 10 hours so that we can get home just in time to get to work! What a weekend!

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