The State of Wisconsin has a mascot exhibition for confectionery products


The first half of August brings a summer top in suburban West Allis, Wisconsin. Located just off junction I-894 and I-94, it is easily accessible from all points. Fair was originally located in Zhanesville in 1851 and moved to its present location in the area of ​​Milwaukee in 1892. Cream puff competition in 2005.
Agricultural department has a mission statement to satisfy the needs of rural youth. In 2003, they added a barn that contains no prohibition, and it’s not just an engineering feat. The building houses horses during the state fair in a two-story 64,800 square feet.
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On the ground floor there is a milking parlor advanced economies. This “barn” allows you to pay 5,000 pounds per 40 square feet of space stall. It will be evidence of the State’s commitment to the future of agriculture for many years.
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RV park in the territory of the State of Wisconsin exhibition – the only one in the RV Camp County. Its 70 camp sites offer some full service and some electric only sites. Parking in the district circles allowed nightly for less than $ 30, and on a monthly basis – from 500 to 750 dollars.
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The Masters Spas Pavilion on the area of ​​18 000 square feet – a place where you can find a public exhibition of Wisconsin. Signature: Food: National Exhibition-cream jars and houses with blue ribbon.
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Another fairly unique building – the National Center ice Petit. This Youth Center Tommy John. Thompson, which offer facilities for sports and recreation needs of young people of Wisconsin.

During these years, the State Fair has become one of the best in the country. Along with a showcase of local talents visitors will find rides, shows and famous steps.
The firm on Wednesday said it raised $23 million in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to fuel an aggressive expansion into Asia. SBI, a financial services business spun off from SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies like Ripple and R3. Elliptic also counts Spanish bank Santander as an investor.
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Terrorist funding is just one area of illicit activity the firm’s platform deals with. It’s also used to track people trading child pornography and drugs, as well as hacks that result in funds being stolen. Elliptic shows a different side of the crypto industry, in that its technology is seen as more favorable to financial services businesses and regulators.

Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the last 18 months than it has in previous years. It’s enjoyed publicity from bitcoin more than doubling in value since the start of the year and Facebook announcing plans to launch an asset-backed virtual currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.

But Libra has been faced with fierce regulatory pushback. President Donald Trump has said Facebook may be required to seek a banking license to launch it, while several U.S. lawmakers have panned the company’s digital currency plans. Central bankers have also poured cold water on the idea, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying the project should be halted until regulators’ concerns are addressed.


Where to apply for a passport, if you live in Virginia


Virginia residents can apply for a passport at the nearest passport offices, regional agencies and private freight forwarders. The main elements of the choice one way – the other, how fast you need to get your travel document and the amount of time required to obtain it.
Hotels Nearby You
Virginia Services of applications for passport

There are many tools for accepting applications for passports located throughout Virginia. Most of the passport agencies located in post offices. Several them are court officials, public libraries and local authorities. Virginia residents living in areas where there are no US office receiving applications for passport, probably will have to look around the city.
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You can request any of the usual care or an expedited service if they require a US passport office. The time required for processing the application service standard, generally requires from 4 to 6 weeks or more. Much depends on the demand at the time of submission of the application. Unfortunately, some travelers had to wait another 3 months to get a passport. Expedited processing requires two to three weeks or more. Part of requests for travel and passport can lead to greater processing time.
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Two places that have the highest number of passport offices, this Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Here are the two main places.

The Office of the Court in Norfolk

Boulevard St Paul 100

Norfolk, VA 23510

City Clerk City Virginia Beach

Building urban center 1

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Regional Passport Agency for the residents of Virginia

In Virginia NO regional passport agency. Applicants from the state of Virginia should contact the passport agency DC, to get US passports. Address below.

Washington Passport Agency

1111 19th Street, N.W., Suite 300

Washington, DC 20036

Passport Agency in the State of Colombia serves US citizens who need to provide a passport within two weeks or less. Travelers should make an appointment. Regional agency is closed on weekends and federal holidays.
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You can almost count on the fact that your application for a passport will be processed on the same day in the regional passport agency if you meet all the requirements. Depending on the time when the applicant is present, it may be necessary to wait until the next day to secure his travel document.
Professional passport forwarders

Virginia residents who need to quickly obtain US passports, but they can not apply to the regional agency can still time to get your travel document by submitting a request through the private life of the expedition. Services that waiting waiting, have a special relationship with the US State passport services, thanks to which they can represent applicants and execute applications forms as quickly as the same day.
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The DCs are several freight forwarders. You are not limited in the expansion of services in the capital, and in fact this has some advantages. The motive of this with & # 39 is that there is a limit on the number of passports in one day, which will allow a regional passport agency. Resolution accelerate private service to apply to the agency in the city, others from DC, may mean faster processing.
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Secondly, including freight forwarders from other places other than Washington, offers a wide range of forwarding services from which to choose. Not all shipping services are the same in terms of knowledge and professionalism. Expanding your capabilities to any forwarder travel documents, found in the United States, it allows you to expand the pool of resources from which you can choose the main forwarder passports for urgent deadlines.
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Manor Llancaiach Fawr – Travel time to become familiar with the background of Thomas Prytharda


Thomas Prychard Zheymstaun arrived in 1620 on the ship “Abigail.” Records of Virginia show that Thomas was one of the twelve carpenters recruited by the London company to build homes for settlers who colonized this part of the New World. After his service were completed, he focused on the tough task to establish himself in the green land, rich in unknown dangers and physical challenges.
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Each generation moved a few miles down the Northern Neck, Gloucester counties of Richmond, Westmoreland, King George and Stafford until 1741, when the great-grandson of Thomas Christopher received a large grant from Lord Fairfax in the desert of Northern Virginia and the number 39; s Prince William County, part of which eventually came under the jurisdiction of Loudoun County.
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Prythardsa five generations have called Virginia home when another married Rachel Thomas Davis, here & # 39; I who recently arrived in Loudoun County with cardigans, Wales. Was he able to share some stories & # 39; and a common heritage, or memories of the homeland of Wales have already disappeared?
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Of course, as long as the descendants of the immigrants Thomas began to write a family history, the overseas ties were severed, and key details have been lost. Several clues confirming his relationship to a particular family & # 39; and in Wales, will not be disclosed to the 21st century and & # 39; advent of the Internet.
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Using Wales court records available in the network and on CD-ROM, vessels narrowed genealogy Thomas Prycharda Zheymstauna with one of the two known seven & # 39; families that share a common ancestry with Richard Lewis Gwynne. Following a typical pattern called the 16th century, Lewis’s name identifies him as the son and grandson of Richard Gwynn. If the Welsh adopted the use of the English names, ap (son), Richard turned to Pryhard and / or Pritchard.
Both families & # 39; and Perhard lived in what was then Glamorganshyry, South Wales, one in the estate Llankayah Favre near Kaerfili and the other about ten miles east of Lalanovera.
Manor Llancaiach Fawr was founded by David Pryharam, grandchildren Lewis and Richard Gwynn. David had three sons: Edward, William and Thomas, a junior. Cousin David Edward Pryhard with Llanovera inherited a large plot of land in the modern city of Newport, a town a few miles to the east of Cardiff. He also was the third and youngest son named Thomas. Thomas Pryhard who made his fortune in Virginia?
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Traditionally, the eldest son inherited the family property, the second entered the military, and the third entered the priesthood or learned trade. The documents show that Thomas, the son of David, with the & # 39 is a “gentleman Glamorganshyra, who studied at Gloucester Hall, Oxford, where he graduated a bachelor’s degree in May 1599”. In 1620, that Thomas would be 40 years old, old enough to start a new life in Virginia. Instead, he became clergymen. Later, he was appointed rector of Mayklastana in Glamorgan in 1617, Archdeacon Llandafa in 1626 and canon Gereforda in 1636.
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That leaves Thomas, the youngest son of Edward, a single candidate for the Virginia company. This theory is supported by the fact that Edward was a landowner. Helping his father build and renovate homes for their tenants, Thomas would have had ample opportunity to work out and perfect carpentry and mulyarnymi skills before proceeding to the London-based company and sailed to Virginia.
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Time and modern development have changed the landscape of Newport. The land that once belonged to Edward Prysharu with Llanovera was relaxed in order to make way for homes and industry. Manor Llancaiach Farr, however, the estate of his cousin David, located in the same beautiful countryside, where he enjoyed five hundred years ago. In 1990, the Board of County Kaerfili returned to her original glory. It is very likely that Thomas, who is predetermined to seek his fortune in Virginia, on occasion, there was a guest.
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Like many seven & # 39; pits, these names are repeated in both lines Prichard from generation to generation. Thomas, Edward, William and David are common. At that time, Thomas, son of Edward Llanoverskaga, he learned his trade joinery, his cousin Edward, the eldest son of David Llankayaka, learned to manage his father’s name.
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David died in 1630, the estate zychyvshy his son Edward. As Thomas Llanovera was not a legacy to inherit property after the death of his father, it is not surprising that he sailed to Virginia in 1620 to find their own state.
While Thomas was buying and selling area of ​​Northern Neck, Edward Prychard torn between his Puritan faith and allegiance to the Crown. When civil war broke out in 1642 Edward promised support Stsyuaru Charles, King Charles I, and was immediately appointed as the Commissioner of the array. This gave him the responsibility for the collection of the king allowed him to seize the land known to parliamentarians. For their loyalty to the King, he was awarded the rank of colonel.
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Three years later, Colonel Edward Pryshard thought over the situation and shifted support from Charles Stsyuara to the powerful Oliver Cromwell. For this change of heart, he immediately became governor of Cardiff Castle and was appointed a member of the Parliamentary Committee Glamargana and the Commission to spread the gospel. In 1646, he successfully defended the Cardiff Castle when it was besieged Korolevtsy and played a significant role in the Battle of St. George Fagan. Colonel Edward Pryshard died in 1655 without direct heir, thus ending the family property in the estate Llankayah Favre.

Today, after considerable archaeological excavation and restoration of the manor Llankayah Favre – a museum and educational center, a popular place during the week for teachers and their students, exploring life in the 16-17th centuries. Every weekend dedicated to cultural events. Busy schedule includes music concerts, open-air theater, dance programs, horticultural events, fairs and apple cider, Christmas parties, architectural tours and exhibits for the animals. It is easily accessible by rail, bus and major highways. It is located near the village of Nelson, about five miles north of the castle Kaerfili where daily knights knights, and at night goes to the phantom “brown lady”.

Visitors to the manor house Llancaiach Fawr enter the time capsule and go in 1640 after the entrance before they & # 39; is a testament to the identity of the person, the most important servant. This post has been reserved for the educated person with knowledge of law. After the guests were allowed to stewards, they are around on the & # 39 object sent servants (local people who perform the role) who speak Welsh and English. During the life of Edward his many servants would talk in Welsh, but some who hold higher status, for example, the housekeeper, the agent and the valet, as well speak English. These positions are passed down from father to son and from mother to daughter. Smaller positions outside workers will be hired for the annual Labor Day.

Today, the “servants” speak a dialect ever since, citing enthusiastic about the “New World” and not confessing to the UK outside their narrow experience and “news from London.” In the kitchen, they explain cooking and local sources of meat and fish. Outdoors they carry visitors through the gardens and a variety of gardens where they grow fruits, herbs and vegetables. They talk about their daily treatments, numerous games and activities, which are in some & # 39; and her servants, and to continue the political struggle.

A three-storey manor house and stables built of stone with slate roofs. The main entrance from the porch is on the lowest story, which is also a kitchen, pantry, wine cellar, laundry room, and a fixed number of servants & # 39; Hall. Stairs lead from the entrance to the Great Hall. It has been used as a formal dining area (King Charles I dined here August 5, 1645) as a courtroom for cases of minor cases and as a dance hall.
Next to the Great Hall is a room stewards, where he oversaw the entire estate and its finances. Rear – oak floor room, master bed, south bed room, bed and gastsyanaya Colonel Pryshara office.

A study of his two walls of bookcases filled with publications since then, with the & # 39 is unique to the pigeon, which once served as a source of fresh meat; Most landowners to place their pigeons in the covers. Although throughout the house have glass windows, a study can boast that opens to release the fresh air, which date from the & # 39 is rare.

Private wardrobe or closet located in each of the bed rooms – a luxury enjoyed by only the nobles. During the night the guests arrived, at least one servant, who slept next to them on the truck bed mounted on wheels and stores under the bed for guests when not in use. In the attic of the third floor sleeping quarters for servants and provided additional space for storage.

Outdoors officially addicted fenced gardens, as it would be in the early 17th century. Labyrinth boxwood rudimentary geometrical patterns is made from a combination of hedges and colored gravel. Outside the gardens and lawns – if many workers hand cut with scissors – a barn and stables are sufficiently large enough to accommodate the horses and carriages. Pile farm stretches of farm buildings up to the main road, which is now laid. Sheep graze in the surrounding hills. More distant hills crowned with leafy trees, which in autumn become glorious color.

Visit the center next to the manor house has an exhibition area, the official restaurant of the & # 39; catering facilities, a gift shop, an auditorium and an archaeological laboratory. estates open to the public for about ten years ago was preceded by extensive archaeological investigations, which are still ongoing. China regularly reveal shards, coins, toys, early lesions, glass and folk objects to hit the witch.

Fear of witches is not surprising. Among the many books the family dealing with the supernatural. Servants emphasize that Llancaiach Fawr – one of the top haunted houses in Wales. Welcomed children can often be seen and heard as they play on the stairs. There is a spectral figure of a woman – perhaps one of the many women who died young in childbirth – in a flowing white robe, and a male figure in a trench coat and high hat, often walking between the house and the stables. As servants of all the guides in costume, it is sometimes considered to be one of them. Only when he approaches, he disappears into the air, ephemeral memory is long, long ago.


Best Cities in the US


If you are looking for a job in the United States, it is important to first study the market. It is essential that you choose not only the right field for work, but also the right place and the city. Below is a list of the best cities in the US, who will work in the next few years. These cities offer higher employment opportunities waiting for achieving high economic growth.

Logan, Utah

The geographical location of Utah, connecting it with the major metropolitan networks, create more opportunities for employment in the public administration, business partnerships, and educational fields. Utah also shows the enormous new opportunities for business and work, thus creating a new category of jobs.

Casper, Wyoming

If you are in the field of nursing, Casper – the best city for you. C & # 39 As one of the best cities, working in the US of the last 8 years, it provides excellent opportunities for professional, licensed and registered nurses. Travel nursing – one of the best ways to start a car & # 39; a career in Casper.

Bismarck, North Dakota

Western North Dakota offers a lucrative job in the oil industry. Bismarck, who is considered one of the best cities for people search, records one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the US.

Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo-Moorhead metro is profitable car & # 39; ernyya forecasts at least until 2016. Providing tremendous growth in the specialized fields of life sciences, information technology, engineering, and physical sciences, Fargo – this is the best city that pays for professionals.

Iowa City, Iowa

The birthplace of various medical and educational institutions such as the Medical Center of the US veterans, Pearson Education, hospitals and clinics of Iowa, University of Iowa, American Test College and others, Iowa offers opportunities for car & # 39; ernaga growth and the growth of people in the medical field. Iowa's economy, which develops, leading to more new work opportunities and growth prospects.


Running happy generation – lost innocence


Two brothers who were in the same class in Gurgaon, India, shot a classmate with a pistol and left him in a pool of blood. Another boy from Indore, Madhya & # 39; I Pradesh, India, gave a similar deadly weapon holiday a drinking blood when shot his colleague in the school campus. In those fatal moments of panic led to school; and finally it was over. Valuable life lost as a result of the shooting, which was not to strengthen the cases, and for vendetta. Innocent mind turned to arms to settle points on spurious reasons as small argument and clashes that normally occur between pupils.

In both cases, the poor victims were dead and gone with all your wishes and dreams left to fend for themselves. Or we call a murderer or murder of children neglected by parents, leading them to the path of terrible murders? Take the example of the execution of two Indian students at the University of Louisiana unknown. Students were married and lived happily with his seven & # 39; families in the university district, and they suffered a sharp death at a distance of several thousand miles from his hometown. They knew little that the attackers will bathe them in blood, and the cause is still unknown whether it will be murder for or something else.

Korean student who went to the shooting at the University of Virginia, was a classic example of a psychopath. He had the tenacity to talk on video about their plans to kill a lot of students and succeeded in articulating their death; and he eventually killed himself, to join the list of deaths, however generous, to add one more to the statistics of the dead. This thirst for human blood jolted all of humanity during the incident, and all interested in where we were going. Many of these massacres coming to light that offers readers worldwide terrible reading.


Only psychiatrists and sociologists can answer the question why the choicest few indulge in such horrific acts and justify the killings. They may be guilty of any unpleasant psychological reasons that go back to their early life. Whatever the reason, the key role of parents in providing the proper care and affection can be one of them, that could prevent such people from becoming disastrous, that prey on innocent life.

Parents should monitor children's behavior of their behavior, and when they observe any anomalies, children can be arranged for appropriate consultation, to guide and encourage them in the way of the world and mankind. Education of moral and spiritual values, together with the motivation to achieve tangible achievements – the key to successful parenting.

Big Kapilacharyya writer who advocated the philosophy of Sankhya & # 39; I spoke of the desire that people have to perform in order to have a balanced life. However, parents should focus on the proper ethics of life of their children. One of the steps that should make parents and guardians – is to avoid children from watching violent movies that show retaliation and blood as the theme.

Brazil's government has banned the popular video game, which incite violence among players. It is no secret that most of the players – it is young children who spend hours glued to video games, forgetting about other physical sports that improve the health and speed of their metabolism. This is a double tyranny when one side loses precious health, and on the other hand, in the minds of children having disorders of the mind level. The Brazilian Government has made the right move in the right direction, given the well-being of its young generation.

gun culture among children has extended the tentacles of the nations as far as India. Threatening students at the gates of schools and colleges for having a weapon at them things, it can reduce the number of murders. It may seem bizarre proposal, but it is a bitter fact which will have to face, going from a fit of anger in young children.

Common efforts of governments, parents and society at large could help children to grow in the right conditions. Other countries can learn from Brazil to ban violent video games. Ban feature films, reflecting the blood and the mountain lead to the destruction of the threat of minors. Censorship of films should be not only on paper but also in action, to see healthy young generation, who will manage our planet in the future.


Wine tours: try and try to


Thirty years ago, the idea of ​​the American winery was exotic. To go to one of these wine tours, you will have to travel to Europe or the Napa Valley. Fortunately, the wineries have exploded across the United States, in places where we least expected. Vineyards originated in Arkansas, finger lakes region, Virginia and even Louisiana. Although the product is available in these areas, it can not evaluate the quality of what is produced in the north-west or abroad, much of it is surprisingly tasty.

No matter what you vinolag or amateur enthusiasts participate in this fun informational tours in your area can expose you to new taste and techniques.

Wine tours are designed to meet consumers' and are intended to familiarize yourself with all kinds of wines are available in varying winery. If you have never been in the vineyard, you may not know what to expect. Do not despair! First, check the website to find out they offered to arrange tours of the wines at a certain time, or if you need to call and arrange. Often, these institutions maintain a small number of hours open to the public, so you should avoid them only to find them.

When you arrive, you will probably give a little information about each of the grape blends, which will be presented. The server then pour a small sample of your glass. Appropriate action with a & # 39 is the rotation of the fluid circular movements without spilling it. The purpose of this with the & # 39 is the release of some of the flavors that are present. After twists you can give a glass to his nose and smell. Try to pick up some of the flavors, which the server was discussed.

Once you smell, you need to pull. Don has not yet swallow! At this point, you want to give your taste buds an opportunity to experience some of the different flavors. You can soak drink around the mouth, to accelerate this process. After tasting some love to spit wine plyavuhu. Not swallowing the wine can prevent you dulls the taste buds.
During the visit, you will not hesitate to ask questions.

Although many people who are involved in wine tours, already know about wine, but the servers are happy to answer even the simplest questions and share their knowledge with you. You should never feel embarrassed and ashamed of when it comes to conversation during wine tours. The whole point of the tour is to keep you informed and more experienced users.


heart passion: the birth of a dream and entrepreneurship


"I knew that any proper dream can be realized. Material resources are on the side and call a dream."

Katherine Marshall Outside themselves

In a conversation with a friend, I recently again I heard the story of another woman who pursued his dream! Deborah's dream was to create agriculture for people with autism and other disabilities in the development and support of their professional, entertaining and household needs. Her dream has come true, and its mission was the mission of the new company Farmsteads of New England, Inc.

I decided to meet with Deborah and hear her story. Why she had this dream? Where did it start? History Deborah will be different from yours or mine, but it is always interesting to see how the dream start, and then directed us to the heart the way to purposeful life or life activities. Hearing these stories, we can assume on what to look for in our own life. Maybe we missed the experience and events that have a hint of our life goals and dreams!

journey begins

From the words of Deborah:

"I have always been interested in helping people. As a child I wanted to be a nurse. In high school I was doing a rehearsal for the children who were studying in the classroom, which was listed" trenirovanym mentally retarded. "I loved working with these children, and attached to one girl, .. with autism At this time, the teacher told me that I should get special education, I said to her. "no," I decided that I wanted to become a doctor, not a nurse.

"After graduating from college as an awareness I became very unhappy and I realized that it is not. I gave up college and graduated repetyvats children with learning disabilities. Then I returned to kalezh– Gordanski College in Wenham, Massachusetts, and received a BA in a concentration of education special education. Next was obtained master degree of disability in learning and emotional drawbacks from the University of Virginia.

"I taught high school students who have these disadvantages, and have done so for almost twenty years, without giving time to get married and create something & # 39;. Th My second child was born with a rare metabolic disorder that made him far behind and on the spectrum autism If Andrew was eight years old, I began to wonder what will happen to his future. I thought that the farm will be a good environment, as it will allow him to use his gross (large) motor skills and extra energy. He loved the big open spaces, and the farm will meet these needs. A ramya of Agriculture provides a variety of activities that bring concrete results. One can understand why they do the work, and Andrew did not have to be isolated and lonely.

a dream is born

"I started to dream about agriculture, which my son could live and work together with other people with similar needs and support staff. I was sitting on this idea for several years. When I started a doctoral program in special education administration, and Andrew was about 11 years old, I began to study the idea of ​​rural opportunities and found that in Ohio there is agriculture, which is specifically aimed at people with autism. It was exciting — my dream there somewhere and worked!

"Looking back to New Hampshire to see that there are services for adults, I realized that I have to start his own homestead. When Andrew was 16, I decided that it might be useful to me five years to get it off the ground and it would be ready for him when he was 21 years old. in 1999, I quit my job in the position of teacher and placed in newspapers to let people know that I am interested in the formation of the estate, and I gathered the main group of people together and Corporation formed in 2000. We formed a board of directors, received Tus tax-exempt in 2001 and began to raise funds. We have acquired the historical farm Rosewald in Hillsborough, New Hampshire in 2003 and started to provide services!

dream grows

"Today we live in five adults" farmers "(clients) who live here, and four who come for daily service. We are going to build more residences, so that we can provide more services to more people. One girl did not know whether it overcome the terrain, and did not know whether she can climb the stairs. she does this and more. it just blossomed. His father came to visit and cried when I saw it going up the stairs!

"In our" farmers "are enviable life -. A beautiful place to live, close friends and important work My goal is for people to go to bed at night, and were proud of themselves when they have done something important during the day New England manor (Www.farmsteads-ne.org) multiple name and broad geographical information, because we would like to replicate this feature in other places. My other goal is as soon as it runs for five years – to have experience behind to help others start monastery!

"It was an exciting and very difficult journey, but it is very useful to see a dream come true, and improving the lives of people present reward -. It is possible for people to get pleasure from intercourse and lead productive lives."

How interesting to see and admiration Deborah heart that I gave birth to God's purposes for life, it turned into something unique and useful for those whose lives have often been marginalized. Let it continue to see the fulfillment of all your dreams and goals! Many more people with autism and developmental disabilities, will benefit from her attachment to serve them — and I can add to help them establish their free be the person that God has called them to be!

Happy dream journey

Judy Peterson

© Copyright 2006 – Judy Peterson. All rights reserved.


Saving bear living environment in Europe


The role of specialized bear tours is very important to raise awareness on the conservation of habitats and the bear's survival. Excursions offer a well-known travel companies for wildlife and provide visitors with the opportunity to see these beautiful animals in nature. Despite its size and skill, bears are not safe in our world. But as long as they face a constant struggle for survival, fortunately, there are several conservation efforts to protect its existence.

on conservation projects in Europe – aims and objectives

Most conservation efforts in Europe is aimed at non-commercial purposes, to protect the environment. Depending on where you go, in the area you are visiting, will be different conservation projects. Each region in its own preserve preservation, but there are common elements in all. Most of them focused on a few species, and not just on one thing – a reasonable approach considering how intricately intertwined with a comprehensive ecosystem "circle of life".

For example, in Europe there is a lot of work to stabilize the population of the brown bear and the improvement of its habitat. The projects with the & # 39 is to increase the reserves of food, as well as the fight against poaching and hunting in ridges. All work related to health include the study and constant monitoring of the population in an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken.

successful example of

In order to increase the supply of food to the habitat in the Cantabrian mountains in Spain, a huge boost for the planting of fruit trees it was made. To date, planted more than 6000 people that provide the population bears the much needed nutrition. Poaching and illegal hunting, but they are still going on, so to patrol popular hunting grounds and removing trap traps were set up Rangers.

Travel bears to see brown bears in Spain – a great way to experience a country that is leading the way in the information and education of wildlife protection. Bear path – a path designed, intended for visits by visitors who want to see and learn about these animals in the wild, and small children are in the school curricula. These programs encourage understanding of the nature, local ecosystems, as well as contribute to the diversity and the conservation of species that help in the preservation.

On specialized bear tours with the best companies of the wild nature guide will have a lot of information on conservation programs in the local region.


Search Engine Optimization for the technically challenged


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, – it is a way to reach your site at the top of the search engines so that people can easily and quickly find your company. Think about this for a moment … If your site & # 39 is the first list to display after entering a keyword, you can receive free hundreds – even thousands of visitors! SEO can save money on advertising and should be the main focus in your marketing arsenal.

Recognize the major search engines

In order to get your website ranked in the top search engines, you want to know the senior search engines:
o Google
o Yahoo
o YouTube

Conduct SEO research

o Use relevant keywords SEO: To find out what visitors are actually looking for, use WordTracker or Google AdWords tool, type in the search box the keyword that you think that people are looking for and press Enter. Record keywords with more than ten searches per day; anything less will not be fishing hole, it's a puddle.

o Analysis of competition: Visit a search engine and look for quotes your keywords. Define:
– How many competitors (less than 5000 quotes – it's good)
– How many words are in bold (or your competitors use keywords on your web pages)
– The quality of your competitors' sites ( "Blog Bob" or New York Times?)
o Find a lack of a niche market: if you have a competitive keywords, try to create a niche market, focusing on the regions and special conditions.

How search engines work

Before turning to the practice of SEO, you need to have a basic understanding of how search engines work.

1. Scan: search engines are sending programs known as "spiders" to "crawl" or scan your web pages to find out with the & # 39 Information is valuable (the original content and links to other sites). If it is valuable, the web page will be added to the search engine index – all the web pages that are displayed in the search engines.

2. Get the code: If your pages have been scanned, and adding to the search engine index, the information will be displayed in the search results. The search results will be displayed only indexed web pages. Note that I said web pages and not websites. In most sites, especially large ones, will not be indexed every page. For search engines are simply too much information to effectively store them, so they must be legible.

In a nutshell, your goals are as follows:
o Invite spiders crawl your site
o Encourage them to indexing your web pages and
o Show on the first page of the search engine your keyword

Sounds simple, right? Well, the first two – it can be done in a few hours, sending the sitemap (which we'll get to in a second). Promotion in search engine rankings, however – it is a long-term fight, – I say – a battle. How to move websites to the top of search results? They make it easy for search engines to read your website (called a "page optimization"), increasing the number and quality of sites that link to them (known as "off page optimization").

Let's see how to optimize your site both on-page as well as outside it.

SEO: page

In order to get your site listed higher in the search engines if you do not pay a penny, using effective website design:


On each Web page, there is a place to add Meta Tags – Web page element that displays information on a web page, such as the title, keywords and description. This information is not visible on the web page, but it is in the source code; This helps search engines to understand the key points that are behind your web page. You can view the meta tags for any webpage by clicking the right mouse button on a web page and select "View Source" or "View page source." At the top of the sources you will see a few tags for title, keywords and description.

When you create a web page be sure to add tags for later:

o Title tags: Specify the title and theme of the web page, mixing the keywords in the text.
o Tags description: Type a description web page. Your description is a & # 39 will appear in search engine results, so make sure it conveys your value as quickly as possible and mix the keywords in the description.
o Tags keywords: Enter the main keywords for your web page. They must be separated by commas and no spaces. For example, if you optimize a "recipe fried chicken", "fried chicken shish kebab" and "roast chicken", you enter them as follows: recipes for fried chicken, fried chicken sauce, roast chicken. Do not add more than 5-10 tag keywords. I usually use one to five, and prefer to deal with more important tasks.


You will use not only keywords in the tags keywords, but throughout your page.

o Headings and subheadings (also known as tags H1 and H2): There are six titles with H1-H6 inscription in web design. The larger the number, the less important it seems the search engines. Think about it: a page with "Recipe fried chicken" as the main headline and said a few subtitles, probably will be about … you guessed it, fried chicken recipes. Search engines think the same way. Make sure that you only use H1 and H2 for your keywords.
o description: Do not forget to enter the image descriptions and keywords in the tag "alt" for all images on your site.
o Use text keywords as links instead of the word "click here" using a keyword such as "recipes for fried chicken." This is known as "anchor text" and a & # 39 is one of the most important parts of SEO. Wikipedia – one of the most optimized websites in the world and with the & # 39 is an excellent resource to follow. Every page is full of rich, original content, dozens of optimized anchor text links to other pages, which in turn link to other pages, and so on.
o call your webpages keywords: Give a descriptive name for your web pages with keywords. For example, instead of calling a web page "Directory", try the "fried chicken recipes-directories." Use spaces "-" to add a space between the keywords.
o Increased keyword density: the more often your keywords are used on your web page, the better. Try to keep the keyword density below 3%, since more than that can be regarded as an abuse. As Google has stated repeatedly, create web sites for users, not search engines.
o Create your keywords: You do not just want to text many keywords you want to stylize their bold, italic and underline. Do this for the entire text.
o Location of keywords: put most of the key words at the top and bottom of the web page, since it is the search engines make the most attention.
o Create keywords instead of repeating the same keywords, use the versions of these keywords. For example, for the keyword "search" you also want to include search, search, search, etc.


o Each page links to the home page: Create a navigation bar on all web pages that the user can go to the main page. If you have a large website with multiple web pages, consider using HMTL template to facilitate this process. Be sure to use the appropriate anchor text for each link.

o Internal link: you can improve your site's ranking on the SEO, linking a web page on your site. Remember that it is important to use the keyword as anchor text.

o Quick navigation: When designing your website will never bury web pages that do not have the depth of the two folders. The user does not need to press more than two times to find what they need, or to return to the main page.


To Google "creep" or crawl your site, you need to create a sitemap and upload it to Google.

o To create a sitemap, XML Sitemap Generator.
o To download the sitemap in Google Webmaster Central.

Google Webmaster Central – the best free resource that will help you understand how and why your site is displayed in search results. With this tool, you can determine how many other websites link to you which keywords are showing your site, and what challenges Google crawls and indexes your site.

Tool for webmasters is not updated as often as I would like people, which means that you can not see the results immediately. This does not mean that the websites link to you; in their reports, it still is not. Be patient!

Another common problem – is when a site suddenly has far fewer pages indexed than before. If your pages contain the original content and listed in your sitemap, they will not be deindeksavatstsa. So why is the number of pages varies? People tend to treat Google as one computer in one place, when in fact thousands of servers in different locations around the world. The information takes some time to update the system, so you can generate reports from a server in California on Monday, and then a very different report from Virginia on Tuesday. Remember, patience – a virtue.

SEO: Off Page

Now that we've talked about what you can do on your own website in order to improve your SEO, fell on other websites that will link to you. Currently relationship really became the name of the game in SEO and rightly so. In the past, search engines will only consider a web page content, where they are now to consider how other people view this page (or website) useful. The more sites that link to yours, the more valuable you will be to appear to users and the greater the chance that you will be highly appreciate your keywords.

Of course, thousands of links from small Web sites are not as valuable as a link from a site that enjoys high credibility. This is also true in the offline world, an economics professor at Harvard University, who was interviewed on CNN, will be more revered than the youngest college professor who has spent thousands of interviews & # 39; nd to college radio stations.

If the search engine examines your site, they take into account the number and quality of other sites that link to your site. Think of each link as a vote for your site; The more votes from trusted sites, the better.

The child got backlinks

So how can you find these sites with high authority and convince them to link to your site? At your disposal there are several methods:

o Google Alerts will automatically update you on relevant sites in your niche, as well as any relevant news.

o Trusted publications can give you a list of reputable sites in your area. For example, if you run a travel site, look for "25 best sites for travel." Refer to that amount as you can, and ask for a link. Of course, you have to give them a damn good reasons why they should. I will go to each website and point out or they take suggestions on writing projects. If they do, and provide links to the author's site, I will refer to them with a proposal. This method – a win-win: a win-win site gets quality articles, our website receives a valuable back link, and we get traffic from people who read the article and are interested to learn more.

o catalogs Offer: List your website with so many high-directories as possible. Google has mentioned that it is no longer as important as it once was, so do not beat out hundreds. Score 50-100 and prakrutsi one day. Two others stand out among the rest and deserve special mention: Dmoz (which is free, but damn difficult to get) and Yahoo Directory ($ 295, then quite easy to get there).

o Catalogs of articles: Write an article that you would be interested in the market, and submit it to article directories with a link back to your website at the end. When other websites publish your article, the reverse link with the & # 39 will appear on their site (for example, this one).

o Device: people who create such an incredibly high value, can help, but do not refer to them. This is known as "link bait" and a & # 39 is a very popular method of promoting among bloggers. Choose a topic with which most people are struggling, and write about it to death. Give a comprehensive guide to the actual topic (for example, extension of Firefox, methods of preparing fried chicken, taxes from the airport and everything else), and authority sites will eventually see him, and bring to you.

SEO – is a huge topic, but by performing these simple tips, you should be able to see some results. Remember that SEO takes time, but it's worth it.


The new novel in Michigan 1890 – fans of historical fiction


In the new novel by James Barrie "Sleep on a pair of" readers will follow the two brothers, William and Thomas McGrath, when they are in 1890 in Michigan, strive to preserve afloat his sawmill business. William runs a sawmill and wants to move to electricity, but Thomas, who & # 39 is the captain of the ship, which exports their products to market, risks are reluctant to get a loan to make the transition to the power plant. In the end, William convinces him, and both are traveling with DeTura in the Upper Peninsula to Detroit to get funding in the bank, little realizing that they go on the adventure of life.

Find a bank to give them credit is difficult enough, but Thomas had no idea that he would have pursued his brother on the street, when William said that he sees his wife, who left him a few years earlier. William's heart will never heal, and now he begins to dream about ways to return the preferences of his wife. In addition, the two arrived in Detroit on a ship of Thomas, which means that the ship's crew is also in Detroit. Crew members want to have a good time, but soon they will be in trouble.

Besides McGrath brothers, Barry and entertains its readers, making our privacy bankers from whom the brothers provide a loan. John Fitzpatrick from & # 39 is the son-in-president of the bank, and his penchant for gambling and hostility to both his wife's father, and a brother in law, things are not going as smoothly as it should. . McGrath brothers have no idea about the situation with Fitzpatrick when they take a loan from him, and even more so, as it will eventually adab & # 39; etsya on their ability to finance the dream couple.

More detailed description of the plot of "The Dream of the pair" would be too much. The bar on these pages have something to praise. First, it creates a perfectly realistic characters. Another two of the hero, which he introduces – is Clara, an immigrant from Poland, who came to the Upper Peninsula via the arrangement and its future groom Anton, who turns out to be far from the fact that Clara was expecting. We are seeing Clara struggling to learn English and more fighting for the establishment of a happy home in a new land with a stranger for her husband. I personally felt confused in its history and was ready to cheer her up, if he finds the courage to take some difficult decisions.

Create a realistic atmosphere that returns the reader back in time, with the & # 39 is another strong suit Barry. My favorite scene in the entire novel – when Indian Chyppeva crosses the frozen strait Makintsyna to deliver the mail. William received a letter from his wife, who wanted to meet him. At this point, he was back in DeTur, and she in Detroit. He understands that the letter may take too much time to get to it, so he decides to go back through the strait Chyppevu so that he could go to Detroit, hoping to reconcile with her.

Winter proleganiya Strait is not of & # 39; an easy task – they are covered with ice, and after a few miles. Barry tells how the ice moves and grows, creating a small mountain and hampering visibility. Currently, as of March so the ice can begin to melt away, making travel on it is quite insidious. At one point, William loses leadership. In this scene, Barry directly poetry, so it is worth quoting short excerpt:

"Ever since Prometheus agony Olympus, people afraid of what lies beyond the far dasyagannya his blazing flame. Darkness acts on the mind blowing unknown or partially known, in the immensity of the Beast, releasing only the return of light. I can hear the open water breccia at the edge of the ice, and cymbals rotten pieces of ice collided when they were spinning down. He found a gap in the ice, which is spread over an hour on the island. "

In conclusion, it should be noted that Barry certainly knows his subject, when it comes to writing historical ships. Thomas ship almost by itself in the book, and Barry revives moments of his voyage, as well as all the necessary work. His naval terms perfect, because he was a sailor car & # 39; EASURES and & # 39 is skrabnikam traditional ships. In fact, he even altered historic ships for museums and Hollywood scenery, including the films "Master and Commander" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 2, 3 and 4".

Trust me, you have a bite with pleasure "Steam dream." With realistic characters, lots of action, strong bonds between the characters, romance and historical atmosphere, "Dream of Steam» – this is all that like any fan of historical fiction. Readers of Michigan particularly like them, and we briefly abilities. Time travel into the past and experience it for yourself.


Capital Airlines and Vikants Vickers Armstrons


Three major airlines that have been inkubavanyya in Pennsylvania, became Capital airlines, as well as the "Eastern United States and American ways."

Created Clifford Pier, car dealer in Hudson Esekse, it was conceived in 1919, when the plane Stensana, which he views while flying at an exhibition, aroused his interest in aviation. Together bought 40 hectares of land that have been used for airfield excursions in Dravasburgu with D. Cake Bar in 1925, he invested 35,000 dollars to build the airport Pittsburgh McKeesport, clearing the land and built a small shed with a gun before being opened to take in June.

Carrying out their own sightseeing flights for which passengers paid $ 5.00, it is next year began airfield school and periodically conduct air shows, peraymenavavshy herbal airport in the Bettis Field in honor of Lieutenant Cyrus Bettsis, aeronautical pilot killed in Belfonte, Pennsylvania .

Leisure Service Ball, however, was quickly upgraded. After President Coolidge February 2, 1925 signed the Law of the Kelly Air Mail, which allowed the general postal administrations to enter into private contracts for the carriage of mail, for this he was awarded the shortest route of 121 miles. Continuing from Pittsburgh to Cleveland through Youngstown, Ohio, the route indicated by CAM (Air Air Contract) 11 was characterized by low operating costs; the maximum allowable rate of 3.00 dollars per pound; maximum compensation per ton mile; and significant about the & # 39; the volume of mail, and therefore made it the most profitable.

It operates in three Waco 9s, he opened the service April 21, 1927, peravozivshy 20,000 pounds of mail and flying more than 70,000 miles during the balance of the year. By 1928 these figures are respectively increased to 55,000 pounds and 85,000 miles.

Expanding fleet of Fairchilds, Ryans, Travel Airs and Waco 9's and 10's, which allowed him to gain additional profit of $ 20 per passenger by increasing the & # 39; volume cabins, they offer on trips scheduled.

Unlike other modern airlines, it received a positive growth, government revenue earning 291,000 dollars peravozivshy almost 100,000 pounds of mail and carrying out night flights between Pittsburgh and Cleveland in 1929, which helped the newly installed lighting respiratory way.

Prompted by this success and the necessary income from the sale Bettis Field Aircraft and Airways of America, Inc., he made it his full now a full-fledged airline, stretching his wings still small route. network to the east from Pittsburgh to Washington on August 14 of the same year.

Service for passengers accompanying the post, has been upgraded with the purchase of a single 12-Sedov Ford Trimotor in 1930, which allowed him to create a combined company postal and passenger services, designed Pennsylvania Air Lines, and tariff reductions in 2323 raised the total number of flights for 209,000 miles .

The ongoing work was short-lived. General postal master Walter Folger Brown, the intention to create a national air-mail system, sought to combine its current track, so in April 1930 Ball given six months extension period of the contract on the route Pittsburgh-Cleveland, until he was able to sell his young carrier. it is integrated with a larger operation.

The solution came in the form of Pittsburgh Aviation Industry Corporation (PAIC), a holding company created in 1928 to oversee aviation interests. By agreeing to purchase 8,000 shares at $ 10.00 per share, and October 24, 1930 PACC assumed Pennsylvania Airlines, which in this case was secured by the base to Cleveland in May 1934. Clifford Ball, at least temporarily, remained his vice-president and head of operations.

The newly established scheme of post office post office, which has replaced the pre-payment plan weight prompted to purchase larger, Shtynsana engines and Ford. Their increase in the area, combined with a reduction in the cost of travel has increased the number of passengers in 1931 to 100 per cent.

In fact, the new owners have recorded successful course. August 8, 1931, when it was embedded in the contract airmail sector Pittsburgh and Washington, he began service on him, in August, the three daily tourist trips up to Cleveland. fourth frequency was added two years later, and a passenger plane landed in Detroit.

But the acquisition and merger, once initiated, only distributed. Indeed, the progressive acquisition of shares PAIC with & # 39; yadali in the previously independent carriers until October 1, 1933 she became a subsidiary wholly owned, which caused the resignation of the founder.

After a bad incident and healthy army service Airmail postage general, in accordance with the law of Black Makkelara again I requested the application of private companies to reuse services, many of which have made it as a "new airlines." In fact, they were the original with new names. Former creation Bowl converted Pennsylvania airline and shipping company, Inc., was followed, but was granted only a short segment of the Detroit-Milwaukee, while Central Air Lines, she renamed the Pittsburgh Airways, is located at its former turf from Cleveland to Washington, due to its low prices by five per cent per mile.

However, the winning and the best deals are not necessarily the same. Indeed, the John D. and Richard B. Koulter sons of stone coal operator Grynsburga had to pour him half a million dollars of capital that sustains life.

Like its predecessor, it also carried passengers between Pittsburgh and Washington.

Sparks, like a plane flying on routes where the two participated as they tried to balance the figures, which fall on the one hand, due to lower revenues from the mail to those that grow out of the passenger revenue.

Pennsylvania Airlines, at least according to their statistics, has been successful. For example, in 1935, he has transported 44855 passengers and flown more than 1.6 million miles. Reducing the cost of travel and replacing obsolete aircraft quickly Stensana and Ford for ten Boeing 247D aircraft purchased in the United Airlines, he called at the tip in the form of land transport, such as trains, and received an explosive growth, the total number of 83.199 passengers and 2.9 million miles 1936.

Central carrying 11604 with a fleet of five Stynsana in 1935. But these figures tell only one side of the story.

Beaten financial foundation, created by reducing air mail revenues and destruction of the single market by two competing carriers, cited as his losses.

Consolidation of the two, provided of common remedies, entered into force on 1 November 1936, after it acquired the shares of Central Pennsylvania and manufacturing companies using district Airport Pittsburgh Alegheni as a base of operations to control the fight. , Meteorology and maintenance, has been redesigned Pennsylvania Central Airlines.

The momentum initiated by two independent carriers continued. Pittsburgh-Parkersburg Charleston (West Virginia) on April 8 and 26 October, the Washington-Baltimore-Harysburg Vilyamsport Buffalo – Next year two routes were provided.

Indeed, the momentum of traffic, when he was put in motion, it was impossible. Even in the next year were awarded four of the route on which it received 33.3 percent mile Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Washington, Norfolk, Grand Rapids (Michigan) and -Chikago Detroit Co-Sainte-Marie. A permanent certificate of convenience and the need to protect it from potential competitors.

Now, touching the key, industrially-concentrated city in the northeast, it quickly became one of the nation's largest regional airlines and made a profit in 1939.

Together with its ever-expanding network, which will soon also covered Erie, Knoxville, and Birmingham, the new equipment came from the & # 39. After receiving the first of ten Douglas DC-3 in the same year, he was able to offer higher bandwidth and comfort, but at the same time generates income that is independent from the passengers, he could not make them replaced with Boeing 247D. Peravezvshy 342,872 passengers in 1941, he flew nearly 6.5 million miles.

The Second World War made a significant, albeit temporary, mark on its operation, the CAA demanded that 16 of its 22 aircraft for troops and supplies of flights, while the agreement with the Chief of the air allowed to operate military cargo service from Washington to Chicago, Miami. and New Orleans. December 21, 1943 The flying sea transitional school "Roanoke" to provide pilot training was created.

He emerged from the clouds of war through which he flew a DC-3 and Lockheed Lodestars, moving 19,000 troops and more than 26 million pounds of cargo.

As a result, profitability and promote airliner in September 1944, was taken by an order for 10 million to 15 chatyrohvyadomyh DC-4 with a higher capacity, which will signal the transfer of the new headquarters and bases operational maintenance of the county airport in Washington reflects Allegini and its new name "PCA – Capital Airlines", emphasizing its already outgrown the status of regional carriers. It was fixed the same as December 16, 1945, after the US, the TWA and United, dedicated the fourth carrier civil aeronautics, which served as a desirable route from New York to Chicago, though initially through Pittsburgh and Detroit, December 16, 1945 the service was opened between the following two in July.

The service also noted the change in strategy. In order to remain competitive for low-cost airlines, and thus keep the passengers on the main carriers are under pressure to reduce the cost of travel. Central Pennsylvania, officially naming the "Capital Airlines" in 1948 substantiate this practice in OOP using the DC-4, uncompressed, with 60 seating configurations of higher density and simultaneously sitting in plain simple, to increase the use of aircraft, and, in conjunction with a reduction in comfort during the flight, it was possible to reduce the standard rate "six cents per mile" to four. These flights are in the "wind city" came to be called "the Nighthawk" 4 November of the same year of the original price in the same direction at 33.30 dollars.

Now the fifth-largest US airline, "Capital" tried to catch up with the "Big Four" by differentiating innovations and strive to do it using the new power plant technologies associated with the British design. Called Vickers-Armstrongs Viscount, he will give it a significant competitive advantage by offering improved speed, enhanced passenger comfort and reduced number of times. In fact, it would create a standard that others strive to achieve empire, to remain competitive, in other words, it has led, and others were to follow. But its strategy could be successful only if it would use a significant number of them to decorate its routing system.

And the number, as well as the height of the aircraft lift, increased rapidly: three were ordered in May 1954, 37 – in August, and another 20 – in line. It is not only heralds a new type of engine, it would be the first time that a British aircraft is operated in the United States since the biplane De Havilland DH.4.

Originally designed to fulfill the requirements IIIB Brabazon Committee, issued in March 1945, for a four-engine turbine aircraft for the transport of 24 passengers on short and medium range, mizhevrapeyskih sectors plane indicated V.609, after it has been revised to accommodate 32 to meet the British Airways & British; needs after he placed the order to launch.

Nizkakryly airliner sports thin pencils and oval windows first took to the skies July 16, 1948, but was again modified. Powered by four 1550 horsepower engines cowhide Rolls Royce Dart RDa3 and reduced Viscount 700, he turned pyatsifutovy wingspan and fuselage stretch to carry 40 to 53 passengers, flying for the first time in this manner, August 28, 1950.

Nevertheless, it was a prototype, reassigned V.630, carrying the world's first scheduled flight of the turbine this summer along with the BEA, which served the London, Paris and Edinburgh.

On the basis of the 1780-wn turbine Rolls Royce RDa6 Dart 510, V.700D, 83,8-foot total length and 93 ft long, 8.5-inch gap was 64.5 kg-weight. movement speed was 310 miles / mil and amounted to 20,000 feet, and the maximum amount of fuel was 2000 miles.

Then the best-selling British airliner of Viscount series, including a large capacity, the fuselage V.800, reached 444 sales.

June 16, 1955 Capital adopted its first viskontnuyu mail and put it into operation on July 16 carrying two machines daily and unique line frequency of the Washington-Chicago route. As expected, its advanced engine technology, higher speeds and shorter time to serve pie magnet, increasing its market share between any cities with which it is associated.

It took advantage of this fact, noting the progress of aircraft in their jackets, tickets, stating: "In your voyage … pilots will fly with radio Bendix For years Bendix Radio navigation and communication equipment has arrived with large airlines the world These electronic.. device driver is used to guide it in a straight direction and maintain radio contact with the ground an instant. ".

However, the Viscount was just one catalyst airline explosion. For the reasons given as "strengthening the individual carrier … for the reasonable development of the national system, which he enters," The Board of Civil Aviation in 1955 handed over the capital treasury airline route awards, which allow him to shed the predominantly north-eastern network at close range with which it was associated with early expansion, and proposed a non-stop segments from New York to Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Detroit and Chicago. As the largest airline for passengers landing in Pittsburgh, it provided more than 600 000 passengers per year.

By the middle of 1957 three such quarters routing system guided airplanes Viscount, and next year some frequency pairs of cities have reached the size of the shuttle: New York-Chicago (16 daily, ten non-stop), New York, Detroit (15) New York-Pittsburgh (ten) and Washington-Chicago (ten).

However, while the fifth largest trunk was planted their wings Viscount, he was forced to make a dove, overestimated the cash flow that they had set up, and with which he could pay the debt before the Vickers -Armstrongs. Working 46 of them in 1956, he ordered another 15, and now on the way to its target 75. But he brought losses this year alone – and one that then.

Following the initiative of its strategy to attract passengers with the use of advanced technology and the highest speed seemed impossible and narrowly focused. Almost plunged into bankruptcy in 1958 as a mechanic strike, retain its purchasing strategy, ordering the world's first aircraft 14 aircraft, de Havilland DH.106 Comet- again designed by the British. – and then entered into negotiations with a four-engine Convair CV-880 aircraft, the more powerful and high-speed jet aircraft (about 100 miles / h) than even the Comet.

Nevertheless, for all the elements that have made the capital shine, equal the amount that caused him to spot: the growing debt, four accident at Viscount and retention of profitable routes in Florida TO. Despite the fact that he rented for this purpose 11 DC-6B in Pan American, he could not break their helical spiral, and forced her to take life-saving line, gives her United Airlines.

CAB, approved the application for the purchase of 1 June 1961, on the & # 39; united Pennsylvania and created the largest aircraft of the Western world, which served 116 destinations with 267 aircraft.

As soon as the viscount was repainted in the mirror, the name of the capital at the same time the airline has disappeared.


Virtual baggage tags have already arrived


If you are traveling by plane, train or ship, you have to deal with issues that relate to label all your luggage. This seemingly simple task is complicated by a change in your name (married women), your address, or your phone. Then, when you update the labels, one or two are lost in transit, if the luggage is the airport staff, railway or ship. Then the process begins again.

Well, I have good news for you, traveler. "Virtual" baggage identification tag is now a reality. You can sit at the computer and create luggage tags that will never need to replace and update! Moreover, in the process of creating a virtual identity tags, you will be able to provide a full itinerary of your trip for all those who need to know.

The process of creating virtual identification baggage is deceptively simple. Firstly, you need to create a website that lists your name, address, telephone number, next of kin, and hotels, where you will be staying during his travels. Next, you create a business card size label on which is written the identification of the owner and then name and the URL of your new website. Place the card size of business in leather holders tags that are attached to your luggage. To send to friends, neighbors and employees about the details of your trip, just send them an email with a link to your new "journey". Nothing else is required.

Let's say one of your airline's luggage employee was redirected (rarely actually lost). If the bag is finally located, the airline people see your name and website. With a few keystrokes on a computer, they will be your home address, telephone number, the name of your hotel and the date when you will be there.

Smart travelers will also put a complete listing inside a web page every piece of luggage, just in case, if the label is separated from the luggage. If you are ready for your next vacation or business trip, you only need to update the web page. Own luggage labels do not need to change.

Creating a website is easy. Firstly, you need to get a domain name. Enter the two words in the search box on your browser, and the names of a number of companies from the & # 39 will appear. One is as good as the next. The cost of a unique name for one year must not exceed eight dollars. Next, go to the "free" campaign to create websites. Again, in your browser & # 39 will show the names of companies. Then get to work. You do not need to know anything about programming, because things are going to a point and pressure or by tapping and dragging. If you want to place the photos and add as much text as you want.

By the way, new websites are actually free. No advertising. No pop-ups. Nothing distracts photos and messages. Say goodbye to the traditional labels of luggage and greet with a simpler way of life.

See also: http://www.yola.com


St. Augustine, Florida – where history meets attractions


St. Augustine, Florida – America's oldest city. For various reasons, it is also one of the most charming cities in the country.

Its cobbled streets. The story, which looks at each step.

Quaint inn, bed and breakfast, holiday-makers under the ancient oaks.

Ghosts are also doing interesting things in St. Augustine Augustine, Florida!

Oldest city

Known as the "Ancient City", Augustine was founded forty-two years before the English colony in Zheymstaune, Virginia, and for fifty-five years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, making it the oldest permanent European settlement North American continent.

St. Augustine is located in the north of Florida, located between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. While the Orlando makes its way a little far and not very scary.

What is the weather & # 39; e?

North Florida has preferably a soft temperature fall and spring. Winters can get a bit on the brisk side, and the temperature in the evaluation of frost certainly can happen. But in winter the days are usually sunny and cool.

Summer – something else – hot and very humid. Therefore, arrange the rest, if you can, so that you can avoid the very hot and humid times (July and August). However, October, November, March and April – the perfect time to visit.

What to do in St. Petersburg Augustine, Florida

In St. Louis Augustine can be many things to do, such as visit the fountain of youth, a zoological park alligator farm or a wax museum. There Ripley – Believe it or not, where you can spend an hour or two.

If you like the beach, you'll love St. Augustine with the beautiful wide sandy beaches, only created in order to bask in the sun or play in the waves.

In October of each year will be a special event called Art Walkin Art Walk. October is considered the national awareness month, breast cancer, and the people who participate in this walk, collect money to help research and fight against breast cancer. The event became known art raffle. About 10 paintings is played each year, the profit goes to the various funds for breast cancer. After the walk there are many other raffles and fundraising.

Ghostly side of life

Then the ghosts of St. Augustine occur. These tours drop into the urban past is sometimes a terrible past, they say that the city has a restless spirits who haunt certain places.

Another interesting aspect of ghost walks is that your tour guide dressed in period costume to get into the "spirit" of things, so to speak. Walks are held in the evenings, when the weather & # 39; e cooler and the atmosphere is more terrible. Who knows what you'll see in the next corner?

more information

If all this sounds intriguing, you can learn more of the facts in the directory on holiday in Florida.